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Are Your Window Treatments Safe for Your Kids?

Are Your Window Treatments Safe for Your Kids

Are Your Window Treatments Safe for Your Kids?

No Strings Attached

When you and your family are relocating to a new home or conducting home renovations, or even buying a new pet with your partner, you have to focus on their safety and welfare. Be it window shades, blinds or shutters; you have to make sure that each window shading component is in harmony with the rest of your home décor and does not present a health or safety hazard.

Don’t Ever go for Dangerous Cords

Your kids and your furry friends are the first to fall prey to your corded window shades. What happens to them when they come in contact with coverings mentioned above? They can get caught in the cords of the interior shading systems that dangle from the top. In some cases, if help does not arrive on time, it can be too late for the parents or pet-owners.

Did You Know?

Each day, kids aged 6 or younger get immediate medical attention due to corded system injuries. Unfortunately, each year, 8 to 10 young kids suffer cord related fatalities. On top of that, the worst part is that 25% of the average American households are utterly unaware of the dangers of having a corded window shade system.

Corded Window Treatments: No Child’s Play

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Stock window coverings sold in stores or online should be cordless or free of accessible cords to meet a revised voluntary safety standard that took effect on December 15, 2018.”

“The new standard is the result of years of collaboration among the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA), industry, the safety community and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). As older window coverings are replaced with these cordless products, I expect a significant reduction in strangulations of young children,” said CPSC Acting Chairman Ann Marie Buerkle.

“I expect compliance with the voluntary standard based on the stakeholder involvement in its revision. I also appreciate WCMA’s agreement to begin addressing the remaining hazards associated with custom window coverings, by convening the first meeting of stakeholders to discuss the issues on January 23, 2019,” Buerkle added.

The CPSC has had reports of nearly 50 fatalities in the years in between 2012 to 2017 alone. They all had to do with little kids and young toddles being strangled by corded window shading systems.
It is of utmost importance that you ensure your child’s safety and health by replacing all your corded window shadings of your home, with child proof blinds. It is indeed a dangerous hazard that must be prevented.

How Can You Learn More?

Visit the website or dial the digits – 800-638-2772 (this is CPSC’s Hotline number) if there is an injury caused by the product or if a product is deemed unsafe. For the hearing impaired, the digits are 301-595-7054. You can also go on to get the latest news and press releases. Check out the Twitter page @USCPSC or receive free e-mail newsletters by subscribing to CPSC.

Hey Corded Shades, Leave Us Kids Alone!

Now, there is a possibility in some families where they are unable to replace their existing window shades with cordless interior shading systems. In those scenarios, it is best to follow some safety guidelines at home. There are also a bunch of important things to keep in mind.

All playthings, home furniture, baby equipment, and bedding materials should be kept away from the window panes and cords. It would help your family a great deal if they were relocated to another wall.
Next check out the length of the tassels of the pull cords of all your window blinds. Ensure that their distance is short and not long enough to dangle by itself. Then after that, ensure that any cord that is indeed dangling beside the window pane must be removed altogether. It is best that your children are kept far away from any window cord, to be on the safe side.

Another thing to inspect is whether the cord stops have been installed correctly or not. And also, whether the inner lift cords move a lot or very little. If they do not move much, then it is okay. However, if they do move a lot, then the cord stops have to be adjusted to stop the inner lift cords from moving too much.
Last but not the least, vertical blinds and particular draperies that have loop cords on a continuous mechanism should be anchored to walls and floors of your home.
Blackout Window Treatments for Baby Nursery

Go Cordless. Go Stress-free.

The best part of going cordless – no cords! There is no hassle of entanglement, and your kids and pets can roam around freely at home. What is more, is that they have the same function as that of regular corded window solutions.
The significant difference between them is that – there is no cord to pull. Instead, you either raise the shades, or you lower the shades by hand. There are also other means of operating the mechanism. It also depends upon which kind of system you buy from the online store.
Motorized Shades for Kids

How do Cordless Blinds & Shades Work?

Each cordless blind or shade has a specific lift component on the rail that gives you the benefit of lifting and bringing down the coverings as per your convenience.

Depending upon the product, either the lower rail can be tilted so that the slats are opened. Or you can twist the wand to open them. These cordless systems allow consistency in the raising and lowering of your shades. Such window shading technology is chic, stylish, and dependable.
Cordless Cellular Shades

Types of Cordless Blinds

There are many types of corded window solutions out there in the market. Some examples are as follows:

  • Aluminum Cordless Blinds
  • Custom Faux Wood Cordless Blinds
  • Cellular Cordless Window Treatments
  • Cordless Faux Wood Blinds
  • Cordless Roman Shades

You will surely find many cordless blinds or shades to suit your style and budget. They are available in a variety of fabrics and materials to match your home renovating needs. Sunny window (shading) shopping!