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Are Drapes and Curtains a Good Choice?

Drapes and Curtains

When it comes to home decoration, a lot of choices have to be made. Be it over what furniture to choose, to what carpet would go with it and definitely what window coverings to use so that all of it blends it together really well and gives us a room that we envisioned. It’s not easy to make all these decisions. This is where your job can be made easy with drapes and curtains. They are the most accessible products in the market and can be used in almost all settings. They have an old-world charm and add a beautiful aesthetic to the room. It may seem like a very obvious option to go to, but you can do so much with these products.

So, before you see whether drapes and curtains are really a good choice for you, here are a few things that you should keep in mind. The advantages and disadvantages of the product will help you make a wise choice and see whether they are good for your homes or not. A few advantages of the product are:

1. There is a lot of variety
You will be stunned by the variety in which drapes and curtains are available. From cotton to chiffon to silk to even nylon, these products are available in almost all materials. The styles to choose from are also many. The prints, stripes, self-printed, crochet and even lace. The list never ends, and you can try as many combinations and you can and make your window coverings stand out. It allows you to go all out with your creativity and add whatever you want to your room. You are not restricted in your choices and can come up with some quirky ones too. With this wide range of availability, they can change the entire look of the room. From boho styles to tribal prints to even the elegant nude shades with a little trim of lace, there are so many looks you can give to your room by just adding these products to your house. You will be surprised by the enormity of it all once you actually start looking in the market.
Sheer Drapery and Curtain
2. They are environment-friendly
It is very obvious that drapes and curtains are made from fabric which is a naturally occurring substance and is organic. They are not detrimental like plastic or vinyl. They do not cause harm to the environment and are actually one of the friendliest materials to make your window dressing from. You can maximize this benefit by going for materials that are not synthetic and choosing a natural fabric like cotton and silk. Small changes from our side can go a long way and it is time to make these small changes and try to reverse the harm that we have done to our planet.
3. They can be used with other window treatments too
Drapes and curtains can actually gel well with any other blinds and shades. Be it wooden shades or roller shades or even solar shades, these layers can add to the insulation of the room and also to the aesthetics of it.
Drapery Layered Over Blinds and Shades
4. They look really nice
There is no denying that drapes and curtains have certain vintage charm of their own that no other window dressing can beat. There is something about the way they hang, almost carelessly and blow with the wind and have a cinematic look to it. Maybe it’s the books or the movies but the theatrical appearance of a drape moving slightly with the wind on a sunny afternoon seems so picturesque that there is no way we would not want it in our home.
There is another reason why the drapes and curtains look so well. This is because they can be accessorized really well. This means that all the stings and the tiebacks and the finials with their intricate details are compatible with drapes and curtains. So, when you put them in your house, you can do so much with them that they become a showpiece on their own. The list of accessories is never-ending, and you can get really creative with them too.
Trendy Drapes and Curtains
5. They are very easy to install
We should admit that installing window treatments is quite intimidating and we end up looking for a professional to do it for us. Getting someone to do it is not only a problem but also means extra money. However, drapes and curtains are so easy to install that you can do it on your own. It is just about hooking the rail on the wall and hanging the curtain by the hooks. The chances for it to go wrong are minimal and even if it goes wrong, you can reverse the changes and start again. These are the easiest installed window shades, and this is why they are so popular. Additionally, since drapery overhangs a window, they are easy to measure because you don’t have to be so exact.

6. They are very easy to clean
Since they are made from fabric, some gentle dusting or vacuuming is all these shade needs to stay fresh. Because they are very easy to install, they can be removed, washed and put up again. This reduces the risk of germs and dust that accumulates in the window shades and proves to be a health hazard. The ease of cleaning makes it a very common choice for people.
Easy Cleaning Drapery
However, there are a few shortcomings to the product. These don’t outweigh their benefits, but you should keep them in mind. Please note that the below disadvantages can vary depending on your final drapery choices, and in most cases and be remedied by choosing the correct liner or fabric.

1. Does not provide ample privacy
Curtains and drapes tend to be sheer and do not provide as much privacy as other window covers do. You can always choose from coarser materials and darker shades to keep your privacy intact.
2. They often require another window treatment with it
It is often said that a single layer of the curtain is never enough and to make it efficient, the second layer of blinds or shades is required. This entails more expenditure and can be a problem for many people. And to choose a product that requires another product to make it work is not really a good option. Even adding another layer of the curtain is suggested but this also means double the expenditure. One can always install these drapes and curtains where a single layer will do the job and where privacy is not such an issue. Sure, they would not be an ideal choice for your bedroom, but your living room and kitchen can work very well with these.

3. They are not very energy efficient
Out of all the window treatments, curtains and drapes are said to be the least energy-efficient and this is because they are not thick enough and are not made from material that can act as a good insulator. They also open easily against strong winds and can make the house perceptible to heat and cold. This can also be overcome by choosing materials that are coarser and hence will act as good insulators. They are also not good filters against UV rays like solar shades are and do not block out the sunlight as well as some other blinds do.

Now that you know the pros and cons of drapes and curtains, you will be able to see for yourself whether they suit your house and room or not. If the disadvantages are the ones that make your priority, you should choose some other window covering. Given their features, they make for lovely window shades for your living room and your guest room.

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