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Are Smart Blinds Better For Your Living Room?

Are Smart Blinds Better For Your Living Room?

With the modern world getting busier, running a home and carrying on with the mundane daily chores is pretty laborious. Putting in so much physical input daily is quite time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you have a hundred other things on your checklist. However, technology has successfully gifted us with “smart homes” to reduce physical labor and make us adapt better to a busier lifestyle.

Smart homes are in demand now because it is easy to remotely control everything at home through internet-connected apps and devices without having to physically tend to them. From smart locks to security cameras, our homes and household chores have become app-controlled with changing times. Having smart blinds for your living room is the new-age way of redesigning your home to have better control of the simplest of things, whether at home or outside. 

What Are Smart Blinds?

Smart blinds are app-controlled or voice command-controlled slatted window coverings that shield the room from the harsh sunlight during the daytime. They let in the light whenever you want and block the sunlight when you need shade in the room during hot afternoons. So, whether you need light, shade, UV protection, or privacy from the world outside, you can do so through a click on the app or a voice command when you have smart blinds installed at home. 

Manual Blinds vs. Remote-Controlled Blinds vs. Smart Blinds – Which Is The Best Choice?

Blinds can be manual, remote-controlled, or app-controlled. The latest smart blinds are the best of the lot if we talk of convenience, making life much easier. 

Manual blinds are vintage blinds that need physical interference to pull them up or down whenever required. They have always been the cheapest option and feasible for most homes for a long time. 

Next came the remote-controlled blinds, which were a luxurious investment in the beginning. It was a technological craze when things had started to go wireless. Manufacturers slowly lowered the cost to make them affordable for almost all households. 

Finally, the modern age has shifted from remote control to app-controlled blinds. The smart blinds easily sync with your laptop or your phone, and you can operate them from anywhere. Some of them can be controlled through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As long you have everything in sync using the Wi-Fi, you can control their operation from anywhere. Thus, whether you are busy in the kitchen or about to sit for a long video conference, you do not need to get up and draw the blinds to shade your living room from the harsh sun outside. Just send a command through the app, and the smart blinds will automatically follow whatever you instruct. You can even set automatic schedules. Isn’t that the smartest way to run your home and seek comfort and convenience? 

Benefits Of Having Smart Blinds For Living Room 

If you are looking for a better life with convenience at your fingertips, having smart blinds for living room is just a step forward. They offer you a range of benefits:

  • You can control smart blinds whenever you need to let in the sunlight or have some shade and privacy from anywhere in the house, even while engaged in other important works. 
  • Smart blinds can sync with all compatible gadgets and voice-controlled artificial intelligence devices. 
  • You can schedule smart blinds to open or close depending on when the sun is mild or too bright during the daytime. You can enter a cool living room on summer afternoons by scheduling your smart blinds to close after lunch hour.
  • Installing smart blinds in places that are hard to access manually makes things easy for you. You can let in the light and warmth from those places and draw the blinds when you need shade without manually reaching those places. 

How To Choose The Best Smart Blinds For Your Living Room

Shopping smart blinds for the living room leaves you with several options to filter your choice. Firstly, you get them in a variety of styles, such as roller, slats, accordion, or honeycomb. Go through the catalog of styles to select what you like the best or what goes best with your living room decor.

Moreover, it is important to choose the style based on the type of power source suitable for your home. Blinds can be solar-powered, battery-powered, or hardwired. Thus, the first step is to choose the style and the power source.

The next step is to check out the best home and lifestyle brands in the market selling smart blinds. Go through the features and reviews to have a fair idea about the most popular and trustworthy brands and their smart blinds. Check how easily they can be controlled, the devices they are compatible with, and how much convenience and control they offer on the light and shade.

Lastly, it’s time to check the material, colors, patterns, and light filtering options. Most of the brands offer smart blinds in a variety of materials like PVC, vinyl, polyester, or fabric. Depending on the living room decor or your personal preferences, go for a color that suits your home. For instance, ivory-colored walls look best with white, cream, or beige-colored blinds on the windows. Similarly, if you want them in blue, grey, black, or any color of your choice, just go through the options or get them customized.

It’s important to also think about the light filtering options before selecting blinds for the living room. Some smart blinds have slats that block the sunlight during the hottest part of the day while letting the cool air come in and facilitating natural air circulation in the room. While you get shade and privacy, the air circulation keeps the room naturally comfortable. Other types of blinds can partly block the sun for partial light in the room while keeping out the heat or completely block the sunlight by 90% or 100% to create the most pleasant setting for a relaxed time or nap.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the intelligent way of living to seek comfort and convenience while matching steps with your busy schedule. Control the light and shade to make your living room look cool and comfortable or warm and bright with a simple command or scheduled timing. Installing smart blinds is, therefore, a wise choice for modern living.

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