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A little something for your backyard – Hi-tech Exterior Shades

Motorized-Graber-Exterior-Shades -

Spring is just around the corner and in a few weeks’ time flowers will bloom, plants will grow, and the dreaded cold will start fading away. It’s also a time when everyone is eager to bring out their patio furniture and sit under the sun in their pergola’s, decks and yards. It’s a time of relaxation and fun, a time of gathering with family and friends and also the start of the barbecue season. Now the only problem with this entire scenario is that, sitting directly under the sun in our pergola’s, gazebo’s and deck’s is that after one point the sun will start getting warmer, brighter and just an annoyance in general. What can be done about this you say? The answer is simple; Outdoor Blinds. Adding motorized outdoor shades to any patio, pergola or gazebo provides you with protection from harmful UV rays, control over the amount of light that’s let in and lets you enjoy your backyard in peace. Crown and Graber, currently offer one of the leading Exterior Solar Blinds in the market and provides a wide variety of fabrics ranging from blackout (prevents all light form coming through) to 15% opening (which lets in up to 15% of the light and also lets you see through the shade).

Graber Exterior Solar Shades

Motorized-Graber-Exterior-Shades -
Motorized Graber Exterior Shades with Somfy MyLink apps

Graber Exterior Solar Shades are custom manufactured and offer an extensive selection of beautiful, elegant and pleasant colors and textures. These shades are very durable in changing weather and are made from a unique combination of polyester on fiberglass or polyester on vinyl. The Graber Exterior Solar Shades are designed to withstand extreme temperature changes (those that exist in nature) and last for years. The shades offer options such as motorization, small, medium or large Cassette valances and many other features that give it a premium and finished appearance. Although the fabric on these shades are composed of synthetic fibers, they are made to look like various different materials such as linen and bamboo; examples of these are 3% Linen, 5% Aura, 5% Wicker, 5% & 7% Twine, 7% Monticello, 7% Bamboo, 7% Fern. All of the available fabrics are also FR rated (flame resistant) and Green Guard Certified (Air quality certification without any chemical emission). All of these fabrics are available in 1% to 10% openness; the lower the percentage of openness the more the privacy and less the light let in. The percentage also stands for the amount of UV rays the shade shields one from, i.e. 1% openness blocks 99% of all UV rays. Graber Exterior Shades are therefore a must have accessory for your backyard, and it can really make a world of a difference. Motorized Graber Exterior Shades can be linked to Somfy MyLink which can be integrated to mobile apps or the internet. This makes these shades have Hi-tech operations. With these apps, these shades operation can be fully automatized to pre-set operations or to be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Crown Exterior Solar Shades

Crown Exterior Solar Shades available with Bungee hold downs
Crown Exterior Solar Shades available with Bungee hold downs

The custom Exterior Solar Blinds manufactured by Crown are available in an impressive variety of colors and textures. Crown provides these shades with various options such as continuous loop cord, plastic beaded chain or a metal chain. Upgraded options such as a cassette valance and a hem bar with a unique bungee cord hold down system are also available. The bungee

Exterior-Shades-Bungee-Hold-Downs -
Exterior Shades Bungee Hold Downs –

Cord system (unique to crown) holds down your shade using unique brackets that use a bungee cord to hold the shade in place; this helps the shade withstand high winds without tearing and increases the lifetime of the shade. The exterior shade fabrics are made from a unique combination of polyester filament and acrylic foam which is also FR rated (Flame Resistant). The Crown Exterior Solar Shades come in the blackout, 3%, 5%, 10% , nd 14% openness; as mentioned before the level of openness determines the level of privacy, light and UV protection. The blackout solar fabric which are also unique to crown blocks all light, provides complete privacy and also blocks all UV rays. Crown Exterior Blackout Solar Shades comes in seven attractive colors and sturdy bungee hold downs as  an option. With upgradeable options, affordable pricing and durable products, Crown provides exterior shades which are available to everyone and has something that fits in everyone’s budget.

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