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Are Venetian Blinds Old Fashioned?

Are Venetian Blinds Old Fashioned?

What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are an ideal mix of style and class. These are window blinds which are comprised of horizontal slats. The slats can be moved while the blinds are down to regulate the amount of sunlight that light comes in, or completely pulled up to view the world outside. Venetian blinds come in different styles, models, designs, fabric and material, giving potential buyers a huge variety to choose from. Venetian blinds have 2-inch slats that are usually comprised of aluminium, wood or plastic, and lay on top of each other. On occasion, these blinds are regularly referred to as wooden blinds, not Venetian. The slats hang by wide fabric tapes or strings which permit them to pivot as one almost 180 degrees.

Cordless Venetian Blackout Blinds

What Purpose do Venetian Blinds Serve?

The most important feature of Venetian blinds and also why they are considered as really good alternatives to curtains is their ability to prevent sunlight from entering a room. The adjustable features that they come in, with the cords and remote-control features, they become extremely easy to operate. It is pertinent to note that even when the slats are fully open, they will still block a portion of the sunlight from entering a room. To bask in the natural light fully, one would have to pull the blinds up.

What is even more interesting is that certain types of venetian blinds can block out the light entirely, whereas other types can repel the sunlight on different levels. For example, some blinds have the ‘blackout’ characteristic. This essentially means that these blinds are capable of blocking out sunlight almost entirely. These venetian blinds are usually made out of steel or wood. Other types of venetian blinds might not fully repel the sunlight even when the slats are drawn. These are usually made up of see-through material such as types of plastic. Whether to buy blinds that offer total blockage of sunlight or partial blockage is dependent on the needs of the room. For example, if the room is to serve as a den or a bedroom, the blackout blinds are recommended. On the other hand, if it is a study, and a room where indoor plants are kept, partial sunlight will not hurt.

Another key purpose that these blinds serve is providing privacy to its users. When they are drawn, it becomes practically impossible for passers by and onlookers to peek through the windows and intrude on the occupants of a home.

Venetian Shades

Are Venetian Blinds Old Fashioned?

Venetian blinds have been used almost ever since the inception of the concept of blinds. They have been widely used and are extremely popular alternatives to curtains. As with every invention, there comes innovation and change. New types of alternatives such as vertical blinds, roller shades, cellular shades and roman shades were introduced. With these new alternatives, venetian blinds became a conventional choice rather than a unique touch to a room.

This immediately begs the question as to whether venetian blinds are outdated or old fashioned. A reasonable case can be made that venetian blinds being considered as old fashioned is slightly exaggerated. The beautiful thing about these blinds is that they can adapt to the changing environment around them. They have themselves gone through numerous remodelling to keep up with the times. The reason venetian blinds are relevant even today is because they perform their core functions well (blocking sunlight and giving privacy). Now that they have also adapted to the modern perspectives of style and look, they become just as important as their counterparts. For example, venetian blinds now come with a cordless option. This means that the cords are drawn remotely. This puts parents at ease because it becomes safe for their children who are susceptible to danger by yanking the cord and becoming victims to strangulation.

Moreover, there is a sense of familiarity with venetian blinds because they have existed for so long. These blinds become a safe option that people can always turn to, while still looking for features that enhance the look and aesthetics of the home. Investing in an alternative would require a level of exploration, which equals time plus effort. A certain portion of the consumer base might be hesitant to go in that direction.

What Are the Alternatives to Venetian Blinds?

There is a plethora of options for those looking to diversify and stary away from the classic venetian blinds. These can also be curtains (although blinds are more modern), and shades. There are also other types of blinds. It comes down to whether a person wants to stray away from the concept of blinds as a whole, or just venetian blinds. If the idea is to just stray away from just venetian blinds, there exists other more modern blind options such as –

  1. Vertical blinds – Unlike venetian blinds, the slats in vertical blinds are positioned in such a manner that they are hung from the top of the window. They work better for larger windows as they do not obstruct the view that the windows provide. The slats are bigger than venetian blinds.
  2. Panel track blinds – These are a mixture of blinds and shades. They are suspended from a track. The differ from venetian and vertical blinds in the sense that each slat can be moved individually, which gives a greater scope to regulate the entering of sunlight into the room.
  3. Micro and mini blinds – They are variations of venetian blinds. In essence, the slats are smaller in micro and mini blinds. Mini blinds have slats comprising of one inch per slat as opposed to conventional two-inch slats that venetian blinds offer. On the other hand, micro blinds have ¼ inch slats. They work for smaller windows, cost lesser and are easier to maintain.
  4. Smart blinds In the phenomenon of the Internet of Things, blinds haven’t been spared. They can now be automatic or remote controlled. They can draw and open based on stimulus, weather and the time of the day. They can be controlled by apps or even respond to voice if synced with Siri, Alexa or the likes.

If people are looking to stray away from blinds as whole, the following are viable options that perform similar functions and yet give a good look and can suit the aesthetic of a room –

  1. Roller shades It makes sense to use roller shades for larger windows and maybe even sliding glass doors. They are convenient, practical and easy to use.
  2. Honeycomb shades Also known as cellular shades, are adept at being one the best insulating window treatments in the market. They can be powered by motors and save their users a good chunk of money by being energy-efficient.
  3. Roman Shades – They have a style that resembles honeycomb shades but added a more sophisticated look to the room. They are good for large windows. The best part about them is that they come in a multitude of colours, designs, fabric and patterns. They give the potential customer a variety to choose from.

As a whole, venetian blinds are far from old fashioned. Should they become outdated in the future, there is large number of options to choose alternatives from.

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