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Are Plantation Shutters Room Darkening?

Room Darkening Plantation Shutters

Do Shutters Make Your Interior Dark?

Window shutters have been around for centuries. Unlike most window coverings, shutters were not made to block out light, they were designed to make a smooth function of air ventilation so that people can relax and stay comfortably in extreme weather conditions. Their sleek and versatile style spruce up the look of your space while highlighting the other decorative elements. Different slat sizes, vibrant color options, attractive patterns make these window solutions astounding and phenomenal to install in any interior type. From modern to traditional, their incredible beauty makes them a reliable and practical choice.

What are Plantation Shutters?

Shutters are a custom-made window solution that comes with a rod option to tilt the vanes according to your needs. They come in wood, wood composite, and vinyl material. You can install them both inside and outside of the window frame. When you want to let the fresh air and natural light to enter your home, keep the vanes open and to prevent the rays, keep the louvers in a closed position. Different colors, texture, and pattern options bring the touch of elegance and sophistication. When properly installed they can increase the value of your home. Made of high-quality materials make the designs extremely durable to withstand harsh climate conditions. Set the perfect mood by considering the right slat size and design choice.
Wooden Shutters for Room Darkening

Are Plantation Shutters Room Darkening?

Now, the biggest question comes whether plantation shutters are room darkening or not. Well, as discussed earlier, these window dressings come with a rod option to tilt the slats and can be used to block out sunlight in order to create a dark room atmosphere.

When installed inside the window frame, you won’t find any light gap on the side of the frame that could let sunlight in. This blackout effect makes the shutters a good idea to install in your bedroom windows or where you need darkness. In this case, make sure to take the measurements of the windows accurately so that shutters can fit the windows perfectly.

Shutters can only restrict the amount of light streams through the louvers, and between the panel and frame. That said, in most cases, shutters form a tight seal around your window, so when their slats are closed, they can completely darken a room by blocking the sunlight!

Normandy Norman® Wood Shutters are a remarkable choice because of the excellent functionality, versatility, and ease of operation. These shutters block out most of the light while offering privacy. They are made of multiple layers of wood and make them extremely durable for daily use. By preventing most of the light, they act as one of the best room darkening plantation shutters.
Norman Plantation Shutters


Shutters do not use any room darkening fabric or material, but their functionality turns them into room darkening window solution. According to the window designers, shutters are more effective than blinds and shades when it comes to controlling sunlight. Blinds and shades have two modes: open and close. Either you keep them open for an unobstructed view or keep them close to prevent the light completely with no airflow. But shutters offer you the best of both worlds. You can shut the vanes partially to block out the light or you can open them up fully to have a great outside view while enjoying the natural light and good ventilation. Check out all the shutters to make the best for your home!