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5 Things to Ensure While Choosing Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Bathroom Privacy Window Ideas – 5 Things to Ensure While Choosing Bathroom Window Treatments


Does it frequently happen to you that your focus and attention is towards certain aspects of your life, while the others that you deem less important are neglected and ignored? For instance, maybe your hard work and dedication that you put in everyday have led you to a successful job or business, but you often find yourself feeling under the weather because you don’t have as much focus on eating the right food and exercising regularly.

Now take the example of your house. There are certain rooms that might stand out as your favorite because of your own reasons. The bedroom is one because that’s where we rest, sleep, sometimes work, and spend a good portion of our everyday life in. Another place is the living room: that’s where you spend time with your family and guests. Naturally, our tendency is to spend a little extra on home decor in these two places, including having decent flooring, attractive wall paints, and window coverings.

However, a place that is often ignored is the bathroom. We might keep it clean, and have beautiful modern bathroom fittings to floor our guests, but do not pay much attention to their window shades. This is especially important because it is the place where we need utmost and uncompromised privacy. So don’t ignore your bathroom because a comfortable, secure, and private bathroom is vital to your everyday living.


Bathroom Privacy Window Ideas

It is inarguable to state that privacy should be your top concern when you are choosing the right shades for your bathroom, followed by other factors such as durability and light control. This important space in your house must not be overlooked. So let us look at the five things to ensure before choosing the ultimate treatment.

 1) Functionality and Practicality

For the bathroom, functionality and practicality comes above all, as it is more important that you have a shade that provides your needs than anything else.. Honeycomb shades are great window treatments, and out of the different ones in them (single cell, double cell and triple cell), we suggest you go for single-cell shades, which would let in a good amount of light and also offer decent privacy.


 Bathroom Privacy Shades

2) Strength and Durability

Faux wood and wood shutters are strong blinds that can be the perfect fit for bathrooms. Being versatile and extremely functional, they can be worth every penny you spend on them and can be customized to fit the dimensions of the window inside the bathroom. For longer durability, we recommend going for faux wood blinds. You can get them for prices lower than real wood, and with slats made of composite wood material and PVC, they offer the fabulous look and texture of real wood while being moisture resistant.

 Faux Wood Blinds for Bathroom

3) Cleaning and Maintenance

Having blinds that incur major costs over the years can turn them into a liability, especially when they are being used in a bathroom. Often weaker blinds can develop stains and spots due to moisture and can crack and peel over time. This may lead to regular switching over to other blinds before you ultimately find the right one. However, all this can be avoided if you go for the perfect blinds at the very start. The effective shades in this category are vinyl shades and faux wood blinds. You can also go for dust-resistant solar shades but they will be more functional in a bedroom or a living room. The polyester material in the PVC in faux wood blinds ensure they are durable and can be used in any kind of temperature, on any kind of window in any room.

 Easy Cleaning Bathroom Blinds

4) Attractiveness & Design

We’ve already discussed how Roman shades can provide much-needed glamour and a ravishing touch to any bathroom with their contrasting and appealing qualities. Beyond their hobbled, knife pleated or solid design, however, you may also consider other window treatments that may glam up the setting without appearing too gaudy or preposterous. Curtains are still a popular choice to bring to the table. Choose one in attractive graphics or Aztec prints, or colorful stripes and polka dots that strike you as spectacular. Bathroom curtains specifically sold for that purpose come with water-resistant materials that can be washed to ensure they look as new as ever.

 Shutters for Bathroom

5) Mixing and Matching

Whether the window in question is small, middle or large (as compared to the wall size or the available space), choosing only a specific window treatment may sometimes have you going around in circles in zeroing on your ultimate choice. This problem is common, so you do not need to bang your head around this issue. When faced with this situation, try a mix of different window treatments. Try valances over your faux wood shutters, or water-resistant curtains covering your cellular blinds. This way, you get the best of features amalgamated in a single window covering, with all your concerns getting attended to in the blink of an eye. Keep one of them open or both closed to your benefit, and choose colors that complement each other to add as an icing on the cake.

Bathrooms are one of the key areas in your house that require your utmost care and attention. They need to be kept spick and span, and that requires constant scrubbing of the floor and hardware, and proper window treatments to ensure privacy, light control, and longevity. Some of the best blinds that you can purchase for their windows are cellular shades, Roman blinds, faux wood blinds and waterproof curtains. Each has their own benefit, and you can also use a couple of them together to exploit all their major benefits.