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Bamboo Blinds Add Natural Warmth and Character To Your Living Space


With homeowners and modern consumers drifting towards eco-friendly products every day, “green” is already in. Eco-friendly products offer a sense of moral high ground while presenting a new aspect to your house interiors. Bamboo blinds also called matchstick blinds or natural blinds have always been a common choice as they blend in sophistication and ergonomics with a feel of natural goodness that is unparalleled. These blinds often remind us of the Asian-inspired boho interior style. Whether you go for a more modern aesthetic or traditional decor, they can match any style. These attractive blinds possess an ability to smoothly amalgamate with the existing decor of your house while offering amazing contrast in texture as well as color. Bamboo blinds, an ideal way of dressing up your windows, and are a must-have for those who love calm and refreshing decor with a tint of gorgeous green or other colors! Bamboo blinds are a great match for rooms where you expect to have light window coverings with a pleasant and rustic style.

Bamboo roll-up blinds offer a calm element to a room and appear great in any space. They block out excess light without being heavy in your space. Bamboo blinds are natural and neutral and will be perfect if you are fond of natural materials. These blinds come with cords allowing you to open and close them adjusting accordingly for light control. They are alternatively available in cordless or motorization as well.

Why Should You Select Bamboo Blinds?

Bamboo blinds can improve natural lighting while adding dimension to a room and offering the same functions as traditional blinds. The simplicity of bamboo blinds eases their maintenance, installation as well as cleaning. Moreover, their organic element goes well with various kinds of décor from boho to modern. Read on to know some of the advantages of selecting bamboo blinds for your window treatments:

  1. Versatility

Bamboo blinds have several interesting benefits with one of them being their versatility. They are available in various natural wood tones to pick from that accent your overall décor, furniture, or flooring and can be customized to fit any window and come in roman shades or popular roller shades. From contemporary and chic to natural and simplistic, there are bamboo blinds that match any decor style of a room.

  1. Privacy Control

Bamboo blinds attached with a blackout/privacy liner helps in blocking out excess natural light. This also implies that it is safe to install bamboo blinds in your bedroom or bathroom. As these blinds can light up an area naturally, you can control the amount of light passing through them with the help of a liner. Bamboo blinds come in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors offering you several options for aesthetics and also for choosing the right amount of natural light that you want to let in.

  1. Low-Maintenance

Bamboo blinds are both easy to clean and maintain. You just have to dust them lightly with a feather duster about once a week. To clean any cobwebs, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Due to its easy upkeep, more time can be spent enjoying the day rather than working hard to clean the blinds.

  1. Durability

Bamboo blinds are extremely durable because bamboo possesses the ability to bear long exposure to sunlight. Bamboo is a resilient material which makes it an ideal choice for indoor as well as outdoor use. If you are planning to use bamboo blinds for the outside patio, ensure that the bamboo material is blended with weather-resistant elements. Picking bamboo blinds for your patio is the best way of enjoying the sunlight while avoiding your patio furniture from fading.

  1. Eco-Friendly & Affordable

With more consumers going green and the demand for eco-friendly products rising, bamboo blinds have become the most sought-after choice to ensure that their decor is savvy as well as stylish. Bamboo is an easily available wood except for the fact that bamboo is not wood, but grass! They grow like a weed as it is one and grows at a maximum of three feet per day. This abundance implies that it is an affordable and easily accessible option amongst the rising number of household design elements. Installing bamboo blinds help with the eco-quotient while saving on your energy bills with its thermal blind insulating properties. Bamboo blinds can be installed in any room of the house to instantly bring in an ambient and a warmer backdrop!

  1. Textural Contrast for a Spa-like Set-Up

The urban surrounding in which we live is dominated mostly by stone, metal, glass, and concrete. In a world that is engulfed with these man-made materials, it is practical to add a natural and pleasant element. Bamboo blinds are one of the simplest ways of bringing in the proper textural contrast without making major alterations to the decor. They can be installed on the inside as well as the outside of the window. Their natural presence softens the space instantly. Bamboo blinds also introduce a welcoming and vacation retreat-styled environment. These blinds are ideal for those who are looking to give their house a more soothing and cozy vibe while appearing casual.

Bottom Line

Using bamboo blinds, you tend to enjoy the proven functionality of blinds in your house while gaining all the elegance and chicness tagged with natural bamboo material. With all of its interesting qualities and being eco-friendly, bamboo blinds make an outstanding choice for adding a natural touch to their house.