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Bay Window Treatment Ideas — Curtains, Blinds or Shades?

Bay Window Treatments

Highlights on Bay Window Treatments

There are no denying bay windows are beautiful. They let in lots of light, give you a place to curl up and watch the world go by and they offer great outdoor views. Despite all these advantages, bay windows can be a challenge when it comes to window treatments.

Since bay windows can let in a lot of sunlight, UV rays and heat, and since you’ll probably want some privacy at some point, you may want to consider curtains, blinds, and other window treatment ideas.

Bay Window Treatments – Window Curtains


Bay Window Treatments - Window Curtains


Curtains are a great idea for bay windows, because soft fabrics draping on the floor look stunning with this type of window, especially if you have traditional home décor. Because of their size, bay windows can also handle larger and bolder patterns as well as multiple layers of fabrics, allowing you to be a little adventurous when it comes to your bay window curtain choices. Crown Pleated Custom Drapes is one of our top recommendations!

Unfortunately, these windows do pose a dilemma: How do you hang bay window curtains? In general, you have three choices:

1) Design a custom solution involving a curtain rod that bends with your bay window.

2) Use three separate curtain rods and three curtains for each panel of glass.

3)  Hang one large curtain on one huge curtain rod in front of the window, so when the curtain is closed the entire window is out of sight.

Bay Window Treatments – Window Blinds


Bay Window Treatments - Window Blinds


Blinds are a great option for bay windows because you can simply install three sets of blinds — one over each of the three panes of glass. The small footprint of blinds means you won’t lose any space, the way you might be using one curtain rod in front of the window and cutting off the entire area when the curtain is closed.

Other Bay Window Treatments


Fabric Roman Shades


Blinds and curtains are not your only choices. Fabric roman shades are another great choice because they fold up and out of the way without taking up much space, making them ideal for narrower spaces — such as the space between bay window panes.

You also shouldn’t feel limited to choosing one window treatment. Since bay windows are larger, you can choose more than one option. You can choose café curtains or half-shutters, for example, and pair these with curtains for a cozy country look. You can combine roman shades and curtains or blinds and curtains to enjoy more versatility.

If you need more inspiration, check out the selection of bay window treatment ideas at As an online retailer dedicated to window treatments, we have a vast array to choose from, and we even offer custom options so you get just the right look. With our low discount prices, free shipping and free samples, we also work hard to ensure you’re thrilled with the look of your windows.

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