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Are Your Cordless Blinds Not Working? Try This Quick Fix

Are Your Cordless Blinds Not Working - Try This Quick Fix

There are multiple reasons to choose cordless blinds that replace the traditional method of using cords. Not only are cordless blinds are safe for your children and pets but they come with the added advantage of effortless functionality and trendy, minimal and elegant look. These child proof blinds provide a stylish option to compliment your smart home. Though of course, you need to keep in mind the pros and cons involving the use of cordless blinds.

Sometimes, you may face the issue of cordless blinds not working or troubling you with tangling of internal ribbons. Are you still wondering how to fix it? Relax, you need not lose your mind over it.

Many a time, cordless blinds may not work properly due to issues with the mechanism. These issues can be easily fixed at home without needing the help of the manufacturer. Cordless blinds consist of internal motor springs that need to be fixed from time to time for the smooth working of blinds.

Following are some of the troubleshooting options to address the problem of cordless blinds-

Step 1. Pull the cordless blinds from the middle (not from the sides) and stretch them as much as possible so that the alignment of the internal ribbon component is properly set to restore the functioning of your smart blinds

Step 2. Pull the blinds gently at the bottom from the middle to revive the strength of the spring so that the blinds get recoiled again.

Step 3. Remove the hook from the mounting clips of the window of your blinds to avoid sagging. Raise the blind and lift it upward so that stress can be lowered.

Step 4. Take off the headrail end caps and look inside whether the friction clips are working properly or need replacement. The problem may be due to the friction as a result of which blinds operation becomes uneven and rough.

Step 5. Remove the friction clips one by one as softly as possible. However, if the problem is still not sorted out, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer for the replacement of friction clips.

Cordless blinds ensure that you get natural lighting along with user comfort and minimal efforts. But ultimately, it depends upon your choice as well as the interiors and the kind of furniture in your house to decide whether you should opt for cordless blinds or the corded ones. Of course, you may sometime face the problem of cordless blinds not working, but with proper maintenance, you can sort it out and relish the automated working of these blinds that add a touch of elegance and ease to your interiors.