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Dress Up Your Bay Windows in Style: An Introduction to Modern Day Window Coverings

Bay Window Shades And Curtains

Bay Window Shades and Curtains – A Complete Guide


It is often said that our homes are an extension of our selves, and hence it is very important that our home represents our personality and who we are. Among the most neglected parts of our homes are the windows, and it’s even worse if they are of uncommon sizes. Since you have already started reading this blog, we have a fair idea about your struggles. To save you some effort, time and money, let us introduce you to proper bay window treatments, from blinds for bay windows to bay window shades and curtains.

Understanding Bay Windows

Bay windows are the combination of three windows located at three different angles, usually at 30, 45, 60, or even 90 degrees. They are made in a variety of shapes and sizes, and so you might face a bit of a struggle in finding the appropriate window coverings for them. But let us assure you that the struggle is worth it because once decorated wisely, bay windows can become the center of attraction in your room and they are sure to impress your guests.


Types of Window Treatments for Bay Windows – Blinds for Bay Window Ideas


Aluminum Venetian Blinds


  • Venetian Blinds: Available in a wide range of colors, Venetian blinds are extremely graceful and carry an uncanny finesse. Perfect for bay windows in your living rooms, Venetian blinds will never let you down. Install this exquisite accessory on your windows and be ready for the flood of compliments at your next house party.


Fabric Roman Shades


  • Roman Blinds: Bay windows can be credited for all the unnecessary heat coming inside your windows. Their big size makes them a gateway for the outside heat and light. Put them to better use and install heat and light absorbing blinds which can also add to the appeal of your living room. Go for roman blinds with quirky patterns to add a playful element to your interiors. Create interesting effects by installing different roman blinds in each window and make your bay window the center of attention in your room. To block more light, couple your roman blinds with a blackout liner. Besides controlling the heat, roman blinds will also keep those prying eyes at bay and give you some privacy.


Vertical Window Blinds


  • Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds are basically a series of slats arranged together in a pull cord system. They are available in two main materials:

  1. Pure wood blinds: Simple, graceful and classy, wood blinds are among the best modern window treatment ideas for living room. Their natural materials are classy, sophisticated, and eco-friendly. If maintenance is not your problem, then there is no reason to deny your windows the privilege of bearing pure wood blinds.
  2. Faux wood blinds: Just as their name suggests, faux wood blinds are blinds made of PVC. They are sturdy, long lasting, and light on the budget. Perfect for bay windows in the kitchen, faux wood blinds are water and heat resistant.


Bay Window Shades and Curtains


  • Window Curtains

Nobody can deny the beauty of center tied curtains with accessories and hangings. Make sure your curtains are free-flowing and long enough to touch the floor. For that Victorian look, go for rich fabrics like velvet. Colors like wine, purple, and grey can make your windows look beautiful. The aesthetic value provided by curtains is extremely high and no other window treatment can beat it. Tie your curtains nicely and create a frame-like structure around your bay windows. This can work amazingly well if you have a bay window seat. The beautiful free-flowing fabric can complete the look of almost any room in the house. You can also pair them up with translucent sheers to add another layer of finesse. Mount your curtain rod a near the ceiling and savor the illusion of a high ceiling with utmost beauty.

  • Shades for Bay Windows

Traditional window shades include cellular shades, roman shades, roller shades etc. If your bay window faces direct sunlight, then cellular shades are the perfect window covering for your windows. Lightweight, elegant, simple, and useful, they can trap all the heat into their hexagonal cells and help you cut down your electricity usage to a great extent.


Window Treatments for Your Bay Window Seat


Consider the location of your window seat and choose your bay window seat treatments accordingly. There are 2 popular methods of installing window treatments on the bay windows with seats.

Treat the three windows as one and layer your window treatment accordingly. Choose the same window treatment for all the three windows and give an illusion of a curvature. This will help you make a warm backdrop around your bay window seat and you can enjoy your cup of hot chocolate with that favorite book of yours.

Treat the windows as separate units: you can also choose different window treatments for all the three windows and give your bay windows a frame-like structure. Install lightly shaded shutters on the two side windows and dress the central one with Venetian blinds. Complete the look by adding curtains and draperies. If you live in a small apartment, go for valances instead of curtains. This will help you complete the frame without taking up too much space.

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