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Are Motorized Blinds Too Expensive?

Motorized shades in a sitting room.

Window coverings are an investment. They provide a great many benefits to you and your home over their lifetime. While they may have upfront costs, they will help pay for themselves over time. Motorized blinds and shades are the same, they may be expensive up front, but over time, they will pay for themselves and more. 

What kind of benefits can you expect from window coverings? The most important ones are the ability to control light and privacy in your windows. Those two are the minimum things you need. Others include gaining energy efficiency, adding a great look to your home, and even adding monetary value to your home. Let’s discuss the latter more.

Invest Now, Gain Later

Motorized blinds and Motorized shades can be costly upfront, but over time, they will pay for themselves and eventually become profitable. Like investing in the stock market, you hope that one day the money you spend on something will be turned into gains later. With motorized window treatments, you also gain a host of many other benefits, especially ease of use and convenience. 

You may not think that having control over your smart shades via remote control or through your smartphone can help you monetarily. But a prime reason to think of motorized blinds as an investment is how much they can help you save in terms of energy efficiency. Manual treatments like cellular shades can provide energy efficiency when closed over your windows, but with a motor and smart technology, you can control the blinds from virtually anywhere.

With the ability to control from anywhere you can make sure that the blinds or shades are closed when you need them to be, helping to prevent things like solar heat gain or keeping the outdoor air from entering and affecting the internal temperature. This feature means that even if you are away from home, you can still make sure that the smart blinds are closed and help to keep the interiors cozy. The ability to save by using less energy-intensive appliances like the air conditioner and heating will help pay for the price of the smart blinds in the long run.

Motorized blinds controlled with a tablet.

Return on Investment

Smart homes and smart technology can be a daunting upfront investment. But just like any upgrades done to your house, upgrading the driveway, repainting the walls, and building a garden, you can expect them to be paid back to you in multiple ways. If you can think of motorized wood blinds like a purchase in the stock market or bonds, you can think of ways in which they will return your initial cost.

If and when you decide to sell your home, you usually want to find ways to impress prospective buyers in hopes that a bidding war will increase your sale price. With motorized blinds and shades already in place, you will certainly have a way to create a good impression. Smart technology raises the curb appeal of your home just like any other upgrades you make, so the value you put in will be returned and then some when it comes time to part with your home.

Intangible Benefits

Motorized blinds provide more than just monetary benefits, they gain you a whole host of others as well. You gain things like convenience, ease of use, and better light control. Your home will feel more homely while you occupy it so will have the benefits as you own the house.

You don’t even have to go all out, there are options for cheap motorized shades and blinds that you can go with, and you can even fit it only on a few select windows. You can place them in strategic places like the bedrooms and living room where you and your family spend most of your time.

Invest in your Home

Investing back into your home will pay dividends back in many ways. Both your quality of life and the value of your house will increase as you do so. Motorized blinds may be expensive up front, but they will eventually pay for themselves. You can even choose to get them one at a time, to keep your expenses from piling up all at once. Regardless, by putting money into your house, your house will reward you with comforts and financial gains.

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