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Are Home Automation Blinds Too Complicated For A Typical Homeowner?

Technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives. From smart TVs and appliances to artificial lighting, the future is closer than ever. Smart home solutions easily incorporate home automation systems so that they can be synchronized with your window coverings with your thermostat or lights.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation lets house owners control their window coverings from a remote access point such as a smartphone app or a smart home hub. With a home automation system, your window coverings lower and raise with the tap of a button or at a pre-scheduled time of day/night thereby, offering you easy control with your window treatments. A smart home is becoming the most sought-after technology. This implies that mounting smart window coverings help you save on your utility bills and provide a safer environment for kids and pets, making your life easier and boosting your home’s resale value.

How do Home Automation Blinds Work?

Home automation blinds depend on a hidden motor that works either on a battery or electrical wiring. The motor is engineered to entirely or partly lower and raise the blinds.

So, the motor in your window coverings can be operated from anywhere in the world with a radio wave connection from a remote control. This makes controlling window blinds as easy as switching TV channels. You can also operate home automation blinds with a data connection which is a more adaptable choice that lets you control your blinds with a home automation system, iPad, or smartphone. It is an inventive technology that can make your smart home even more resourceful. With home automation technology, window blinds can be operated on the same control system as your security cameras, smart thermostat, and lights.

What Are The Benefits Of Home Automation Blinds?

Home automation is everywhere changing our lifestyle with the simplest tap or voice-activated instructions. Particularly, house owners are enjoying the comfort of smart devices. Smart technologies, found in living rooms, kitchens, security systems, and literally everywhere in the house, have made upkeeping a convenient, safe, and tidy household easy.

However, there is one smart device that has remarkably enhanced the ease of living i.e., home automation blinds. This novel and a budget-friendly solution are perfect for house owners who are looking forward to embracing the smart technology trend in their houses while staying within budget. Following are the advantages of home automation blinds:

  1. Comfort

Comfort is something that we all desire. In fact, massive demand has made enjoying comfort the major goal of many modern technologies. Smart window blinds are a part of this home automation technology. These window coverings are designed for various types of windows and come in several materials, styles, and color combinations. They are mostly installed in living rooms where windows are opened and closed frequently. And, smart blinds have also made the task of operating out-of-reach window blinds a thing of the past as they can be opened and closed with the gentlest tap of a button when needed.

  1. Safety & Security

Home automation blinds are a safer and secure window covering solution for your house compared to typical controlling techniques because of their automatic operation. Smart blinds are entirely independent of chains and dangling cords that are actually used for operating stationary window coverings. This design avoids messy tangles while eliminating strangling and choking risks for pets and kids. Further, many home automation blinds can be adjusted to close and open using a smart device. This feature enhances the security of your house thereby, making your house appear occupied and avoiding outsiders from peeping inside your house.

  1. Increased Energy Efficiency

You should consider installing smart blinds if improving your home’s energy efficiency is your primary goal. Latest upgrades in window covering technology have made window blinds more insulative thereby, enhancing the window’s thermal performance when they are closed. Home automation blinds can even be programmed to lower and raise at a particular time in your absence to boost the energy-efficiency advantages of having lowered window coverings.

  1. Protection from Excessive Exposure To Harmful UV Rays Instantly

Increased exposure to direct sunlight can likely make you feel uncomfortable while fading floors, artworks, and furniture over a period of time. To maintain an optimal room temperature and secure your home decor, home automation blinds are a smart product. When sunlight enters your house through the windows, it can fade your floor and furniture by lightening the vibrancy of the color. While typical window blinds can decrease fading, they must be often adjusted at an angle to redirect natural light which many house owners forget to do. Home automation blinds can be scheduled to automatically adjust during the peak times of the day free you from this responsibility while shading your house.

Bottom Line

Custom window coverings add so much to the enjoyment and value of your house and having home automation blinds offers even more advantages. The major advantage of motorized blinds is the comfort as they can be operated with a smartphone, voice command, or remote control, by pairing them with a smart home hub. Home automation blinds may appear to be a big investment, however, they might end up saving you enough money. You can install smart horizontal blinds in your kitchen that raises automatically to allow the morning sunlight to naturally brighten your breakfast nook rather than switching on a light. Then, after leaving for work, these smart blinds will lower automatically to block out the heat during summers when you are away. Smart blinds can also be adjusted to automatically lower in the evening for increased safety from winter winds making you save more on heating costs.

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