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Are Outdoor Roller Blinds Worth It? Here’s What We Think

Are Outdoor Roller Blinds Worth It

I believe it was sometime last year during the scorching noon on a Saturday, that I was home watching a game. Roy, my closest pal who lives nearby, wanted to pay me a visit. He had an important matter to discuss with me in private and sought my advice. However, my wife was expecting a few of her pals from work and made it clear to me that she wanted the living room to themselves. Often being the Yes Man to my better half, I obliged. So I wondered if my front verandah could be put to use for a chat with Roy. So all it required was pulling down the solar shades on my porch. They were lifesavers, for we sat discussing for hours, enjoying a beer while my wife and her pals hung out inside till late in the evening. And I didn’t break a sweat, despite getting what many would call the “lesser deal”. After that day, I came to a decision: the outdoors would be my ideal go-to place for weekend afternoons. All thanks to the solar shades and their many benefits.

The Need and Necessity of Outdoor Solar Window Shades

Haven’t we all been fascinated with how window blinds work? Much of the features that we read about them made them sound like bulky and unwieldy products. All this must have been true for all those silk drapes that were used in upper-class households back in the Victorian era and also till late in the 20th century. Those materials were thick and provided insulation, not allowing for heat, cold, light or rain to disrupt your luxury. But, God, weren’t they difficult to manage and clean? Fashion designers and interior decorators must have recognized this problem, and with time came up with sleeker window treatments that were not just a sight to behold but also came up with benefits that were non-existent with traditional window treatments.

So now you have many types of window blinds, separated by purpose, features, budget, and shapes. You can have window treatments that control the indoor and outdoor temperatures, those that preserve the outside view, ones that are energy-efficient, and those that can be cleaned up easily.

Here we focus our attention on outdoor solar shades. Suspended from a roller made from aluminum or other materials, these special fabrics are thus made to withstand the effects of the sun for longer durations. The main purpose is to offer comfort, so when Roy and I were sitting on the front, we were certain that we wouldn’t be bothered by the harmful rays of the sun.
Outdoor Solar Shades
This is an important consideration. The sun is an important source of energy. However, one must understand that not all the radiation that comes from it is particularly “healthy”. The infrared and ultraviolet rays of the sun have the capacity to inflict damage on many of your home products such as floorings, furniture and walls. This radiation may also cause skin cancer if your body is exposed to it for long. This is why I avoid sunbathing even as my other pals hit the beach every time the weather gets bright.

The solar shades are made especially for this purpose. With their varying opacity levels, they allow us to customize through different choices and choose the ones we find most suitable. Let us examine a few of the many features that outdoor roller blinds boast of.

1. The heat-resistant fabric: Other fabrics and most other window treatments would get damaged over time if they are exposed to the sun. The situation reverses itself in the case of the special heat-resistant fabric of solar blinds. Made from a combination of fiberglass and polyester, they not only protect you from the sun but allow you to have an unhindered view while still providing a degree of privacy. Pretty unique and safe, aren’t they?

2. Openness Percentages: Not that you will only have one option in solar shades and have no say in the level of openness. These shades have different openness percentages between 1% and 15%, thus allowing you to choose your style while letting the blinds do their job.
Solar Shades for Outdoor
3. Flame Resistance: As already stated above, the special fabric allows you to not just be safe from the detrimental effects of the sun but is also flame-resistant, thus not catching fire. Which explains why it works when other fabrics fail on most occasions.

4. Energy Efficiency: The exterior solar shades not only help cool your outdoor spaces, but they can also help block sunlight before it even has a chance to hit your windows. This helps cool your home and reduces your reliance on air conditioners.
Remote Control Outdoor Shades
5. Durability: As they are made from a special fabric that can last in your home for decades, these shades are highly durable and can be used in a variety of settings besides personal use. They are equally effective in cafes and restaurants as they provide a great, unmitigated view of the street as you dine or chat over coffee. This feature also makes them ideal window treatment solutions in commercial buildings and offices.

6. Making Space: Roller blinds do not require a lot of space to be set up. When they are rolled all the way up, it makes space for a lot of essential indoor items to be placed next to the window. And since they are as effective, if not more, as exterior shades, this makes an ample amount of space indoors.

Crown and Graber are two brands that provide the most functional exterior solar shades. These shades can be equally effective in decks, patios, and porches. Besides saving your money on cooling costs, they provide a fascinating and coveted space to sit and enjoy the outdoors. They can be operated through a smooth setup that entails the use of stainless steel chains.

These shades can be purchased with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. You can be guided at every step, so you can make your choice among a wide variety of fabrics, textures, colors and window dimensions.

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