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Someone using a remote control for their blinds.

As a homeowner, you must have wondered, are remote control blinds for windows useful? You must have asked if motorized window treatments can set your home apart or if the convenience they can bring will be worth the cost over non motorized blinds and shades. Well, if you have hard to reach windows that need skylight blinds, then they most certainly are. But what about your average run of the mill window for your bedroom or living room, can motorized shades really set them apart? Lets explore this question together.

The Start of Your Smart Home

Modernity requires more and more out of us. Life today can often leave you feeling drained after a long week’s worth of work and often the last thing you want to worry about is having to make sure that your home is covered and that the shades are closed. Luckily, with smart shades, you don’t have to do that. With modern life also comes modern technology and it has allowed us to make our daily lives a whole lot easier.

Smart shades, just like many other aspects of smart homes, can be controlled using a remote control, your smart phone, or with smart speakers like Amazon Alexa. Unlike with manual shades, you have the ability and the convenience of operating your shades without walking up to each and every one of them. As a matter of fact, you can even control them when you’re not home, as they can be controlled as you are coming home, having it set to the desired spot where you like it and allowing you to come home to the ideal amount of light coming in from the outdoors.

If convenience is a major factor for you, then smart shades (sometimes known as smart blinds) are absolutely useful for you. In your busy lifestyle, added convenience is not just a luxury anymore, it becomes an absolute necessity.

Hard to Reach Windows

Home designs today like to emphasize openness and space. A lot of architects like to leave atriums in modern houses, with windows that are out of reach without the use of a ladder. A lot of homes also like to have skylight windows, which are windows in the roof. Both of these style of windows are amazing in allowing in a lot of natural light, but if you need a way for light filtering, these windows can prove to present an interesting conundrum. 

Regular skylight shades will require you to climb up or use something to reach it. A motorized skylight shade on the other hand, can be operated with a remote, giving you the ability to control it without putting yourself at risk. Furthermore, these shades have the option for a solar charger, giving them the ability to self sustain, without you having to go up and replace the power source.

Superior Energy Efficiency

You may be wondering, how can something that uses energy to operate like remote control blinds be more energy efficient than non motorized blinds? The answer lies not in the energy consumed in the operation, but in the timing of the operation. Windows represent an enormous source of energy transfer in your house, as glass is an extremely poor insulator, with the comfortable room temperature air of your interiors subjected to the hot or cold air of the outside. Furthermore, during the hot months of the year, glass amplifies the sun’s rays and creates a greenhouse effect inside, also known as solar heat gain.

With smart shades or motorized blinds, you can have the window covering open and close at a programmed time. So for example, you can have them open up early in the morning, allowing natural light to engulf your home and keeping you from having to use your electric lights. Also, when the sun starts to get in its peak hours (from 11 am to 4 pm), you can have the covering close or slightly close, preventing the sun from overcooking your indoors and lessening the burden on your cooling systems. 

A woman controlling blinds from her phone.

Now you can ask, why not just close the windows coverings manually? While you can most certainly do that, ask yourself, are you always at home? Are you always disciplined enough to perform the tasks yourself? As discussed above, the added convenience of remote controls and smart technology allows these window coverings to act autonomously and give you peace of mind, removing the worry of doing tedious daily tasks.

Added Value for Your Home

Roller shades, cellular shades, wooden blinds, etc. all of these would make wonderful additions to your house and help increase its curb appeal. But with a motorized option with a remote control, the value can increase even more. Prospective home buyers are often looking for the latest and most advanced technology when it comes to the house market. Now this does not mean that you immediately have to sell once you’ve upgraded to remote control blinds, but it does give a great advantage compared to other home sellers if you decide to as well.

So yes, motorized, remote control blinds really can be useful and they can absolutely set your home apart. Along with all the advantages we have outlined above, we believe that the additional costs for a motorized option will offset the disadvantage of the extra spent cash. Convenience, added free time, and improved energy efficiency really make remote control blinds very useful and sets them apart from regular run of the mill window coverings.