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Are Graber Blinds Worth It? Here’s What You Need To Know

Graber Blinds

Should You Grab Graber Blinds?

Limited Lifetime Warranty: As a homeowner, one may ask why should you install a Graber blind? What is so special and unique about these window covering products? We will tell you why. These products have a superior quality that matches your needs and style. They also have the special Limited Lifetime Warranty which denotes a promise of complete satisfaction. Whenever you need it these products will ensure you as the end-user will receive a lifetime supply of brilliance and aesthetic value. This promise of quality to their customers has been going on since 1939.

Motorized Blinds and Shades: Motorized shades and blinds by Graber are quiet but powerful performers and super easy to use. For those hard to reach window treatments or a house filled with shadings, these blinds are the way to go.

The Beauty of Energy-Efficient Design: Graber window coverings are attractive to look at. But that’s not all – they also help to reduce energy bills and costs. Through planning and innovative designs, these blinds can bring convenience and comfort to your home.

Window Cord Safety: Secure your house by installing these blinds. The reason being that these window products showcase many benefits including cord safety. If you happen to have children or pets in the house, then these blinds are guaranteed safe to use. Beauty along with window cord safety is what makes these blinds a special product for your interiors.

Sustainably Made with You in Mind: We want you to know as a customer, any purchase of a Graber product is a decision well made. The natural resources used in its design and construction is never made in vain. Recycling is taken very seriously at the manufacturing offices. Whichever product that you use for your home, know this, that you as a homeowner are helping Graber do its part for the ecosystem as well as the environment. Sustainability is a cornerstone of the Graber family.

The Many Shades of Graber

Graber window products do include shades, blinds and much more. But for now, let us take a closer look at the window blind offerings they have in store for homeowners just like you. We will also be focusing on their advantages, features and benefits of using these blinds.

Aluminum Horizontal Blinds

Aluminum horizontal blinds come in two different lift options – motorized and cordless. Their blinds are sleek by design. They can also complement your décor well. Check out the benefits and pros of installing these blinds in their lift options for your home.

Motorized option: Motorized blinds allow you to control the blind with a remote. For aluminum blinds, the motorization controls the tilt of the blind. Please note that the lift still manual and done with a cord. This option lets you keep the blind down and adjust the tilt as needed wirelessly throughout the day.

Cordless lift option: This option is excellent for children and pets in the house as it doesn’t have any dangling cords. The cordless lift handle enables the blinds to remain clean. Such a lift system allows simple lowering and raising of window blinds.

These blinds can be matched well with your décor as the window components or hardware is hidden. Light gaps are reduced as the headrail brackets are hidden as well. The window blind operates quietly due to the smooth functioning of the gear-driven motor. The headrail design has a light-blocking lip; therefore, there is no need for a valance. The window components also provide a finished outlook. Go for the hidden holes alternative as you get complete privacy and more control of the incoming sunlight. The process of painting these Graber blinds allows the slats to be resistant to mold, mildew, scratches, stains, and dust.
Motorized Aluminum Blinds

Sheer Vertical Blinds

These blinds mix the light control advantages of vinyl blinds and the softness of sheer drapes. You get little privacy and reasonable sunlight control when these window treatments are opened. When they are closed, the incoming light is blocked for maximum light control and privacy. Sheer vertical blinds look good on unique shaped windows. They also look great on wide-shaped windows. These types of blinds don’t require that much maintenance.

If you have installed these blinds at home, then there is no need to remove the entire blind when cleaning it. The fabric itself can be removed and installed with ease. Whenever you are changing your home décor, you can also change the original material of the blind and replace it with another colored one or a style. They have a steel pantograph system as well as a durable aluminum headrail. This system ensures that these blinds operate smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, the vanes have equal space between them. The sheer vertical blinds are available with chain and cord control, as well as an outside and inside mount. If you want to replace a damaged vane yourself, you can, as the stems are easily and individually removable.
Sheer Vertical Shades

Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

As the name suggests, cordless faux wood blinds have a cordless wand lift, so that makes this product safe for pets and kids alike. These blinds also have a cordless motor function that helps in its smooth operation. These blinds can be installed quickly and have a neat and clean look. They are also resistant to high humid environments and moisture-laden surroundings.
Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Motorized Roller Shades

These shades are great for homes with pets and kids, or hard to reach windows. Motorized shades can be controlled to move up or down fully through remote control. You can even integrate these window coverings with your home automation systems for scheduled operation, or even control through voice assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
Motorized Roller Shades

Explore the Wonderful World of Graber

So, in conclusion, we hope to have made you aware of the positive possibilities of installing these wonderful window blinds into your home. These blinds are a welcome addition to your décor that provides, convenience, comfort and a touch of class to your interiors.

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