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Are Vertical Blinds Safe For Cats?

Are Vertical Blinds Safe For Cats

The Plight of Cat Owners

If you are a cat owner chances are that you are already aware of plight associated with blinds and shades in the house. Most dog owners are better off as dogs don’t care about windows and blinds. If the windows are covered, the world beyond the windows ceases to exist for them. It is the opposite for cats. Cats know that beyond those beautiful blinds and shades are the windows and they have to find and explore them. Cats are extremely curious by nature and the presence of blinds only heightens their curiosity. There are of course exceptions like well-behaved cats who don’t touch anything and the homeowners are blessed. But most are not as fortunate. They hate their view being blocked. You have cats crashing on blinds, chewing on them and it could be any homeowner’s worst nightmare if they have invested in some new pairs in the house.

Window Treatment Solutions Safe for Cats

Cats and blinds do not get along. You may believe that there are some child proof blinds that are cat-proof and not as subject to devastation by cats but you are wrong. Let us take a quick look at some blinds and their relationship with cats.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are a popular window covering for large windows and sliding glass doors. These blinds open sideways and have slats running vertically from top to bottom. Horizontal blinds on the other hand run horizontally from left to right and are raised or lowered to open and close them. In vertical blinds, the slats can part easily and pets can pass through the vanes undisturbed without too much hindrance. Horizontal blinds cannot accommodate cats and they end up crashing into the blinds. Vertical blinds may be safe for cats as they allow them to pass with ease but the blinds may not be as safe from the cats after all.

The dangling louvers attract the cats and they can spend hours keeping the louvers swinging and you have to keep reconnecting the chains as they tend to come loose. The best option is to go for chainless vertical blind bottom weights remove the bottom chain which means no more of snapped or broken vertical blind chains. If you have pets in the house we recommend against using fabric and rather settling for materials like PVC which are easier to clean up. Fabric can be chewed up enthusiastically by your cat. Vertical blinds aren’t the greatest of solutions for your feline friends.
Vertical Blinds

Roller Blinds

Most homeowners believe that Roller Blinds are safe from cats as there aren’t any slats for the cats to try and climb through. While that is true, it is also true that they claw their way through the fabric when they are in a playful mood or when chasing flies and stretching. This will make holes in the fabric ruining the purpose of blinds. Type of fabric is also a consideration as they could collect loose cat fur and you will end up cleaning your blinds almost every other day. If you are opting for Roller Blinds keep the chain away from the reach of the cats to prevent untoward incidents.
Roller Blinds for Apartment

Venetian Blinds

Metal Venetian Blinds too don’t work well. After a while, they will end up getting bent under assault from your cat. If they play with cords then you can opt for child-safe chain operation. Wooden Venetian Blinds actually work best. They are made of solid wood and no matter how much your cats bang and rash into them they do not bend. They are easy to clean and as they are heavier than aluminum the cats will not be able to slide between the slides and the windows.
Vinyl Venetian Blinds
The truth is blinds are tough to maintain and care for if you have cats in the house. They are fun-loving creatures and are busy running around the house with little regard for the things you have. Most pet owners complain about their damaged window blinds and shades courtesy their cats. While vertical shades may allow them easy access past the louvers they may not be completely safe from the cats.

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