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Are Window Valances and Cornices Really Necessary?

Are Window Valances and Cornices Really Necessary?

A valance and a cornice board are ornamental encasings that may give your window coverings a great finishing touch. Some valances and cornice boards are more informal in appearance, while others are more formal, but they are all designed to match or complement your blinds or shades as well as the room’s décor.  Window valances and cornices are available in various styles, including minimalist, pleated, ruffled, and classic hardwood finishes, as well as striking metallic finishes. Cornice boards have a heavier and thicker look. Any window or space may benefit from its utility and elegance.

What is a Valance or Cornice Board Used For?

Depending on the design of your window coverings, valances and cornice boards are generally constructed of fabric, wood, or metal. They’re designed to conceal your window coverings’ top hardware and offer your windows a cleaner, more attractive appearance.

Are Valances Out of Style?

Professional interior designers utilize valances and cornice boards frequently and successfully, including in newer, modern homes. Adding a valance to your window coverings is an amazingly simple way to personalize and stylishly alter your house.

Whether you’re using them for roller shades, Zebra, dual shades, or to finish off a traditional-looking Roman shade, valances and cornice boards are always helpful as a decorative feature. They provide your window covering more usefulness and stability. Valances and cornice boards may give a space more apparent depth, weight, and even height.

Benefits of Using a Valance or Cornice Board in Your Design

There are several benefits to using a valance or cornice board. Here are a few examples:

Cover up Hardware, Decorate Curtain Tops

One of the most important tasks of a valance is to conceal hardware, curtain rods, and anything else you would want to decorate at the top of a window. A valance provides any window covering a unified look and feel. Even various window coverings in the same room might be tied together with them.

Soften the Look of Your Window

The use of blinds, sliding panels, and other window coverings may give a space a hard-edged appearance. Any window covering can benefit from valances to widen, decorate, improve, and soften it.


Valances are elegant enough to be worn alone, but they also work well with window blinds, shades, or draperies to create a distinctive design.

Seasonal Accents and New Looks

You can always switch valances in a room for a totally refreshed appearance without having to spend a lot of money on brand new window coverings for a room design update, refresh, or seasonal splash of color.

Make Your Windows More Dimensional

Valances give your window a natural widening effect, giving it the illusion of extra weight and sturdiness. They also provide the impression of a room being taller.

Difference between valances and cornices 

A valance is a type of short drapery panel that simply hangs from the top of the window. A valance, which may be installed with a curtain or drapery rod or stapled to a backboard, has a soft appearance that can seem casual or elegant depending on the design you choose. Valances offer instant appeal when coupled with other window treatments since the fabric hangs freely at the top of the window.

You don’t always want to obstruct your lovely view with cumbersome window coverings. When you don’t want to impede a wonderful view but still want some visual appeal, a valance by itself looks just as nice as a completely decked-out window. Valances, like the cherry on top of a sundae, provide the last touch to your delectable window design.

While cornice valance window treatments are popular, they aren’t essential until you notice the following indicators that something needs to be changed:

Your windows might profit from some protection

Do you have any unattractive railings over your window that you’d like to hide? Don’t be concerned! Cornices and valances are perfect for this! When you have blinds, shutters, or shades that work on rails, you know they aren’t particularly attractive. This is true when you have plantation windows that a beautiful cornice will enhance. If the other treatments aren’t on the railings, you may also use a cornice to cover your windows; the choice is yours.

Your room appears too open or plain

Cornices and valances are far better than most other methods for beautifying de-cluttered areas. It may not seem like much, but a cornice valance on the window quickly makes any open area more welcoming to any newcomers. So, if you’re searching for a way to fill in an obvious gap, this may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Hiding a damaged frame or moulding

Dealing with damage surrounding a window is one of the most heart breaking experiences one can have. Even if it’s corrected, you’re likely to be stuck with something you’d prefer not to have on your wall when visitors arrive. The final thing you want is for them to look at your favorite feature of the house only to see the evident fault surrounding your window. Cornice valance window coverings are particularly well suited to ensure that you have little to no problem with your window in such instances. When you’ve been looking for a solution to hide that aggravating stain or blemish on your windows, now’s your opportunity.

Improved Lighting

While cornice and valances aren’t often considered lighting aids, even moderately reflecting fabric on a cornice-styled valance may provide stunning results. Brighter or even reflecting colors on your cornice valance can minimize the amount of light you’ll need to illuminate your space. This is a very handy approach in compact spaces with central illumination. So, if you ever feel that your room is too gloomy, you might want to think about installing cornice valances.

Wrapping it up 

Remember that a valance or cornice board might be the right design option for you! Improve the functionality and elegance of your window coverings at the same time!