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Best Basement Window Coverings – Maximum Privacy Blinds

Basement Window Treatment Ideas

Basement Window Treatment Ideas – Maximum Privacy Blinds


Basements have always been an interesting part of our homes. They are below the ground floor of any building and are generally used for all sorts of extraneous purposes. Some buildings use them for parking, some use it as a storage cellar, and others use them as offices or places to relax.

We would like to help you with ideas that can help you to use your basement spaces for multiple purposes which you have never even thought of.

Basements can be one of the most enchanting places of any building, but only if they are dressed up in a proper way. You can make the best use of your basement by adding the required home decor items. You might be worried that you have to spend a lot of money to transform the look of your basement and use it for multi purposes, but do not worry. Modern window treatments are affordable and will do the job for you.

Basement Window Treatment Ideas – Right Choice of Window Treatments

With the right choice of window treatments, you can turn your basement into a lovely living space, a home office, or even a playroom. As your basement windows encounter severe heat and cold and also harmful UV rays, you can choose window coverings for extra insulation, protection, and light control.

Here are a few things you need to consider when you are choosing the window treatments for your basement:

#1. Privacy Window Treatments

Privacy Window Treatments

As your basement windows bring in a lot of light and the views to the outside world, make sure you select window blinds that assure privacy and assure you the maximum functionality so that you can spend time in your basement comfortably, without the disturbance of the prying eyes.

  • Privacy window treatments are mostly opaque and non-transparent as they need to be able to provide the desired amount of privacy even when the room is bright inside
  • As there are hundreds of different types of privacy window treatments, you will have to be choosy in selecting the perfect window treatments for your basement

#2. Light Controlling Window Treatments

Light Controlling Window Treatments

As your basement space encounters a huge amount of light, you must select a window covering that provides you the perfect amount of light control to fit your needs.

  • It is not just the light that is entering your basement, but the harmful UV rays also
  • The heat from the sun can make your extremely room hot during the summers, and during the winters the cold can seep through your basement windows making your basement extremely uncomfortable
  • In order to protect yourselves and your valuables from the harmful UV rays, you need to select the perfect window treatment that blocks the harmful UV rays entering your room
  • Light controlling window treatments allow you to obtain the desired ambiance to your room
  • You can either create a bright room with the light filtering window treatments so that even when the shades are down natural light fills the room, or you can make your room as dark as possible
  • If you want to create a media room, you can try choosing blackout window treatments that can block out the light completely and turn the room dark even during the day

The following are a few Basement Window Treatment Ideas that help you to dress up your basement in the best way

Woven Wood Blinds With Liner For Basement Windows

Woven Wood Blinds

  • Natural woven wood blinds can transform the look of your basements by making it beautiful with the touch of natural essence
  • These window treatments are available in many natural colors that can let you create the best look suitable for any kind of home decor
  • Woven Wood Shades With Liner are also easy to clean. By vacuuming, you can clean these window treatments regularly
  • These are also used as Sunroom Window Coverings
  • These shades offer your room the classic style of Roman shades
  • They give a smooth look to your room and hence improves the beauty of your room with natural materials

Vertical Fabric Window Blinds For Basement Windows

Vertical Fabric Window Blinds

If your basement has large windows, vertical window blinds are the perfect choice as they keep your room comfortable by blocking the harmful sun rays

  • These shades also create a pleasant ambiance by blocking the external heat and cold during the extreme weather conditions
  • Based on your requirements, you can choose total or semi-privacy blinds as these window treatments can be customized accordingly
  • These window treatments are made up of materials like fabric, PVC, vinyl, wood etc.
  • They are also available in different colors and finishes so that you can select the best one for your basement windows
  • Vertical blinds are excellent for especially large windows as they can open fully to reveal your view when needed, and can get out of the way of a doorway

Roller Solar Shades For Your Basement

Roller Solar Shades

  • Another ideal option for your basement windows is the roller solar shades
  • These shades offer your basements enhanced sun protection and privacy at the same time They do an excellent job in safeguarding your home from the harmful UV rays
  • You can either choose the light filtering material that allows the diffused light inside your basement or the blackout fabric that makes your basement total dark
  • With solar shades, you can get protection from UV rays and privacy during the day while keeping your view outside

With these window treatments, you can transform the look of your basements and turn them into beautiful spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. Make sure you choose the perfect one for your basement and make it beautiful as well as functional.

How Much Do Custom Window Treatments Cost?

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