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Automatic Solar Shades Are Perfect For A Backyard BBQ


Summers can be one of the most beautiful seasons if planned for properly. While it can be a great time to take a break, relax, unwind and get some sun, the season also presents one of the most difficult conundrums you will face. Imagine you that you’re finally hosting a summer pool party at your backyard. Maybe you’ve even got a barbeque situation going on. The patio furniture you’ve been saving for the occasion finally gets pulled out. While it’s all pleasant for a short while, as the day progresses, the sunlight and glare get more and more intense. It can get you, your family and your friends quite uncomfortable and suddenly, a backyard pool party doesn’t go as well as you imagined.

The problem is not restricted just to occasions like this though. The point is that harsh sunlight can impede on you using your own backyard to its fullest extent. You might decide to hang out there and read or work because you need a change of scenery. Eventually though, you will find yourself going back into the house earlier than you hoped.

Fortunately, these problems have a simple solution that will help you, use your backyard the way you envisioned. This article will focus on automatic solar shades and how they can help you address your concerns.

What are solar shades?

Solar shades are oriented towards blocking sunlight (excessive sunlight). Solar shades are good window treatment options for places where the exposure to sunlight is extravagant. By virtue of design and function, you may break down solar shades into two types. These are interior and exterior solar shades.

Aside from blocking sunlight, they are also geared towards protecting you from harmful UV rays and also prevent fading of drapes and curtains, as well as rotting of furniture due to overexposure to sunlight.

These shades are usually made out of vinyl and is coated and finely woven to prevent any sunlight from breaking through. There are materials other than vinyl that are used to make these shades and if you have a particular preference, your manufacturer may be able to make that happen.

How do I use them on my backyard?

Outdoor blinds can be fastened to the frame of your deck or pergola. This results in a barrier that blocks excessive sunlight and glare while also making sure that your view and access to the outdoors is unhindered and that you still get a calming amount of sunlight. In this way, these solar shades act just as similar to the shades you use to protect the interiors of your home.

It can keep the temperature down and also keeps things private. These are also desirable features which make it a very feasible option to purchase.

Is there any benefit to them being automatic?

While solar shades themselves are very useful, the fact that they are automatic can take things to a whole new level. It gives you multiple different features to work with. The fact that these automatic shades are motorised makes it easier to operate. Here is a list of advantages of automatic solar shades –

  • They usually cover a wide area, considering they will take up a substantial portion of your backyard. This means that they can be quite large and heavy, making it difficult to manually operate. Sometimes they may be even out of reach. Motorised solar shades make it easier to operate through a remote or your smartphone and reduces the amount of effort you have to put in each time.
  • They are clearly safer options as well. Shades with cords can become a choking hazard to children and pets. Even those without chords can injure someone (although the possibility is quite remote). With automatic shades, as long as toddlers don’t have access to the remote you can put your mind at ease whenever they are running around in your backyard.
  • If you have smart shades, you can connect them to the rest of your devices, like your fire alarm, security system, smart lights and thermostat as well. With this, you can set your shades to draw themselves open or close based on the prevailing temperature.
  • Exterior Solar Shades are good for reducing heat to your interiors as well. As they can prevent sunlight from ever hitting your windows, they can reduce incoming heat from the sunlight. So automatic shades are more convenient because they can operate according to a schedule and you don’t have to go outside to move them.

Are there any other advantages to solar shades?

Although they are mainly known for their ability to block sunlight and cool a place down, there are few other lesser-known advantages of solar shades that need to be addressed. Some of these shades have MicroBan technology. This allows them to protect you against bad odour, stains and mold. It can make your shades sturdier and more durable. This is perfect, especially for solar shades that are being used in a backyard. It covers any unprecedented situations that might occur during a barbeque and keep things going smoothly.

Solar shades are not only great with respect to their functionality, they are also versatile in terms of look and design, and can bring in a lot of aesthetic value to your home. They come in different colours, sizes and texture. If you’re looking for one for your backyard, you have endless options when it comes to getting the look you want for your home. You can try matching or contrasting with the color of your deck or gazebo. Since its in the backyard, the design of the shades can be inspired by nature as well. Something that you can also think about is a design that fits in seamlessly with your pool.

Conclusion Automation has taken the window treatment industry by storm and smart window treatments are becoming more common. You can capitalise on this and make sure that you can use your backyard every single day. The notion that shades can be used to only protect your home and its interiors is a gross misconception. There might be other ways to control the sunlight in your balcony but solar shades, especially automatic ones are by far the best option you have at your disposal. Make sure to measure your deck accurately and decide what features you want before buying solar shades

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