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Are Roller Shades Energy Efficient? A Quick Look At The Best Insulating Roller Fabrics

Are Roller Shades Energy Efficient

The Need for Energy Efficient Window Treatments

If you live in a region that experiences very hot humid summers or harsh cold winters, insulation becomes an extremely relevant consideration for homeowners. In summers as the outside temperatures soar and the air becomes hotter, they flow inside the house making the interiors hot, unpleasant and uncomfortable. There is no respite from the heat outside as your rooms are as hot. If you have air conditioners to keep the air cool, they have to work harder, consuming more energy to beat the heat which leads to loss of energy and rising energy costs. During winters the reverse happens as the warm air inside the house, created by the heaters escape through the doors and windows causing the temperature inside to drop. The rooms become chilly and cold. Heaters have to overwork to keep the room warm leading to the consumption of more energy. The key to checking energy loss and keep a leash over the rising electricity bills is to insulate your homes better.

Glass windows and doors are the biggest single cause of energy loss in the house and they need to be treated and covered well to ensure that they help to keep the heat away or trapped inside. There are large number of energy efficient window treatments available in the market today to help you cover and seal off your windows well and get them well prepared for different seasonal changes and demands. Cellular honeycomb shades we know are undoubtedly the best in terms of insulating blinds. Apart from these there are few others including drapes that do a fine job of keeping the temperature within the house controlled and consistent.

What are Roller Shades?

Roller Shades are a very popular window covering and have charmed their way into the hearts of homeowners with their sleek design, streamlined appearance and the finished look they offer the windows and the rooms. These window treatments lack excesses and frills which makes them a great choice for contemporary and minimalist homes as well as corporate offices. Available in a riveting selection of fabrics ranging from light filtering to blackout, Roller Shades do an admirable job of protecting the homes from harmful UV rays and glares of the sunlight. They address privacy issues comprehensively and also provide maximum control over natural light. They offer up to 100% light blockage with the help of their blackout fabric. Roller Shades have also have solar fabrics that come with different levels of openness which helps give you control over privacy and light. They are designed to block out heat and harmful rays while preserving your view of the outside. These Solar shades come with openness levels ranging from 1% to 14%. The higher the level of openness means more light and less privacy.
Light Filtering Roller Shades for Wide Windows

Are Roller Shades Energy-Efficient?

Extremely versatile and functional, Roller shades have been doing an incredible job of keeping your homes safe and comfortable. But how energy efficient are these shades?

Choosing the right fabric can make a huge difference. Heavier and tightly woven fabrics can offer better thermal blind performance. Depending on the fabric composition, roller shade R-values range from 1.3 to 1.8. A blackout Roller Shade with side channels that help to eliminate light gaps can be quite energy-efficient and it is one of the best options that you have. Blackout fabrics help to keep the heat out considerably.
If you are looking to improve energy efficiency during the winter months, Roller Shades are not the ideal choice. They offer a small amount of insulation and are considered more effective for light blockage, privacy and your room-darkening needs. Roller Shades are not among the best insulating window treatments. They help to save money on your heating and cooling costs and certainly they are not as efficient as shutters or cellular honeycomb shades.
Designer Roller Blinds

Layer Roller Shades with Drapes for Winters

For the winter months, you could layer Roller shades with heavy drapes with thermal liners to prevent warm air from escaping the house and also keep the cold draft out. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of Roller Shades and also provide the much-needed insulation to your windows. As Roller Shades are simple and smart, drapes will help to add drama and luxurious flair and appeal to the windows and to the rooms. You get enhanced looks and functionality by opting for a combination of drapes and Roller Shades.

If you are looking only for energy-efficient solutions for your windows, we will not recommend Roller Shades for the winter months at least. As they are a good option for summer and offer a host of other beneficial features you can still settle for them but will have to have a backup plan in mind to combat the cold winter months.

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