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Are Your Shades Ruining Movie Night For Your Family?

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The Show Must Go On

Picture this – it’s movie night and the whole family has gathered around the TV to watch your favorite movie. This week’s movie pick is Disney’s “The Lion King.” But unfortunately, the popcorn and the film will have to wait. Why? Because the sun’s glare is ruining the movie-watching experience. Just when the opening credits are rolling, you can see a sliver of sunlight sliding across the screen in full view, amidst moans and groans from all your family members. It is crystal clear. Movie night is over. Now you will have to wait until next week. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Why should your window shades come in between you and your favorite movie? Better yet, why allow your existing shades spoil your precious quality time with your loved ones? It is time for a change. That’s where blackout window treatments come in. It is the perfect remedy for your movie watching woes.

Pitch Black
Great movie by the way. But that’s not what we are talking about there. For any home entertainment center or a media room, you need pitch-black darkness. A place with zero sunlight and most importantly, no sun glare. Even a little bit of light can be detrimental to the movie-watching experience, especially if you are using a projector. The solution lies in switching your existing shades to blackout ones.
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What Makes a Shade a Blackout One?

Blackout shades are specially designed that have a lining of some sort and is usually referred to as Mylar. Mylar is a specific kind of fabric that blocks sunlight, and it acts as a preventative barrier for incoming light. Perfect for creating that zero-sunlight environment, which also means no glare as well. Sometimes that fabric may have a backing of an acrylic component that has a liner with a blackout feature. There are even some shades that have a vinyl material or even an additional layer of a window darkening element. These sun blocking components make a shade a blackout one. These shades are essential for making a room as dark and somber as possible. It is so that you can enjoy using your media devices and experience your indoor movie session comfortably.

Inner Workings of Blackout Shadings

Blackout shadings make the best glare-blocking and sunlight removal products in the market. Most of them are lined with mylar – a light barrier fabric that helps reject 100% of both UV radiation and visible light. These shades and its drapery counterparts reduce 24 percent of heat which is transferred via your windows. Thereby keeping your rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This will facilitate the smooth functioning of both your cooling and heating systems. Thereby enabling you to lower your energy consumption.
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Some Blackout Shading Options for You to Try Out

When looking at blackout shade ensure it’s best for your family’s needs and daily schedule. Some basic shading alternatives are as follows:

Honeycomb Blackout Shades: Also known as cellular shades. Their multi-layered, cell design offers noise reduction and additional insulation. Helps in reducing your energy costs.
Roller Blackout Shades: Roller shades are easy to operate, and are available as cordless. These types of shades are ideal for kids and look great with kid-friendly patterns.
Bamboo Shades: Opt for bamboo shades with a blackout liner for a more sophisticated and contemporary look. You’ll get great texture, style, functionality, and a unique look for your home. These shades provide elegance too as they fold up just like roman shades.
Pleated Blackout Shades: These shades have the appearance of cellular shades at reasonable prices. Much like bamboo shades, they also add some great texture.
Roman Blackout Lined Shades: These shades have the combo of the utilities of traditional shades and blinds as well as the look of drapes. Take your pick from two-fold options, that include the soft fold and classic pleated fold. You can also personalize your shades to complement your aesthetic.
The blackout shadings are ideal for the following places:
• Study rooms
• media rooms
• home theaters
• private entertainment centers
• bedrooms
Motorized Blackout Shades for Media Room

Some Window Shade Purchasing Tips

It can be a daunting task for anybody when it comes to the plethora of shading choices. But a more straightforward way to cut through the clutter is to think about your taste and requirement. The necessity of light blockage and glare reduction is a crucial factor in choosing a shade. Choose well.

There is also a possibility that a blackout shade may not be the option for you. Fair enough. But listen up. When you close the shades, and there is an itch to enjoy the world outside, try solar shades. Those babies will remove unwanted glare and allow only a small percentage of sunlight to come through. It all depends upon the openness factor. The lower the openness, the less you can see through with higher openness such as 10% being similar to a tinted window.

We hope that after getting in-depth knowledge about these shades, you can make an informed decision about rectifying your media room. Whatever may be the case, let no shade interfere with a movie night for you and your family ever again! Now, go ahead and make that popcorn.

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