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Are Exterior Shutters Outdated?

Are Exterior Shutters Outdated

Exterior Window Shutters: A Trendy Secret for Your Home Décor

When we talk about window treatments for our homes, it is almost always the interior of the house that is considered. We talk about curtains, blinds, shades and shutters that are added to the inside of the rooms on the windows. They directly impact the decor of the room as they feature prominently in the house. Yet we rarely talk about exterior window treatments. Yes, we have Exterior Solar Shades that are recommended for homes that receive a lot of sunlight and experience extremely hot summers. Exterior window treatments can be a great way to add functionality, versatility to your windows. This gives you the flexibility to experiment with your interiors window shades because you know there is another layer of window treatment that will add functional value to the windows without clashing with the aesthetics of the room.

An exterior window covering added to all windows will also help to enhance the curb appeal of the house. They will help to add uniformity to the windows from the outside and lend a consistent look. And a great way to achieve this look is to opt for Exterior Shutters. Shutters as we know are an extremely choice of window treatment for your homes. They can blend into any decor style, they all brilliant light control, help preserve privacy without sacrificing your outside view. You can get them in the color you want and they are truly sophisticated. Now add this beauty to the exterior side of your window to extend the beauty outside the house as well. There is a popular view entertained by people that exterior shutters are now out of fashion but it is not so.

In this article, we will show you how these exterior shutters can change the feel and mood of your home decoration to the next level. These shutters have lasted for the last several decades and look amazing on nearly any home, and their endless benefits will help you live a comfy and luxurious for lifelong.

Are Exterior Shutters Outdated?

Exterior shutters are one of the most classic products for exterior remodeling and are uniquely designed to protect your home from all types of natural harshness. These window coverings became the magnificent choice in Victorian-era England when houses were built with thinner walls, and let people enjoy all the advantages by simply adjusting the louvers and keeping them in open and close position. Install them outside of the home and improve the curb appeal of your house in a dramatic way. Their endless style options create the perfect dimension your interior craves for while adding value and sophistication. Their amazing benefits will state that they are not outdated; instead they add a vintage touch to your décor while creating a seamless look to the windows.

If you are looking for added security or protection from the weather go for solid panels and ‘board-and-batten shutters’ and if your primary objective is enhancing the appeal of the exterior part of the house then you can opt for non-functional shutters.

There are multiple reasons of getting these window treatments home –
• Made of different slat sizes and keeping them open or close will maintain optimal light control. Keep them open to allow the maximum amount of light to enter your space while lighten up your space.
• Keep the slats close to creating a darken space while preventing glare and harmful UV rays that can easily damage your valuable belongings while affecting your health.
• Exterior shutters also effectively address the privacy level of your entire home. They come in locks and latches that offer added safety and security.
• These window dressings are popular and effective when it comes to insulation. By blocking the direct daylight and heat, these window shutters lower the home’s electricity bills and create a comfortable atmosphere throughout your home arena. Let the fresh air circulates through your home by customizing and installing these window shutters accurately.
• Looking forward to add some splash of color and texture to your garden or your outdoor space? Exterior shutters are a great choice. Personalize these dressings from a range of pattern and hue choices to create a mesmerizing and flexible outdoor look.
• Easy to install and offer your space more than you expect. If you want these shutters to have an authentic appeal, make sure they fit the window openings. Take the measurements properly and then place your order to get the right fit.
• As they are mounted outside, chances are more to accumulate more dust and dirty particles. But cleaning them is not a hassle if you follow the right ways. Dusting and vacuuming can get rid of the dirty elements, but for intensive cleaning get down the shutters and clean them using soapy liquid. But make sure to check the material first as vinyl shutters are washable but not the wooden exterior shutters.
Exterior Wood Shutters
Exterior window shutters are an ideal choice when it comes to create an artistic look while adding some charming vibes to your décor. Previously these shutters were used for functional reasons but nowadays these excellent window coverings bring out the perfect balance between mechanism and style. Their vibrant and attractive appeal make them look astounding from outside of the home. Their growing popularity and versatility make them the perfect and elegant choice to invest on them.

There are four types of Exterior Shutters, namely:
• Raised Panel Shutters that look similar to doors and kitchen cabinets and work well any room decor like Victorian, Colonial, Ranch, French Countryside, etc.
• Louvered Shutters are designed with angled slats that allow air and light to pass through. They blend with homes that have a casual or classical appearance.
• Board and Batten Shutters have a rustic charm and have board held together with thin cross panels.
• Bahama or Bermuda Shutters are louvered and fixed at the top of the window. They allow light and air and also offer protection from storms and are a great choice for homes in tropical regions.
So, when the question ‘are exterior shutters still in style’ comes to your mind, the answer is ‘Yes’. No other exterior decorative elements can beat the flexibility and smoothness of these shutters. If you want to give your home an impressive look from the outside of your house, get these shutters installed and see a huge difference. Keep the style maintained by customizing and mounting these shutters properly. Take the help of the experts to bring the striking look for your space while cherishing those amazing benefits the shutters offer!