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Are Plantation Shutters Still on Trend or Have They Become Outdated?

Are Plantation Shutters Still on Trend or Have They Become Outdated?

What are Plantation Shutters?

Before we go any further into examining whether or not Plantation Shutters are a dying trend or not, it is important that clarifications be made regarding the specifics of plantation shutters. Plantation shutters were invented sometime in the early 18th century for plantation homes or mansions. What we can establish from this already, is that they have been around for a good part of 3 centuries.

Plantation homes or mansions themselves are a fusion of various architectural styles of design and construction, which indicate that the shutters are quite versatile in fitting in and working seamlessly with different types of homes. Plantation shutters were used as way to keep the heat at bay in these mansions while also offering ventilation and privacy. It is pertinent to note that these shutters were seen as a good option in the absence of air conditioning and artificial temperature control systems. Since that time, plantation shutters have managed to adapt and reinvent its design to become reliable window treatments for homes in urban societies.

Now that the significance of plantation shutters has become very clear, it can now be examined as to whether or not they are still relevant today.

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Where does the window treatment market stand on Plantation Shutters?

If you were to ask any seller of window treatments about whether plantation shutters are not considered to be stylish anymore, more often than not, they would not see any problems with plantation shutters today. To put their thoughts into perspective, let’s understand why people buy window coverings (not just shutters, but also curtains and blinds). They buy window treatments, for two broad reasons –

  1. Functionality and practical purposes – Window treatments offer a lot of much needed features for a modest standard of living. This includes light filtrations (totally blocking sunlight, partial blocking etc.), privacy and even controlling the temperature to make it warmer during winters and cooler during summers.

Some features are more important than others, depending on where you live (busy street or a quiet one), what the weather is usually like in your town or city and whether you want the room well-lit or not.

  1. Aesthetic appeal – If, along with all the practical benefits you get from these window treatments, you can upgrade the look of your home, it’s certainly a win-win situation for you right? You have different types of window treatments to choose from, different design, different types of fabrics, different patterns of fabrics and materials to choose from. You can go for a contrasting look or try to match your walls and the rest of the interiors with your window covering. You have unlimited options to choose from.

If plantation shutters can satisfy these two reasons by being user friendly and aesthetically pleasing, there is no reason why plantation shutters should go out of style, unless there are other window treatments that are superior to the plantation shutter. The concept of whether any other window treatment is better than plantation shutters is subjective. It boils down to being a matter of personal preference. Some window treatments may be better in certain aspects and lacking in others.

If you decide to pull up a trend chart of plantation shutters as an online search term, you will find that they peak in 2004, after which they keep climbing up and down until the term somewhat flat lines.  A flatline doesn’t indicate that they are not trendy anymore, it just means that they are not getting less trendy or trendier than they already are.

The market seems to indicate that they are not going out of design. Just because the shutters are old does not mean they don’t offer practical services or that they are not aesthetically pleasing to look at anymore. To put this into perspective, take a look at wooden blinds. They are one of the oldest forms of blinds to exist, but they still work well and manage to give an earthy and natural look to homes, making them desirable. Despite being somewhat substituted by faux wooden blinds, they are still trendy today. The same works for plantation shutters.

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What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

If you want to understand why plantation shutters have managed to stay relevant and if you are thinking about getting them to your home, you will want to know the benefits of these shutters.

  1. Since plantation shutters have been in the market for quite some time, almost every seller is adept at customizing plantation shutters to fit in with your windows seamlessly and perfectly. Symmetry and compatibility are some of the most desirable aspects of home décor and interiors of any home. You can achieve that plantation shutters.
  2. The fact that they are good at keeping your homes cooler during the summer by trapping the hot air away from rooms, they can reduce dependence and usage of your air conditioner. This leads to better energy efficiency and reducing your electricity bill by a sizeable amount.
  3. Another benefit that is quite often overlooked is the fact that they are durable. Unlike blinds or curtains, they do not have strings, chords or fabric. This makes them strong enough to last a while, making them a long-term investment, ensuring that you don’t have to spend too much time and effort in looking for new window treatments often.
  4. Their sturdiness also makes them somewhat of a permanent fixture that can increase the selling price of your home.

What are the disadvantages of having plantation shutters?

To make sure you make an informed decision you would obviously want to know some of the possible disadvantages of plantation shutters and why you should consider alternatives if these supposed disadvantages are a deal breaker for you.

  1. When compared to other types of window treatments, they are not as versatile in terms of design, materials or texture. While a plain style works well for a lot of homes, if you are looking for a very specific and vibrant style, it might be quite difficult to find a plantation shutter suiting your style.
  2. The fact that custom built plantation shutters suit your home quite well is a double -edged sword. Most custom-built window treatments are a tad bit more expensive than their counterparts. This means that you might have to pay little more than your estimated budget for a guaranteed good fit.
  3. Maintenance takes times, effort and little bit of money. While they are not that hard to maintain, they need to be regularly cleaned and serviced to make sure that they are in an optimal condition.

Plantation shutters haven’t gone out of style and it seems that they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Hopefully the benefits and disadvantages of the shutters will tell you whether they are right for your home or not. Do make sure to check out other alternatives before you make your decision.