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Are Shutters Effective at Keeping Heat Out of The Home?

Are Shutters Effective At Keeping Heat Out Of Home

Energy-efficient Window Shutters to Keep Heat Out

Keeping home air-conditioned during the summer season is blissful, but do you know how much energy an AC can consume throughout the day? An increased utility bill can be a curse for your home. Fortunately, uses of window coverings can help keep your house cool while having control over the bills. According to the Department of Energy, window solutions can reduce heat by up to 77%. Most of the window treatments are effective in keeping the heat out of the home and save on energy bills, but this completely depends on covering type, condition of the climate, and how the attachment is used.

In recent times, one of the coolest and trendiest ways to keep your interior comfortable and pleasing is window shutters which are incredibly effective when it comes to thermal performance and reducing solar heat gain. Both interior and exterior shutters effectively obstruct and absorb solar heat during the sunny weather leading you to get lower electricity bills for your home. Besides being energy-efficient, these window treatments are more secure than any other blinds or shades. Interior shutters do not come with cord-mechanism, hence a completely safe choice for the home with kids and pets and exterior shutters includes a mechanical crank, rod, or motor option to access them from indoors. Exterior shutters offer additional protection from the sun and add privacy to your backyard or patio area. Know more about these window solutions before investing in them.

How to Keep Heat Out Using Shutters

During the summer season, keeping the vanes closed will block out the direct daylight, maintain a comfortable indoor and lower home’s utility costs. And during the temperate seasons, like Spring and Fall, adjust the louvers to control airflow. Learn how these shutters work before getting them –

• Create a Barrier
Shutters are built in a unique way that it hinders hot weather from coming inside during the summer season. Keep the vanes in a close position to prevent the excess heat from entering your home. In this way, plantation shutters create the perfect barrier between your indoor and the outside hot temperature, creating a comfy and pleasing indoor atmosphere.

• Insulating Capability
According to the window specialists, a window dressing with a higher R-value will keep a room cold when the sun is burning outside. The value refers to the resistance of windows to heat conduction and it is inversely proportional to the indoor temperature. The R-value of the window shutter varies from 2.77 to 3.17. Hence, they are highly effective in blocking heat transfer through the windows.

• Shutter Design
Shutters are made from thicker fabric material and come in different slat sizes which include 1 7/8″, 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″, 3 1/2″, 4″, 4 1/2″, 5″ and 5 1/2″. The larger vanes offer a greater view to the outside while smaller vanes are effective in blocking the direct daylight and heat but minimize the exterior view.
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Different Types of Window Shutters

There are different types of window shutters available and all are made of a variety of fabric materials which include wood shutters, composite shutters, and vinyl shutters. Each of them holds unique specifications but the common thing about these shutters is they all are highly efficient when it comes to keep the heat out of the home.

• Wood Shutters

These amazing shutters are made from the North American hardwoods. Wood has natural insulating properties which make your indoor cool during extreme hot weather condition. Furthermore, they offer protection against harsh glare and UV rays. These shutters not only provide functional value to your space, but their wooden texture will also create a timeless beauty for your arena. Choose the louver size and color of these dressing accurately to enjoy maximum benefits.
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• Composite Shutters

Besides insulation, if you are looking for some durable, reliable, and practical window solutions, then composite wood shutters are the answer. The ability to blocking out sunlight and other unwanted beams makes them distinct from other window treatments. The outstanding insulation feature keeps your indoor cool and pleasing during the summer months. These shutters are made from synthetic material which makes them sturdy and robust to withstand high humidity, fading, or cracking. They are available in different color options to provide the windows with a charming look and three louver sizes for optimized light and heat control.
Composite Shutters

• Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl window shutters are excellent for maintaining a cool temperature during summer, with their insulating design. Keeping the louvers in a close position will save your energy costs. Choose the slat size wisely to maintain the effectiveness of the dressings. They are available in a range of colors and style choices to create a designer worthy look for your home décor.
Vinyl Shutters

Get Rid of Excess Heat with Window Plantation Shutters!

Shutters are the perfect way to elevate your home’s appearance while keeping it cool during the summer season. Depending on the requirements (in terms of beauty and energy-efficiency), choose one from the above mentioned, customize it, and get a professional installation. To improve the energy efficiency of your interior to the next level, you can integrate other window solution over the shutters.

To figure out the best shutter that will compliment your indoor both aesthetically and functionally, consult with the designers now and get the pro tips to keep your home insulated all year round!

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