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Elegance And Sophistication Combined With Our Bay Window Roman Shades

Bay Window Roman Shades

Elegance And Sophistication Combined: Decorating With Bay Window Roman Shades


Bay windows always command the most attention in your living room space to become the focal point in a room. Adding the Victorian attributes with their architectural features, they simply lift the style of your living space. Used for decades, they are popular for their timeless appeal and are the best shades to keep out heat. They easily make a room look larger and more connected to nature on the other side of glass by your sheer choice of decorations. Decorate your home with Bay Window Roman Shades.

To add, Roman shades give you the perfect decor – elegance combined with sophistication. With a wide variety of styles, materials and operating systems, these classic shades offer you the best of both worlds, they are the best window shades to keep heat out and add value to the classic decor of your home. So go ahead and choose from our stylish range of modern window treatments for your living room.

Why Are Roman Shades The Best Modern Window Treatment Ideas For Your Living Room? 

Roman shades are the best choice for three very simple reasons:

Drapery Window Treatments

• They provide a very clean-lined architectural look, versus full draperies hanging from your Bay Windows, that makes them the best modern window treatment idea for your living room. They are less fussy and more sleek, perfect for decorating that special place in your home.

• Bay Window Roman shades bring in a very streamlined look, making them the ideal choice for any Bay Windows. Fabrics that are stacked neatly at the top of the window or as they are raised, creating a series of sumptuous, soft folds, are the best shades to keep out heat.

• Our Bay Window Roman Shades boast handcrafted, couture quality, vast fabric choices to choose from, and a lush, indulgent presence uniquely their own. Where patterned curtains can sometimes overwhelm a space, a Roman blind covers a smaller, more contained area, yet gives it that sophistication you are looking for.

Choose wisely; choose the right Bay window Roman Shades.

#1. Styling Treatment For Bay Windows

Bay Window Roman Shades

Classic Bay Window Roman shades are available in two styles: looped or flat. Looped Roman Shades are with folds that fall gracefully when pulled down, while Flat Roman Shades are pleated horizontally. Roman Shades can be tailored to fit in seamlessly into your living space. With four varied styles to choose from they can be very tricky to decide upon: Looped Bay window Roman Shades, Flat Bay window Roman Shades, Seamless Bay window Roman Shades and Relaxed Bay window Roman Shades.

Relaxed Bay window Roman Shades are flat having no pleats or folds with a soft curve at the bottom that look very pleasing and easily fits into any kind of décor. On the other hand, we have the Seamless Bay window Roman Shades that are also flat yet boast of a very clean look. With a variety of options to choose from it can be very confusing to decide. Our experts are here to help you solve issues and answer your questions.

#2. Light Control & Liners

We have the perfect solutions for you.

Seeking Bay window Roman Shades where you can control the right amount of light filtering into your room? We have some options for you. While choosing Classic Bay window Roman Shades it is important to decide on a fabric that will give you the desired light control and privacy making them the best shades to keep heat out. These fabrics are unlined but you can choose from a variety of liners like Complete Blackout, Room darkening, or just Sheers, we spoil you with options that complement your living space.

Modern Living Room Window Blinds

Tailored Roman Shades are an ideal option to keep heat out and control the amount of light filtering as they are lined. Our liners come in standard, blackout, flannel-backed, thermal, or water repellent. These liner options make for modern window treatments for the living room that are also Energy Efficient and Moisture Protection. So, come choose from the most beautiful options and decorate your room with Elegance and Sophistication.

#3. Fabrics For An Architectural Design of Your Choice

Selecting fabrics is the most difficult task while choosing for Bay windows. Cotton, Polyester or Silk? Chequered, Stripes, Plains or Prints? Reds, Blues, Greens or Black & White renovations? These are the most complex of situations to be in. At ZebraBlinds, we boast of a wide range of products and fabrics to spoil your senses to make the right choice for the personality of your home.

For both Classic Bay Window Roman shades and Tailored Bay Window Roman Shades, our extensive range will make you craving for more for your living area. Our experts help you in mixing and matching for that perfect look you so well wanted to complement your Bay Windows with.

#4. Decorative Styling

Layered clothing is popular, so why not Layered Bay Window Roman Shades? They give you extra control on the lighting along with providing the right amount of insulation. Pairing blinds or shades with draperies or valances can make your room look ageless and graceful. Combining two or three different treatments make for best options to keep heat out.

Roman shades are a beautiful option to cover your Bay windows. They can be truly customized and set the tone for any space. They are stylish yet informal and uncomplicated. The unconstructed style lends a soft, finished look to Bay Windows. If you are truly looking to make a statement then Bay Window Roman Shades are the best modern window treatment ideas for your living room. So come and check out our treatments for your bay windows. We surely won’t disappoint you.

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