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Are Smart Homes Bad for Your Health?

A person controlling their smart home on their tablet.

Something you may have heard of doing damage to your health are things like radiation and EMFs (electromagnetic frequency). While most modern technology has these things, they have advanced enough to a point where any potential harm the commit is outweighed by all the benefits (health benefits included) they bring. So to answer the question posed, no, smart homes are not bad for your health.

Now the next question you should be asking is: what are all the benefits of having a smart home? Well we are here to tell you. You will get things like superior safety from the elements and strangers, complete ease of use and boosted convenience, regulated and scheduled use of things like window coverings, hvac, and appliances, and upgraded home value. 

An Investment for your Peace of Mind

When you think of investments, one of the first things that come to mind are the monetary gains you hope to receive from them. However, there are other types of investments that provide other benefits that don’t necessarily add to your bottom line. One of the greatest intangible benefits of investing in a smart home is the peace of mind they can bring you.

With smart homes, you can have things like smart locks and smart home monitoring. These devices work concurrently to keep unwanted burglars away. They can also work alongside motorized shades to keep your home covered during the night or when you are away. 

Apart from protecting your home from human level threats, a smart home can also protect your home from natural ones as well. One thing that might not come to mind for you is how much damage direct sunlight can do to your furniture and flooring. With smart devices, you can easily have your motorized window treatments close and cover the interior even if you are away for the  day. Furthermore, you need not worry about any health risks associated with exposure to UV rays to your skin, as with an automated roller shade, it will be able to close off for you.

The Digitally Connected House

Ever forget to turn off the lights? Do you sometimes just feel lazy and not feel like vacuuming or sweeping the floors? Well with a smart home, you can avoid having to worry about such frivolities all together. The system can take care of all of these things for you, giving you premium convenience time  and freeing up a lot of it for rest and relaxation.

With all your smart devices connected together with home automation, you can program some of them to operate per a certain time of day, or you can operate them with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. These smart devices are also voice assistants that give you voice control over many aspects of your home. For example, let’s say you get home after a long day’s work and you want the motorized blinds to close, you can simply say to the voice command module “close the blinds” and they will operate as you say.

Blinds operated with a smartphone.

Your own Personal Caretaker

A clean and secure home is a long underestimated feature in personal stability and mental health. Keeping the place clean and decluttered will do wonders for your ease of mind and will allow you to increase your creativity and productivity. With smart technology, you can operate your smart blinds  and appliances with a remote control, voice commands, or have them programmed to operate on their own.

You will still have to pick up large, messy items like paper or vegetable peelings, but you can have an automated cleaner like a Roomba vacuum and sweep the floors daily. It will help pick up a lot of dust and contaminants that can compromise your health. These are even more especially useful if you have pets that shed like cats and dogs, helping to ensure you or anyone else in your household does not need to be smothered by loose fur flying around.

Maximize your Home’s Value

Today’s housing market is wildly competitive and most sellers absolutely want to extract every dollar they can. You may not be in the market to sell your house at this time, but it does not mean that you should not be upgrading and modernizing it as best you can. You can go for some of the usual upgrades, such as getting new kitchen flooring, backsplash and cabinetry, but what will really set your home apart would be if your kitchen had the latest smart tech appliances, all which can be operated to a degree without the use of hands.

Rounding back to the idea of investing, spending on smart tech will benefit you greatly financially if you do decide to sell your home. In that, there will be a quantifiable value you can attribute to the amount of money you spend on building the smart home system. To add on to the idea of maximising monetary value, you will also increase the house’s overall energy efficiency, as you can do away with having the lights, appliances and the hvac system being left on. With the savings you can gain on the boosted efficiency plus the added resale value, it is easy to see why your home will have so much value added by smart technology.

Better Living, Better Health

To go back to the original question posed, we at Zebrablinds believe that smart technology will improve our lives every day. While things like EMFs can be harmful, today’s latest improvements from modern science allow them to be negligible in the grand scheme of things. The vast upgrades to your home and your quality of life provided by smart homes outweighs any possible harm by the hundredfold.