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Are There Blackout Blinds That Let Air In?

Are There Blackout Blinds That Let Air In

Versatility of Blinds & Shades

Blinds and shades constitute a major part of the window treatment market. They are extremely versatile and functional and help to address a plethora of concerns ranging from light control, waterproof blinds, light blockage, privacy, insulation, heat block, UV ray blocking, etc. while also adding aesthetic interest and value to the window and rooms. Blinds are available in different materials like wood, PVC, fabric, aluminum and faux wood while shades are primarily made of fabric. There are different categories of fabric like sheer, light-filtering, room darkening and blackout. This depends upon the weave of the fabric. You opt for the type of fabric depending upon your need for light control and light blockage in the room. There is no dearth of colors, textures, designs and patterns which help these blinds and shades to blend seamlessly with your existing room decor.

Importance of Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are an extremely important addition in any house. As the name suggests these shades are made of blackout fabric which helps to block out 100% of light through the fabric itself (you may still get some light leakage through gaps on the sides). This makes them an easy choice of window treatment for bedrooms, nurseries, media rooms and photography rooms where complete darkness is desirable. Even during the morning hours when the sun is at its peak, these shades are able to keep light out along with heat and the harmful UV ray. They can offer mild protection against noise and provide an added layer of insulation as well. These blackout shades are a popular choice in homes with people working overnight shifts, who need to catch up on sleep during the morning hours.
Cordless Venetian Blackout Blinds

Do Blackout Shades Block out Air?

While blackout shades do a fantastic job of blocking out heat, noise and light, a very pertinent question that comes up during any discussion is, do blackout blinds also block out air? The answer is yes. Unlike blinds, shades consist of a piece of fabric and the tight weave of the fabric of blackout blinds mean that there is no way, air can escape through the fabric itself. This can make a room quite claustrophobic. While it is important to block light out, it is important for rooms to have good air circulation.

Dual Blackout Sheer Shades

Get the multi-functional Dual Blackout Sheer Shades. Let air in, see out, filter light and block all light.

If you have inside mount blackout shades then there will be a small gap left along the edges of the window frame through which some amount of air can enter. This again can get blocked if you are adding light blockers or side channels to block out light gaps. Outside mount blackout shades will not leave any gaps and in this sense, air circulation will also be quite poor. There are dual zebra sheer blackout shades. This incorporates two shades in one headrail. There is one sheer shade and one blackout shade at the back. The sheer fabric can allow air to pass through but then the blackout blind will have to be rolled up.
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How to Ensure Air Circulation through Blackout Shades?

To allow air circulation through a window with 100% light blockage you can use a vent or fan such as the Blackout Breeze. This is a light-proof fan box that fits into a blackout roller shade or other similar shade and gently pushes outside air from the outside air to help create a comfortable and pleasant sleeping environment inside for a great sleeping experience. They promote healthy air circulation, help maintain a perfectly dark sleep ambiance whenever needed while creating a perfect temperature for sleep. They are easy to install and a great addition for bedrooms, particularly for night-shift workers who depend on morning hours to catch up on much-needed sleep.

Blackout Blinds Allow Air Circulation through Slats

This problem of air circulation does not exist much for blackout blinds as it does for shades since blinds have slats. Most horizontal blinds are made of wood, PVC, faux wood or aluminum, however, vertical blinds are also made of fabric and hence you have the option of blackout material to block out light completely. Vertical blackout blinds have slats which can be adjusted and slanted for air to flow through. You get to keep light out while maintaining a healthy environment within. But shades are not equipped with any slats and the single piece of fabric can act as a barrier between the outside air and the room.
So if you are looking to block light out completely, you must remember that the shades will also block out air which can make the interiors quite stuffy after a while. Either you can opt for blackout blinds with slats or you can opt for blackout shades with something like Blackout Breeze to help maintain the temperature and atmosphere within.

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