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A Complete Guide to Dressing up Your Bathroom Windows

Bathroom Window Shades

Bathroom Window Shades and Blinds to Enhance the Look

Bathrooms can never be overlooked; this important personal space demands its own personal care. Bathrooms should have a decorative yet functional style and thus one must always go for the best bathroom window shades. Privacy and light are the major factors to consider when going for bathroom window treatments, as is durability.

Natural light, air, and openness bring in a sense of lightness and relaxed vibe to the bathroom. At the same time the privacy is also of utmost importance, and thus some serious cover-up is also necessary. Getting this balance right while maintaining the feeling of warmth and adding that integral notch to your décor is a task of utmost importance. Let us have a go at some of the best bathroom window shades to consider and some ideas that make the most of them.

Many homes have frosted glazing for privacy, so window treatments which add to the color and pattern to the décor are a decent option. But using blinds or shutters give great functionality both in terms of additional privacy and the ability to adjust the amount of light you want to enter the room.

What are the Perfect Bathroom Window Shades?

Bathroom Window Treatments

Frankly, most types of blinds and shades can be installed in a bathroom. You just need to consider needs such as moisture resistance when mounting your shade. Also, if you are planning to install something with real wood, be careful of where that window is placed as real wood tends to not react well to regular contact with water or moisture. Sometimes this can cause cracks or warp in the wood, for example. To save your money from being washed down the drain, go for faux wood blinds. Besides giving you a similar look and feel, they also offer better durability and moisture resistance.

What are Wood Blinds?

Made of absolutely natural wood, real wood blinds are organic, warm and give an earthen feel altogether. Classy and contemporary, they offer sheer sophistication and beauty to a room. Personally, if budget is not your problem, then installing wood blinds can prove to be your best decision about your window dressings as of now. Enjoy the flexibility over slat size, control the amount of light you want inside and enjoy the elegance and warmth altogether.

What are Faux Wood Blinds?

Less expensive and extremely budget-friendly, Faux wood blinds are a perfect budget alternative to the pure wood blinds. They are made of PVC and composite wood and offer you a warp-free, and crack-free experience. Extremely popular for bathroom and kitchen windows they can create a style statement for your guests.

In addition to the aesthetic value and delightful price, they also are extremely easy to clean and maintain. All they need is a light hand dusting once or twice a week and they are good to go.

In conclusion, when we talk about best blinds for bathrooms, it is very clear that Faux window blind is the best bathroom window blinds and shades especially because of its ability to resist humidity and moisture.

Using Faux Wood Blinds in Bathrooms

Faux wood blinds are easy to install and are very versatile, thus offering us a lot of options. While generally mounting inside is a norm, one can also go for outside mount faux wood blind for a different look.

Going for custom faux wood blinds might be a necessity in many cases, but it also offers you numerous options to adapt it to your taste, style, and décor. Getting the color, size and pattern right go a long way in delivering that comfortable feeling that you long for. The number of slats you have, the pacing, the weight, the light it lets in, customizing to the size of the window and how it faces the sun are all the things to weigh a bit on.

Use this Checklist

There are many options depending on personal choice and nuances, but in any case, ticking off certain basic parameters will help you in choosing the right one. Parameters such as-

  • How does it suit my decor?
  • Am I satisfied with the level of privacy I can get with this?
  • How much light do I want? What level of flexibility do I get with this blind?
  • What pattern, stains and color do I opt for?
  • What is the size needed?
  • Do I need any customization?
  • Where do I install it – inside or outside the window opening? Which suits my taste and needs better?
  • Did I order free samples? Am I satisfied with the quality and durability of those samples?

Tick this checklist off, and you should be right in the alley the choose the best bathroom window shades and blinds for yourself.

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