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Are Custom Blinds Worth It?

Are Custom Blinds Worth It?

Renovating a home is like embarking on an adventure. Careful planning and meticulous execution is the key to success. However, if you are planning to replace blinds, it will be a costly endeavour. So, while you are trying to balance the books, you might wonder if custom blinds are worth it.

Your windows make up a huge part of the visual appeal that you wish to create for your home. Getting the look right is absolutely essential. Along with looks, you would also like to add various functionalities into a single treatment, to address a large array of problems associated with windows. Can custom blinds help in all this? Let’s find out!

What are Custom Blinds?

Before we go further into discussing the benefits of custom blinds, let’s first discuss what custom blinds are and what makes them different from regular blinds.

Custom blinds are blinds that are made to the exact measurements of your windows. The measurements are very accurate, making the blinds a perfect fit. With regular blinds, the blinds are cut out of standard sizes to fit your requirements.

Wooden Window Vertical Blinds

Benefits of Custom Blinds

Custom blinds come with benefits that might not be visible, but will have a great impact on the quality of your life.

Perfect Fit

As custom blinds are made to fit perfect with your windows, they leave very little gap between the frame and the blind fabric. For this reason, very little light comes into the room from the gaps that usually border regular blinds. If you have installed blackout blinds, imagine the frustration you will have when you see a continuous line of light entering your room from the gap between the frame and the fabric. With custom blinds, this gap will be reduced to a minimum, ensuring a greater blockage from incoming light (although note that some shades will always have a light gap of some size). For any gaps that remain, you can get custom made side channels to cover the gaps completely.

Along with light, custom blinds also do a better job in insulating your room than regular blinds. The reduced gap also makes it harder for outside chill, or sound to penetrate into your room, saving you a lot in energy bills in the long run.

Aesthetic Aspect

With regular blinds, the proportions of the hardware might not be as good a in custom blinds. To a discerning observer, a slat removed clumsily or an adjustment to the cords, after cutting down the blinds, will be patently obvious. However, with custom blinds you will get a well-proportioned, balanced look that any homeowner would be proud of.

Get What You Want

If you are someone who likes to get exactly what they want, then custom blinds are just right for you. Modern technology, innovations in textile science, and the sheer variety of options, would make it a breeze to get the perfect pack of look and functionalities with your custom blinds. You can have a material for your choice, in the exact print and color you want, along with any operational feature you would like to add to it. Cordless blinds and motorized blinds are the most popular options that notch up the convenience factor to great new levels.

Odd Shaped Windows

If you are a proud owner of an odd shaped window, or a period house with windows that date back a few centuries, custom blinds give you a unique opportunity to dress them up in style. There is no doubt that with semi-circular, triangular, or just plain irregular windows, the job of covering them becomes extremely easy with custom blinds. Some blinds, like cellular and venetian blinds, lend themselves to endless variations. Make you odd-shaped window the focal point of the room with custom blinds.

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Reduce Waste

With growing concern around reduction of waste and reducing our carbon footprint, custom blinds are emerging as a more environment-friendly option than regular blinds. Regular cut-down blinds inevitably generate waste that eventually ends up in landfills. Custom blinds can go a long way in reducing built in waste.

Add Value to Your Home

If you have custom blinds, especially wooden blinds, that tend to last a whole generation, you will add value to your home. As houses lose heating and cooling through their windows, the window cover is of immense importance to the new buyer. Also, comfort is another key element that is closely associated with blinds. As custom blinds also help keep the room dark, catching a nap or watching a movie, without the sun getting in the way, will be a big plus for any home.

Some Custom Blind Ideas!

Kids Room: Do you wish to create a fun-filled room for your little one? Get custom roller blinds featuring their favorite cartoon character or superhero.

Games Room: It you want to set the mood of your games room, get printed blinds with a Fortnite print or sci-fi scenes. With custom blinds, you will be also be able to achieve the blackout effect so essential to enhance the gaming experience.

Bathroom: Get custom day and night blinds for your tricky bathroom windows to get the perfect blend of privacy and natural light that is so important for bathrooms.

Conservatory: Get custom made vertical blinds to knock off that heat and bring in just enough natural light to keep the comfort at a desired level.

Lounge: Custom sliding panel blinds will take the look of the room to another level. Custom sliding panel blinds are the ideal solution for those large glass patio door and windows that grace your walls.

These are just a few ideas for you to work with, but with custom blinds the options are limitless.

Are Custom Blinds Worth It?

As discussed above, custom blinds are worth the cost and trouble for all the long term benefits they will yield. However, if you like to change your style often, and would love a new look for the room for different times of the year, you might consider going for ready-made blinds, as they are definitely budget-friendly. However, if you don’t want to invest a lot of time on your blinds, and want them for a longer period, custom blinds are definitely worth it.