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Automatic Window Shades for Your Bay Windows

First of all, What’s unique about the bay window?

A bay window is built to project outwards from an outer wall. They are an ornamental style that allows a greater flow of natural light and offering a great view to see outside. They make your room feel more open and appear larger.
That said, bay windows can be difficult to dress due to their unique size and shape.

 Measuring Bay Windows for Blinds and Shades

How to measure bay windows
What are the best ways to dress your bay window?

Here are some things to consider:

Having the proper measurements is always important. In the case of bay windows, be even more cautious about the measurements to avoid choosing shades that do not fit and provide insufficient lighting and privacy. Make sure your account for the angle of the window and that each blind can fit next to each other.

Controlling light and privacy
As bay windows let in a lot of light into the room, light control is very important. Besides controlling the light, choose a shade that offers the privacy you need while they are open.

Each bay window is unique. Make sure that you choose shades that complement your window and give it a classic look.
Why choose motorized shades for bay windows?

In recent times, the advances in home automation have become even smarter and more convenient. The biggest reason to choose automated shades is for convenience. Cheap motorized shades allow you to operate your window treatments with the touch of a button, and are especially useful for difficult to operate windows in hard to reach areas. Smart motorization allows you to schedule your shades to operate automatically throughout the day. They are operated with Z-Wave(R), a 2-way RF mesh networking technology used for many automation applications.

Motorized shades keep your pets and children safe as they do not have any cords. They are operated by a wireless remote that is both easy and convenient to use.

Smart motorized shades also provide safety in other ways. If you leave town for a holiday, motorized shades can make it appear like someone is home, deterring anyone from any unsavory activities.

Maximize the Utility of Space in Your Home
While these shades won’t magically make your room larger, they can make your rooms multi-purpose. Configure your shades to change the ambiance and mood of your room to your liking. Turn your living room into a home theatre with the press of a button.

Energy Efficiency
Motorized shades help maintain the room temperature during summer (as well as winter) by not letting outside temperature enter the room. This helps in lessening your electricity usage for climate control and to save energy. With smart motorization and some clever configuration, you can have your shades adjust automatically according to the temperature or position of the sun.

Protect Your Furniture, Floors, and Art
Besides providing safety and security, motorized shades can also protect your floor, furniture, and other valuable items from damaging sunlight. Lowering your blinds during the brightest part of the day helps in prolonging the life of your furniture, floor, and photographs.

Here are few suggestions to dress up your bay windows.

  • Try Roman shades for the timeless look on your Bay Windows
    Roman shades give a classic look to your bay window. The automated roman shades are a perfect choice for your bay windows as they offer the convenience to operate your window treatments with the touch of a button, and are especially useful for difficult to operate windows in hard to reach areas.
    Roman shades for Bay windows
    These shades appear clean, structured, and contemporary. Motorized Roman shades offer the feel of drapes but with the versatility and functionality of traditional window shades. Fabric Romans give your home a modern feel as well as traditional warmth. Graber Artisan Highlights Motorized Roman Shades and Graber Artisan Elegance Motorized Roman Shades are two types of automated roman shades that are a classic choice for your Bay windows that allow you to tilt, open and close your blinds or shades with just the push of a button. These window coverings are the ultimate in convenience and perfect for hard to reach areas.
  • Dress Motorized Cellular shades to merge beauty with insulation to your Bay Windows Motorized cellular shades are a great choice for insulation and light filtering and also offer you the comfort of accessing it with a remote controller. As Bay window offers great light and they are hard to reach, the motorized cellular shades are definitely a stunning choice. Below are the three cellular shades for different requirements:1. For Regular Bay WindowsSmart motorization in Virtual Cord™ Z-Wave Graber® Cellular Shades allows you to schedule your shades to operate automatically throughout the day. This cellular shade is very simple to operate. Motorized Cellular Shades can be operated smoothly and quietly and is easily installed. The shade itself gives the benefits of glare control, energy efficiency, and comfort by controlling the room temperature; motorization eliminates the hazard of dangling cords, enables access to hard to reach window treatments and controls multiple shades at the same time. The value of a motorized cellular shade is enhanced with a remote control. As bay windows are hard to reach, unlike normal flat windows these shades make a good choice.
    Roman shades for Bay windows
    Virtual Cord™ Z-Wave Graber® Double Cellular Shades
    Atomized shades are always a better option as it offers the ease to access it without taking any risk. Double cellular shades are similar in every way to their single cell counterparts but have more fabric that allows for better insulation and energy efficiency. Go with the double cell if your bay window gets a lot of sunlight and you are concerned with keeping your home cool in the summer, or warm in the winter.

    2. For Bay Windows that are directly exposed to the sun.

    Virtual Cord Z-Wave Light Weaves Blackout Cellular Shades is designed to block all light from passing through. You may feel lazy in the morning to get up from your bed and operate the shades so as to enjoy the sunlight. The motorization allows you to operate it at a touch of a button. As Bay windows offer a great light, these are a great option if you like to block out all the light from your bay window any time of day. While bay windows are beautiful for letting light in, a blackout fabric will let you control exactly how much light you want, or no light at all.

  • Choose One inch Pleated Shadess for simple & sleek look
  • Motorized shades simplify the operation and make you it easy to control the settings of your home. Pleated shades stack like cellular but are less bulky and have a sleeker look. That said, they do not insulate as well because they do not have the cell shape. As bay windows allow a high amount of light, choose pleated if you like the look of the stocking fabric, but don’t like the look of the cellular shades.
    Roman shades for Bay windows
    Some of the best smart pleated shades you can choose from include 1″ GRABER® FASHIONPLEAT® VIRTUAL CORD™ SHADES, and 1″ EVENPLEAT® VIRTUAL CORD™ GRABER® SHADES
  • To match your modern aesthetics use Zebra Sheer Shades and Graber Mezzanine Layered Zebra Sheer Shades
  • cellular shades for Bay windows
    To enhance convenience, motorized shades are the best option and are perfect for extending the life of your shades. Zebra Sheer Shades also come in motorized form and are a popular choice for bay windows. They open and close as you roll them up and down, and so give many options for light control. These shades control the amount of incoming light and the view-through with the shade partially raised or lowered. These shades block up to 99% of UV rays when closed. Hence, these shades are a beautiful choice for your bay windows.
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