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Are Made-To-Order Shades Worth Your Time?


Window treatments are a common feature in so many households, thanks to the much-appreciated combo of their utility and visual appeal. So many window treatment offered in all sorts of designs, colors, shapes, and sizes are a testament to the popularity of the shades. These pre-fabricated shades make furnishing your windows and doors much easier and hassle-free.

Benefits of Pre-Made Window Shades

Since the pre-made shades are available in standard sizes, they cater to the needs of most households. The pre-fabricated shades are produced in huge volumes by the manufacturers. Hence, they are comparatively more affordable when compared to custom solutions. Made-to-order shades are designed and crafted as per the requirements and the preferences of the buyer. Hence, they cannot be immediately ready and available for installation, unlike pre-fabricated options that you can buy online or from a store and install them on your windows without any delay. So, if you have an urgent need, pre-made options are there to save the day.

Drawbacks of Pre-Fabricated Window Shades

While there are so many advantages in opting for pre-fabricated window coverings, there are some drawbacks too. Let us look at them in greater detail:

  • Less control over the quality: Pre-fabricated shades offer a certain specification in terms of the material of the shades, operating mechanism, color, design, and quality of the components. There may be instances where the quality is not really as per your expectations or requirements. However, since these shades are not custom-made according to your needs, you either will have to compromise or keep looking until you find a set of shades that fulfill your requirements. That can get tedious and time-consuming.
  • Less control over the features you get: Pre-made shades are offered by the brands with a certain set of features depending on their price point and the material used. Hence, you may not get the exact features that you need in your window shades. For instance, you may like the design of a set of shades but are not happy with the blackout performance. Similarly, you may be satisfied with the blackout performance but the shades may not have your preferred operating mechanism. In other words, with pre-fabricated shades, you may not get what you want.

Are Made-To-Order Shades Worth Your Time?

Window treatments transform the interiors by making them more homely and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to shades, there is no dearth of pre-made and custom options. But, pre-made shades are not only readily available, but they are also less expensive. So, why should you consider made-to-order shades over these pre-fabricated ones? Both types have advantages of their own. Hence, you are bound to be a little undecided about the same at times.

However, there are many reasons that give made-to-order shades an edge over pre-made ones. Let us look at the reasons that make made-to-order shades worth your time in greater detail:

  • Option to choose and customize: Pre-made shades are available in a variety of colors, designs, and material choices. However, there may be instances when available pre-made options are not quite as per your preference. This is where made-to-order shades outshine pre-fabricated ones. You get more autonomy over everything related to your choice of shades. From picking the color and design of the shades, to deciding the material they are made of, you can customize everything as per your liking.
  • Better fit:Pre-made shades are fabricated according to standard window sizes that are most common in households. However, there may be cases when people opt for unique window shapes and sizes. In such cases, it will be very difficult to find a pre-fabricated window treatment option that can sit perfectly on your window frame. If the shades aren’t an ideal fit, then both the efficiency and the elegance of the shades will be jeopardized. With made-to-order shades, you don’t have to face such issues as they are fabricated according to the specific windows they are meant to be installed on.
  • Position of the cord: One thing that many homeowners complain about when it comes to pre-made shades is the position of the cord. Since the pre-made shades are not customized according to your preference, the pull cord may end up in awkward and inconvenient places. With made-to-order shades, you get everything exactly as you prefer and as you have visualized.
  • More value for money: There may be the perception that pre-made shades are more valued for your money given the fact that they are less expensive. However, with made-to-order shades, you get better quality of components, better utility, and better efficiency as these are made per your specific requirements. Hence, made-to-order shades are not only more durable but also a better value for money over the long term.
  • Compatibility with the home décor: With pre-fabricated shades, you are limited to the options available to you when it comes to the color, design, and pattern of the shades. When you get window coverings for your home, it is important that they are compatible with the interiors and complement the rest of the home décor. Hence, you need to be very particular about the color and the design of the shades. Limited by the options available to you, pre-made shades may not fulfill your requirements. With made-to-order shades, you will not have to face any of such limitations.

If you opt for made-to-order shades you don’t have to compromise the looks and the precision of the fit. You also get the autonomy over how your shades will turn out after your customizations are implemented. Thus, you get the effect and performance you expect from your choice of shades. If you consider all these things, made-to-order shades definitely make a lot of sense and surely are worth your time and money.

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