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Are Smart Window Shades Worth the Money?

Smart Window Shades
Smart products have become really popular lately. Be it phones or laptops or even watches and refrigerators and air-conditioners, ‘smart’ is the new ‘cool’ and everyone seems to be part of the trend. These products perform two functions, namely, they aim to provide the user with comfort and relaxation from physical activities. They are meant to be a source of convenience. Secondly, these products are meant to maximize efficiency. This efficiency can be in terms of energy consumption, energy preservation or even the physical energy that you spend.

Now that these new-generation products have taken over the market, you must be wondering whether they are actually worth the hype that is built around it. It is easy to dismiss them as ‘millennial’ fantasies, but these products are present everywhere and have significant control over your surroundings. From public transport to daily shopping, everything is coming under the ‘smart’ bracket, with even cities being developed under the same moniker. It is time we embrace it and not reluctantly but see what benefits they bring along and how they enrich our living experiences.

It is imperative to understand what smart products are. In short, these are highly connected devices that create an interface between the physical and the software mechanisms and have many interactive functions. Smart devices are often connected to a network that allows greater functionality through automation and information passed through each device.

With the advent of ‘smart’ in almost every field, it is not surprising that smart window shades are also available in the market. These window coverings are motorized and under the control of a remote. They can be set up to respond to certain changes in the temperature and light, which regulates its opening and closing during different hours of the day. The setting, as we know, can be altered according to changing needs and can be shut down completely too. For example, if you wake up at eight in the morning every day, you can set your window blinds to open at the same time so that you wake up to the sunlight and do not miss out on your alarm. It is functions like these that the smart shades perform.

It is also to be known that these can be pricey products. It is not advisable or desirable to buy them just for the sake of it. One must know what they are purchasing and if you are someone who is not convinced of the vitality of these devices, these few points may change your mind.

Here are a few reasons why smart window shades are worth the money you spend on them:
1. They are energy efficient
We know that window treatments conserve a lot of energy and keep the temperature of the house regulated if they are opened and closed at the correct hours of the day. With smart shades, you can set automation to increase their effectiveness at blocking light or letting it through at the right times. Set scheduling so that the shades in your entire home open or close at certain times. Have the shades open in specific rooms when it reaches a certain temperature. Have them close at night for privacy.
2. They are environment-friendly
All of us have to do our bit to salvage the damage that has been done to our planet and to prevent or reduce further damage done through wastage of energy and pollution. Because of their previously mentioned energy efficiency, these shades help to reduce your reliance on your HVAC systems which in turn reduces your overall energy consumption and energy costs.
Smart Roman Shades
3. They give you comfort and luxury
Smart products are called the products of the future because of the convenience it gives to the user. Imagine having the comfort of controlling your surroundings by just a button or even just your voice. Waking up to window coverings that open on their own is a different kind of luxury. Having the comfort of lazing around in your bed on a Sunday without worrying about getting up to close the curtains is something that we only imagined, and now it is here. Not a few years ago, these products were what we saw in the movies and now they are available to us for purchase. What more can one ask for?
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4. They are compatible with other devices
The smart window treatments do not limit themselves to just functioning as window covers. They complement other smart devices too. For example, when your smart smoke alarms go off, you can set these shades to open up on their own to ventilate the room and prevent harm. Or when automated alongside your smart lights, the closing of the shades would mean that the light would be turned on and vice versa. This particular feature becomes very handy in commercial spaces or places with a lot of window shades. They can also be made to work in sync with the music system and the morning alarms and so on. The possibility of these products is never-ending and that is why they are getting more and more popular. These changes can also be paired to Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice control.
Automated Smart Shades
5. It increases the accessibility of your house
If you have kids, the elderly, or someone with a physical disability, these products are the best choice. They make your house more convenient for them to function in and simple tasks such as opening and closing window shade that you don’t even think of can normally be very difficult or even impossible for them. Giving them the power and the comfort in their own house is something that you should strive for and it is through little changes such as these that they can feel normal and not excluded. For someone who moves on a wheelchair, the control of opening and closing their drapes as and when they like without asking for help might go a long way into making them comfortable. With so few spaces designed keeping their special needs in mind, we can do our bit and make our homes more inclusive and accepting of different kinds of people.
Smart Window Shades for Kids Room
6. They can be set up in many styles
Smart window operations do not require a different setup. They generally come as a small device that can be installed with regular and motorized window treatments and operate along with it. So, the styles and designs that you have in mind do not have to be compromised upon and you can find a variety to choose from too.
Smart window coverings are the products of the present and the future generation and adapting to them is a good idea. They are definitely worth your money because they come with so many features and are a one-time investment. They are very durable and last for years. So, it is advisable that you get your hands on them as soon as you can so that you enjoy the comfort that they bring as soon as you can.