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Are Integrated Blinds More Trouble Than They’re Worth?

Are Integrated Blinds More Trouble Than They're Worth

Window treatments offer two important functions: they control the amount of light entering a room during the day and also offer you privacy during the night when your lights are turned on. Window blinds addresses for both the concerns and are available in a variety of designs and styles. In many cases, they are used to dress windows instead of typical curtains. Even though curtains do add an aesthetic appeal, they can be hard to clean, difficult to operate, and can even turn out to be risky in some situations. Windows with integral blinds are growing to become more popular.

What Are Integral Blinds?

Integral blinds are cutting-edge pleated or Venetian style blinds that are securely sealed between two glass panes. Despite being present in between the two glass panes, these blinds can be closed and opened manually or through remote control. Integral blinds are customized window coverings and can be installed into the majority of window as well as doors like sliding patio doors. They are perfect for regulating shade and light in homes as well as commercial spaces.

How Do Integral Blinds Work?

There are various ways of controlling integral window blinds. While some of them use a typical pull cord to operate the slats, others possess a slider switch using magnets. The slider is present on a track beside the window and moves up and down horizontally. If the slider is raised to the peak of the track, then the integral blinds are opened and to close, it is done by moving the switch to the bottom. They can be partially opened leaving the switch somewhere in the center. Most modern blinds use motors that may use gears, a drive belt, rods, or pulleys to control the blinds. However, some of them use buttons, switches, or levers fixed near the windows. The most recent versions are commonly controlled with either a smart phone app or a remote. Types of integral blind controls include:

  • Magnetic sliders,
  • External pull cords
  • Motorized

Benefits of Integral Blinds

  • Ease of Maintenance: One of the various advantages of installing integral blinds is reduced maintenance. Mounting these blinds inside the glass frame rather than outside virtually mitigates the need to clean or dust them on a regular basis. Well-sealed windows with integral blinds don’t gather allergens and dust the way normal blinds would. Integral blinds are an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms, due to their sealed nature, therefore staying moisture-free and avoiding any buildup of molds.
  • Safer For Kids And Pets

Typically, blinds are placed on the window’s exterior and controlled using a cord mechanism. These cords are very risky, particularly for families with children and pets. Cords pose a strangulation risk for toddlers and babies. Windows with integral blinds do not possess cords making them an even more safer choice for families with children and pets. Pets often get tangled up in the cords or chew on blinds. The safety perspective is the main reason for one to consider selecting windows with integral blinds over regular window coverings.

  • Reduced Risk of Damage

The other advantage of windows with integral blinds is they last longer. When the blinds are present within the glass panes of the windows, they are secured against damage as well as routine wear and tear. Normal blinds usually become fragile and break over time, especially if they are not of good quality. Window blinds can also be bent or broken by children or pets,meaning they are required to be replaced more often, adding additional expenses. But, windows with integral blinds are immune to much damage and often last longer.

  • Convenience Factor

We all are aware that blinds can be hard to control. Windows with integral blinds completely mitigate the hassle of blinds. The remote control or magnetized slider is a more simple, more convenient way of operating them. If your house has large glass doors, integral blinds are suitable as they don’t swing and clatter or make noise while you open and close the doors. Who wouldn’t want to avoid the additional hassle from their lives?

  • Slim and Sleek Lines

Integral blinds offer an excellent stylish and contemporary touch to any space. When completely open, their elegant and sleek design provides a magnificent, unobstructed, outside view. You can try replacing your current outside door with a bi-folding door that has integral blinds, and find the kind of dramatic feel it can provide you! Integral blinds offer both elegance and style that can actually add that final touch in making your house appear truly unique.

Disadvantages of Integral Blinds

  • Reduced Energy Efficiency

Traditionally, windows are insulated with argon that is sealed between the double-pane windows to slow drafts. But, manufacturers often skip this thing in windows with integral blinds to retain the integrity of the window coverings. This means that the window’s U-factor, which refers to the level of its insulation is usually lesser. To prevent reduced energy efficiency in your windows with integral blinds, go for triple-pane windows. These make sure that the window features a separate insulated glass layer.

  • High Pricing

Due to all the advantages of integral blinds, purchasing windows with these blinds is a little more expensive than buying a set of regular blinds. But, the advantages and reduced maintenance may still make integral blinds a budget-friendly option in the long run.

  • Limited Designs

Regular blinds are available in any material like pine, aluminum, bamboo, etc, and in any color combination. However, the same doesn’t hold true for integral blinds. The design choices are limited if you pick windows with integral blinds for your house. But, there are still a variety of attractive choices available.