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Artistic Window Frames – Fabric Valances

The Exotic Fabric Valances to Enhance the Window Coverings.

A window valance is a type of window treatment that covers the uppermost part of the window and can be hung alone or paired with window blinds, or curtains. They are the most popular choice to conceal drapery hardware. This, however, is the very technical explanation of these beautiful decorative pieces. Fabric valances find their origin in the Victorian Age and were used to frame the window better. In these contemporary times, they could be installed over kitchen sinks, to hide architectural flaws, or for windows placed at different heights to make for a more even look. Valances are often used to soften the windows or to tie in with the upholstery used for decorative purposes. The variety of fabric available like jacquard, silk, faux silk, poly cot, linen, satin, velvet and polyester invite natural splendor to your window frames. Whatever be the shape, size and look of your window, the valances in styles like scalloped, layered, arched, gathered, or grommet top bring unsurpassable elegance.

Zebrablinds in its explicit collection brings to you the most elegantly designed drapery fabric valances with sheer of artistic craftsmanship, producing an intricate finish! I wouldn’t have got to know the intricate details of valances till last week, when my friend in Los Angeles mailed me an extensive write-up. She wrote to me about the perils of trying to keep up with the Jones’ in La-La Land or better known as the global city. “It is the home to Hollywood –and the epicenter of ethnic diversity. Living in L.A comes with some responsibility – to keep up your style quotient!”, wrote my friend Emma. Tired with the monotony-struck modest decor she decided to bring in small changes without it taking too heavy a toll on her wallet. She chose to get the CROWN Board Mounted Elegance Drapery Valances from Zebrablinds. And as she says, the fabric valances enhanced with intricate designs and intriguing artistry welcomes charm and beauty to your doorstep. “The Velveteen Cordovan shaded valances just dazzled me with its sparkling panache, I couldn’t but fix my gaze on them for a while”, wrote Emma almost drawing in my mind a picture of her royal living room. She adds, “It is inclusive of a self-cord and self-bias in the top and bottom edges giving better stability. With extra lining or fringes or by adding extra cords you can only escalate their eye-catching beauty.” Moreover, she was elated about the easy maintenance involved – feather dusting, since her OCD makes her way too particular about maintaining her interiors. All in all she was happy about finally getting a much-needed change, though small, that worked miracles for her decor.


Custom Designer Fabric Valances made to Order.

I almost re-typed her mail in the attempt of highlighting the instantaneous wonders valances can create for homes! Wait, there’s always more with Zebrablinds – the Charisma Crown Drapery Valances that’ll zest up the look of your home in the blink of an eye. The finesse and quality of the make will leave you breathless. These can be easily fitted over the shades and blinds or drapery fittings. The dimension of the drop of the pleats can be adjusted according to the width of the window. The top portions of the cascades, the box pleats, and the bottom is all self-lined. The Board Mounted Gallant Fabric Valance with robust quality, captivating designs, and posh looks provide your windows style and poise. The valance has a length of about 18 inch and minimum width of 24 inch, with standard lining. And that’s not all – the Double Shaped Crown Drapery Valance made of 100% polyester is just perfect for any occasion or decor. The explicit designs add a deft touch to your valances. You can also add colors and contrasts to the double layered valances. To get the desired warm, luxurious and splendid looks for interiors, Crown also brings to you the designer Parisian Pleated Drapery panels. The warm and pastel shaded ones in different prints, textures give a neat look. The two-way panels sport 6-inch pleats for a comforting style the folds adding lush volume. They are suspended from a rod placed about two feet above the windows adding to the notion of height, while the drapes end about two inches above the floor without trailing in the dust. Suspend the valances from the rod with rings to aid easy movement while drawing the curtains/drapes open or closed. You can use lining for your valances for additional insulation, too. They may be dry-cleaned or vacuum easily. The Rod Pocket Premium Fabric Valances personify class immensely. The rod pocket and other header options can be customized and are available to suit rods in dimensions of 1.5 inch and 3 inch. The valances can also be tied back and customized with a fringe. And if you’re looking forward to hiding those rods and willing to flaunt the finely crafted fabrics then the Back Tab Valances are your best bet. You could have them as a stand-alone feature or as a coordinated ensemble. They can be added between drapery panels as well, especially for the extra-wide windows.

All these valances are sure to soothe your senses and add versatility to your homes!


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