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Are Magnetic Brackets For Mini Blinds Useful And Do They Work Well?


Venetian blinds are a noticeable and classic style of window treatments. These blinds are made of a stack of horizontal slats linked by fabric strips or cords that can be inclined at an angle downwards/upward to open and close them. The stacked slats can be drawn and clustered upward to completely open or close the window. Venetian blinds are typically made from wood, however, they come in various materials like faux wood and aluminum. Venetian blinds are also available in varying slat breadths and finishes.

What Are Mini Blinds?

Mini blinds have the Venetian-style design with narrow slats, that often varies no more than one to two inches in breadth. Mini blinds are usually made of vinyl or aluminum in various finishes, colors, and lift styles. These blinds are often used for covering windows of different sizes, such as tall and narrow windows including those adjacent to or on either side of a door.

The long and horizontal slats are secured one above the other with rungs of ladder cords in the shape of a ladder. The bottom ends of the legs of the ladder cords are fastened against the long rail beneath the slats. Their top ends are fixed to the drive rod in the housing which is the elongated box present above the slats. While the drive rod is rotating, one leg of each ladder cord goes upwards while another comes downwards, leading the angle of the slats to alter. This rotation is accomplished by pulling down or pushing up a long handle known as the tilt wand which is attached to the drive rod with a lever. Lift cords present along the ladder cords are also fixed to the rail. They penetrate through the holes in the slats and into the housing above, where they go over pulleys, blend, and exit through the cord lock. For safety, the lock needs to work always. Pulling the main lift cord downward raises the slats by the cords pulling up the rail beneath the slats. The cord lock secures the main lift cord to hold the slats up until you pull the cord to release the lock. The safety lock makes the cord lock simpler to use.

Mini Blinds Mounted On Magnetic Brackets

If you have a metal door with glass panels, then mini blinds mounted on magnetic brackets will soon become your best friend. The super-strong magnetic brackets offer them the capability to attract metal surfaces quickly and easily. The magnetic slider is positioned on the guide present on the unit’s sides. It can be attached on either the right or left hand of the glass and operates in uniform motion against the blinds. While the use of magnetic brackets for blinds is very limited, if you have a metallic door or frame that requires window treatments, then these mini blinds mounted on the magnetic brackets are ideal. Make sure you buy high-quality mini blinds with strong magnetic brackets. If you purchase low-quality blinds with weak magnetic brackets, then they will move around and might even keep falling off all the time you close or open the door which can be daunting and sometimes even dangerous.

Installation of Mini Blinds on Magnetic Brackets

Mini blinds mounted on magnetic brackets are easy for installation as they often come with three or four magnetic brackets. You will have to attach each magnetic bracket to the window and the mini blind. Once you have attached all the magnetic brackets, you can then place the magnets on the metal door or window. The mini blinds snap on and off, thereby making cleaning the window/door an easy task. To make sure of the most effective functionality, opt for a quality magnetic bracket and mini blinds. Poor quality wouldn’t hold on for longer. After all, you will be adjusting the blinds and opening your windows/doors very often. The major benefit of mini blinds mounted on magnetic brackets is that they can be easily removed using a simple tug thereby, making window cleaning a simple task. But, mini blinds mounted on magnetic brackets can be a bit fragile and might get dislodged with any strong movement. The disadvantage of mounting the mini blinds on magnetic brackets is that they are just a temporary fix until they are drilled to the metallic window/door frame.

Bottom Line

While there is so much that is good about staying in an apartment community, it might be hard to customize a small area, particularly when you are the renter. Without a doubt, you can surely roll out a funky area rug or hang a beautiful artwork. However, nothing can boost a living area quite like the attractive window coverings. When you are renting an apartment, drilling holes for supporting heavy curtain rods is often not possible. This is when the use of magnetic brackets for mini blinds comes into the picture. This temporary solution is perfect for hanging mini blinds on any metal doors or metal-framed windows.