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5 Popular Trends for Your Bay Windows

Bay Window Design Ideas

5 Bay Window Design Ideas To Garb Your Bay Windows in Luxury


Travel across the globe and you will realize there is no other place like your home sweet home. It is an extended version of your inner self. In line with your unconditional love for your home, we totally understand your concern to decorate it in the best possible manner. Furnishing your den is no less than a challenge and we have always been there to help you out. Among all those big and small windows you have, bay windows are the most demanding ones. To add to the list of difficulties, bay windows are usually installed in the heart of your house, i.e. your living room. Their exact location depends on the interior though, but wherever located, they attract most of the attention in comparison to all the other windows.

Exposure To The Natural Surroundings

The window in the middle is fixed in alignment to the wall and the other windows are usually located at an angle. In addition to the natural light, bay windows expose you to the natural surroundings and provide a commendable home decor concept for every room. Rounded, rectangular and polygonal, the shape of your bay window can be chosen according to the architecture of your house. Also, if you choose the right window treatment for your bay window, it can be a huge addition to the aesthetic value of the room. So, to help you pamper your home, let us introduce you to some of the finest bay window design ideas on our list.

Things to Consider Before Exploring Bay Window Design Ideas

The right window treatment depends on the location of your bay windows and how you use the area around it. For example, if your window exposes the lawn area or faces the east, then curtains and drapes will work out really well. On the contrary, if your bay window exposes your house to direct sunlight, then going for UV safe blinds and shades is a good option. Also, if you are looking for a window treatment for the bay windows with a seat, then make sure you go for something soft and soothing. Stay away from overdressing it too. Plus, if your window faces the hustle bustle of the street, then well, privacy is your priority too. Choose a roller blind or roman blind to keep the commotion away.

Types of Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Blinds for Living Room Bay Windows

# Roman Shades: Because of their large sizes, bay windows can let in and out a lot of heat during the days. If your bay window faces direct sunlight, then choosing a roman shade during winters is a very good option. They are available in a number of patterns, fabrics, and colors and can be tailor-made according to your interiors. Roman shades can be used with a blackout liner for extreme light control. Roman shades will offer you extreme flexibility when the sunlight is falling on one of the windows. Lower the fabric and enjoy a dim light during the day.

Fabric Roman Shades

# Vertical Blinds: Wood, PVC or fabric vertical blinds can work well with bay windows. Get a track that curves across all three windows or you can get an individual vertical track for each window. Vertical blinds can open fully to reveal the full view of your bay window. Browse through to explore a wide variety of blinds perfect for bay windows.

Vertical Blinds

Bay Window With Shutters and Curtains

# CurtainsCurtains are among the most popular ways of dressing the living room bay windows. To make them the center of attraction, choose bright colors and patterns. For a Victorian feel, tie your curtains on both the sides with beautiful accessories. If you have a neutral interior, choose pastel hues for the curtains, hang them high enough to touch the ceiling and keep them long enough to brush the floor. On the other hand, curtains and bay window treatments also include drapes which will work stupendously well on huge curvatures. They will provide a very clutter-free look to the room. Mount your curtain rod a couple of inches above the window edge to give an impression of a taller ceiling. Also, go for a pattern with vertical motifs to create an interesting effect inside the curvature.

Bay Window with Shutters and Curtains

# Shutters: Depending on the location of your bay window, you can go for larger louvers to let in a lot of sunlight. Apart from giving an airy feel, this will light up your room really well. On the contrary, if your bay window faces a busy street with a lot of stir, choosing a smaller Louvre will protect you better. Easy to maintain and elegant to look at, shutters add a lot of beauty to the windows and offer extreme utility to you.

Custom Plantation Shutters

  • Among the most popular, wooden shutters are our personal choice for bay windows
  • Their top and bottom section can be opened and closed separately, thus giving you considerable privacy control
  • Shutters work commendably well if your bay window is located inside your bedroom
  • They can help you strike a balance between outside exposure and privacy when required
  • If you want to enjoy the magnificence of curtains and savor the benefits of shutters, you don’t have to worry
  • Couple complementary hues and allow them to create a terrific backdrop

Window Treatments For Your Bay Window Seat

Depending on where the seat faces, you can play around with your bay window treatments. In addition to the location, your approach will also depend on how you treat your bay windows.

1. Single Unit: (Treating the windows as one): Layer up your window treatment and dress your bay windows with a combination of treatments just as we mentioned. You can add inside mount blinds or shutters and layer them up with curtains from outside. Open the curtains to make the windows look like a picture frame for the person sitting on the seat. Untie them to create a cozy backdrop and enjoy your dinner date in private.

2. Separate Units: With separate window treatments on each window, working in beautiful consonance, your bay window can be treated according to your requirements. Hang the curtains on a curved single angled rod and make it fit inside the curvature of your window. If you have your couch placed on the inside, hang light colored sheer curtains and enjoy a good book with the beautiful view.

If you have any more questions, we are a call away. You can also email us and let us help you to find the right window treatment for you. Browse through to look for more window treatments. Happy furnishing!

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