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Are Your Window Blinds A Danger To Your Children?

Are Window Blinds A Danger To Your Children

Things Consumers Should Keep In Mind Regarding Child Safety

The main concern of parents when it comes to window dressings is those dangerous cords hanging from the window frame. This visible cording poses a hazard to your children and pets. The issue then becomes the possibility of your pet or child getting entangled and injured by the precariously hung window cords. Therefore, the following things must be kept in mind before you introduce any new window coverings in your home.

Look for exposed cords:
First things first, inspect your current window covering systems at home. Ask yourself these questions – “Are there are any ties visible from the window pane? Can my kids become entangled in them? Will my pet get injured if it climbs up on the window sill? Search for any cord that is exposed.

Get retrofit cord lock/tensioner kits:
Secondly, if you do end up finding any cords that are exposed, deal with it immediately. Contact the manufacturers via phone or email and ask for a retrofit cord tensioner kit. These kits are usually free of charge and let you install a piece to wrap the cord around or keep it secured to your wall so that it can’t swing around freely. These kits can help remove the dangers of the cords that can be accessible to your kids and pets.
Tensioner Kits for Window Blinds
Replace your products:

Thirdly, every consumer is alerted to initiate product replacement. This process entails replacing every single corded window furnishing with newly updated cordless interior shading systems that are very safe for your pets and children. This step can be taken by landlords and homeowners alike. It is a financially sound process, so you need not worry about the budget for initiating this process. You get peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe and sound.

Tie your looping cords:
Fourthly, you can go about taking care of this safety issue by doing things manually. Which means that you can tie down any looping cords that are dangling dangerously close to the reach of your kids and pets. Please note that this solution is a temporary one until you can get a retrofit kit. Tie those hazardous cords down with tassels for a stress-free experience.

Rearrange your furniture:
Last but not least, another way to solve this hazard is to avoid placing any huge furniture pieces around the vicinity of your windows. Because if you do put your big chairs right below a window, the chances are that your furry friend or kid can climb up the chair and gain access to the window cords. Then you know what may happen if they end up playing with the exposed cables.

However, if you are facing any window blind related injuries at home, then they must be addressed instantly. Get in touch with the Window Covering Safety Council. They can help you if you cannot reach the manufacturer because of invalid contact details or if you cannot access your retrofit kit.

The council offers a complete array of safety guidelines and information related to window dressings and covers. They are more than willing to help you out with your needs. They even provide free retrofit kits. While they give answers to all window blind queries and ensure that all window shadings meet the safety protocols; they agree with experts in the industry that the best and safe option for homeowners is to go for cordless window cover systems.

Why go Cordless?

Many incidents have happened due to the lack of child safety in the home in the past few years. A 2015 investigation conducted by ABC News focused on the number of deaths to be more than 255 regarding children due to health risk products in the home. As a result, at the end of 2018, in the U.S., many home décor shoppers have witnessed standard modeled window shadings with zero access cords. There has been a push towards child safety with an additional emphasis on cordless window coverings in the market.

Furthermore, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends every homeowner to substitute existing interior covering systems with cordless window furnishings, to avoid the perils of entanglement and death in children.

Currently, there has been a change in the positive direction. Regular blinds have been retrofitted, and safety features have been added to existing shading systems for mass benefit. Besides that, many homeowners and business owners prefer a neat minimal look for their windows. Corded shadings can appear to look “noisy.” Therefore, it is best to adopt cordless coverings for a modern secure and sophisticated look.
Zebrablinds Cordless Window Shades

Cordless Styles to Fit Any Look

There are many types of styles, textures, patterns, and functions of corded blinds out in the market. Check out current choices such as full-length window blinds, cellular blinds, bamboo shades, roman shade fabrics, wooden or faux wooden slats, and lots more. Focal windows and differently sized windows need cordless vertical blinds to enjoy the beautiful view and get a uniform look. Any cord-free window blind will match whatever interiors you have in your home.

Cordless Blinds

These kinds of screens are a simple way to have light control and privacy at home. Now with a cordless system, you can raise and lower the blinds in a jiffy. What makes these blinds different from others is that they don’t have the same strings that other regular shades have. There are no dangling cords to tug.

Furthermore, the cords interconnected with the slats that allow the smooth moving of the blinds without a hitch. The innovatively created shades give homeowners a gorgeous look to their interiors. No cords equals no choking hazards or injuries to experience at home. If you are redecorating your home, you do not have to face any unsightly furnishings.
Child Safety Window Blinds

When to go for Cordless Blinds?

This is a critical question to consider because all this time you have been refurnishing your home with beautiful, fashion-forward window covers and it may not have dawned upon you that there may be some window shadings that have exposed cords. As a result of these visible cords, at any given moment in time, your child or pet may have wandered a bit too close to these window furnishings, nearly escaping the dangers of entanglement or worse – death.

So, if you have kids or pets or both make sure that these cords are not easily reachable to them. Scrutinize your interiors again and notice if there are any cords visible. If they are, then it is best that you go for cordless window dressings. These can be placed in nurseries or anywhere that your pet or child has access. But where else can these cordless shades and blinds be placed?
Cordless Shades for Kids Room
Wide-ranging shapes of windows:

If your home has windows in many ways or sizes, then go for cordless blinds. By installing these blinds, your entire window treatment will look uniform and sleek. Due to simple mechanical components, these cordless blinds can be rearranged and arranged easily and instantly.

Windows with focal features:

Specific stylishly designed windows of your home require cordless window covers. The reason is that when you raise the blinds, they are virtually invisible to the naked eye. The absence of any cords makes it easy for you to enjoy the view from outside.

Standard windows are not the only interior component of your home that requires Cordless treatments. Large windows and sliding doors made out of glass can use cord-free blinds. With the help of a quickly operational wand or slide slat, you can move any individual covering. To open and close a slat product move the window treatment backward or forwards. If your window blinds come with a wand, tilt it right or left to allow incoming light or to get shade.

Advantages of Cordless Blinds

• By going cordless, you won’t have to deal with tangled messes next to your windows.
• No cords mean no safety hazards for your pets and children. They are safe from getting strangled.
• Cordless blinds are simple to use. Gently tug them down or up, and they do your bidding with ease.
In comparison to another type of window shading systems, cordless blinds are so much easier to handle. They provide security to your family and enhance the style of your furnishings in your home. You reap the benefit of hiring a custom window treatment manufacture when they construct exact cordless window covers to fit your windows. Even if your windows are weirdly shaped or occur in different sizes, a professional will make your job of getting the right fit more comfortable. By investing in high-quality cordless blinds, you can rest assured that they will last for a very long time.

Go Cordless. Go Stress-free.

If you have regular-sized windows in areas that are readily accessible, then opt for cordless blinds. You can expect a grand mesmerizing view of your surroundings with neat and clean window cover systems such as child proof blinds. These blinds themselves act as a home décor accessory. Safe for kids and pets and an increase in aesthetic value, what more can you ask for? Go for complete to partial sun blocking blinds that come in a myriad of colors and design styles. Add a classy homey touch to your windows today. Say goodbye to stress and hello to beautiful interiors.