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Are Window Cornices Outdated?

Are Window Cornices Outdated

Unflattering Story of 80’s Cornice Boards

The word ‘cornice boards’ gives many homeowners flashbacks of the 1970s and 80s when this window treatment style featured prominently in most households and when looked back they were anything but flattering. Years back your mothers may have given an appreciative nod to the new addition in the room but in retrospect, the design, the patterns or even the shape did nothing for the room. While there is so much that you love about those good old days when life was simpler and innocent, the window treatments were not really something to be envious about. This glimpse of the past has given many homeowners in this generation an aversion to cornices as a decorative piece in the room. In reality, cornices are beautiful and can even be a stunning addition to your rooms if they are chosen wisely.

Evolution & Transformation of Cornice Boards

So what is a cornice and why so much noise is made about them whenever a house makeover is being planned or discussed? A cornice board may be defined as a wooden valance that is mounted over the window for decorative purposes and also to hide the ugly window treatment hardware. They sit like a three-sided box that can be left as a wood finish or even be upholstered to blend with your room decor. As we have already discussed these cornices used to be very popular in the past and anyone who has been an 80’s child will definitely resonate with these cornice boxes. The important thing to remember is that these boxes are no longer those ugly unattractive ones that used to adorn your windows. They have evolved over the decades and emerged as a very beautiful and gorgeous piece of art that can add aesthetic interest and much-needed drama to your windows and to the rooms. So much so that anyone who has little regards for cornices may be forced to say aloud “good gosh I want that!”
Wooden Cornices

Custom Cornices for Different Rooms in Contemporary World

The cornice boards that you get today are simple with a tailored look and streamlined sleek appearance. They have nothing of the frills and excesses that marked the cornices of the 80s.

Painted & Upholstered Cornice Boards

There are painted wood cornices that are seamlessly integrated into the trim around the ceiling.

There are upholstered cornice boards that use fabrics to cover the wooden structure. This fabric can be made to match the drapes that you hand below and could also a contrast. You could opt for a solid color or even use floral prints if your decor permits. You could have your cornices to use a trim on the bottom edge which is similar to the trim used on the leading edge of the drapery panel for an integrated look. Not only drapes, but cornices can also be used along with other window treatments like blinds and shades. In recent times cornice boars are also often used as standalone window treatments for small windows like those in the kitchen. Cornices are no longer used to make a loud bold statement that will make them stand out like a sore thumb. They can effortlessly become the focal point in a room without upsetting the aesthetics of the room or the balance of colors and designs.
Upholstered Cornices

Rooms Where Cornices can Weave Magic Even Today

  • Cornices can make a subtle yet powerful addition to a kid’s classic blue and white room. You can use the nautical style of decor to do up the room. Pale blue drapes with a white trim and similar cornice board to pull off the room, could create a soothing and warm ambiance.
  • A living room dominated by neutral palette and deep blue tones you can use cornices and your drapes to form layers of linen that can be trimmed with crystal geometric banding.
  • A contemporary bathroom with gray marble countertop, turquoise mosaic and dark brown cabinet is perfect to integrate a simple, contemporary-styled blue with brown border cornice board for the window. You could choose to leave it alone without any blinds or shades for maximum impact. These cornices, subtle yet powerful presence helps to add drama and depth to the space.
  • If you have a living room with a view to behold, you must be cautious when treating the wide expanse of glass windows. Use a custom cornice and drapes to frame the view. Since you have a gorgeous picture perfect view you do not need to go overboard with the choice of color for the cornice board or the drape. Keep it simple, smart and stick to some neutral shade like beige to do the magic for you.
  • A custom cornice in a contemporary dining room with a traditional touch with a view to frame can do wonders for your decor. To weave magic you do not need the cornices to go overboard or use loud bright colors or designs.
  • For your sunny kitchens which are a mix of traditional and modern elements with fabric dining chairs and rustic kitchen table, cornice boards can be tweaked for maximum impact. Opt for some bohemian patterned fabric to add both a touch of pattern and interest to your windows and the rooms which otherwise has no patterns or prints.
  • You have an eclectic bedroom with wood finish and looking for a cornice board to complete the look? If you room has carved wood structures in the room then use the same carved wood to do up your cornice board. It will help to hold the room together and complement the eclectic decor.
  • For signature living rooms tall windows you can safely opt for tufted cornices with floor-to-ceiling drapes for a subtle yet stylish appearance. They give the illusion of larger windows and higher ceilings and this texture against clear glass elevates the look and feel of the room.
  • For an open space kitchen with a marble-top island that is designed to entertain people with a designated dining space and which is primarily made of neutral shades like white and beige, a splash of colours could help create a comfortable and cozy ambiance. Upholstered cornices with floral prints looks stunning while the soft fabric also helps to soften the hard edges of a kitchen.

We can safely say that cornices have lost none of their sheen or glamour, in fact they have gained much in the last few decades. They have transformed themselves completely to complement the contemporary, minimalist room decor. So if you are doing up your home or keen on adding bold statements do not hesitate to give custom cornices a try. We can assure you will not be disappointed.

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