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Make The Most Out of Your Bay Windows with These Custom Window Coverings

Bay Window Treatment Ideas

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Among all your doors and windows, bay windows crave for attention more anything. First and foremost, they are in the heart of your house and second, they have a very interesting shape. You might play with the location of your bay window, but you should accept the fact that you can’t ignore it, and why should you in the first place?

After all, who wants to miss sipping on a coffee while relaxing on your bay window seat when it’s bright and beautiful outside. If done wisely, a bay window can be the most graceful part of your interiors. We can’t deny the beauty of a bare bay window, but why settle for less if you can have more? Besides giving a manor feel to the house, a bay window also keeps your den bright and shining the entire day. And as you know, this can turn out to be disastrous if your bay window faces direct sunlight. So, consider the location, size, and interiors of your bay window and make an informed decision. Give your house that royal treatment and go through our blog to save your effort and time.


Keep The Following in Mind Before Buying Your Bay Window Treatments


Choose your window treatment after considering the facing of your bay window. If it opens to a street with busy traffic or even your neighbor’s window, then go for a treatment which can maintain your privacy and keep the window intact. On the other hand, if your house is in the countryside then you might go for beautiful draperies with long tails. Top them up with a contrasting valance and make your bay window the princess of all the windows. This look might work out with white sheer window curtains too. If you have an earthen interior then you can experiment with the colors of your curtains to great lengths. Add different hues with accessories and give your windows a quirky look with ZebraBlinds. Browse through our website and explore the never-ending variety of window treatments we have saved for you in the house.


Types of Window Treatments for Bay Windows


Vertical Blinds for Bay Windows


  • Vertical Blinds for Bay Windows: Vertical Blinds top the list of our bay window treatment ideas because of their beauty and easy maintenance. If your bay window is located in a moist area like the kitchen or bathroom, go for faux wood blinds. The PVC based window coverings are both warp free and water resistant. Much cheaper than their original wood counterparts, faux wood blinds are easy to install and clean. All they need is a wet wipe once or twice a week and they are good to go. Light on the pocket, they are the most recommended window coverings for bay windows.

On the other hand, pure wood blinds can work really well if your bay window is located in the living room. Luxurious, graceful and royal, they can uplift the overall look of the room. The wooden feel gives an exquisite appearance to the entire window thus making it the center of attraction in the living room.


Window Treatments for Kitchen Bay Window


Window Treatments for Kitchen Bay Window


After considerable thought, we have listed the three best bay window treatment ideas for kitchen bay windows:

  • Curtains and Draperies: if you have a kitchen bay window which is far from the splash area of your sink, then curtains are your window treatment. Also, if you eat in your kitchen, then give your guests a Victorian feeling whenever they come up for dinner. Tie the curtains from the center and let them create a frame around your bay window. Experiment with colors and patterns and pair them up with beautiful curtain ties for that quirky appearance. And if you have finally made up your mind to go for curtains, make sure you install the curtain rod a couple of inches above the window pane. Installing the fabric near the ceiling creates an illusion of a tall window thus giving your room a spacious look.


Roman Shades for Kitchen Bay Window


  • Roman Blinds: Roman blinds can be tailor made as well as ready-made. Choose the fabric as per your interiors and dress up your kitchen bay window with style. You can also create a 3D effect by installing a triple contrast set up. Choose any 3 hues with contrasting undertones and install those three different roller blinds on your windows. In addition to this, you can couple your roman blinds with blackout films in case your bay window faces the direct sun. As you know, the bigger your window, the more the exposure, and blazing sun can damage the interiors of your house to great lengths. To keep the safety of your loved ones and the beauty of your furniture intact, you can pair your blinds with cellular shades too. For help with matching, go to our website and order free samples.


Do You Have a Bay Window Seat In Your Kitchen?


For those who have a bay window seat in the kitchen, decorate your bay windows either as a single unit or three separate units. You can install 3 of the same window treatment on all the windows in your bay windows to give your window a frame like an appearance. On the other hand, if you are a color craver and looking for something lively, treat your windows as separate and layer your windows with different window treatments. You can also cover the two side windows with an earthen window covering and try a pastel shade on the middle one. If you want something bright, try a multicolor shutter in the middle and a matching solid color shutter on both the sides. This look can do really well if your window is located near the kitchen or dining area.


Don’t worry if you are still confused. After all, we understand your love for your house and we are here to take care of every question or query you have. Drop us an email or call us on our toll-free number. Happy Decorating!

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