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Are Custom Blinds And Shades Really Better Than Pre-Made?

Are Custom Blinds And Shades Really Better Than Pre-Made?

Process of Window Treatment Selection

The process of selecting window treatments for your windows is no less than a journey. It is a journey that commences with the desire of getting new window coverings for your house as a part of a makeover project. Once you have decided that your windows need new coverings it takes you to the next step which is choosing between the different categories of window treatments like shades, blinds, shutters and drapes. For this article, we assume that after much deliberation you have decided to go with blinds and shades, to give your windows a break from the drapes which have been adorning them so long. You need to decide the type of shade or blind that will work for your room. Blackout shades or light-filtering shades? Cellular shades or solar shades? Aluminium mini blinds or faux wood blinds? Wood and fabric or aluminium and vinyl? This is perhaps the hardest part of choosing new window treatments. Every house and every room has different needs. And you have your own preferences. Reaching a consensus that adds value to your living space and makes you happy can be an arduous yet fulfilling task.

Pre-Made or Custom-Made Blinds

You also need to determine the operational mechanism of your new blinds and shades. Do you want corded, cordless, motorized or smart automated window coverings for your home? This will depend upon your budget and your inclination for motorized or cordless blinds and shades. Once you have settled all queries and are ready to order your new blinds and shades, there is another hurdle to cross: pre-made or custom made window treatments for your windows?

Advantage of Pre-Made Blinds

Pre-made blinds are those which are readily available on shelves. They are made keeping in mind the standard window measurements. Custom-made blinds are those which are made on order specifically for your windows.

  • Ready-made or pre-made blinds are affordable. These blinds or shades are made in bulk and hence the cost of manufacturing is low. If you are working on a limited budget, ready-made blinds are good for you.
  • These blinds are readily available in store. If you have an urgent requirement you can go and pick them up from the store. There is no wait time which works well for many.
  • Ready-made blinds are available not only for standard windows but large windows and doors as well. Most windows and doors, big or small follow a standard measurement procedure. Based on that these blinds are made and hence you can find your type with ease in most cases.

Pros of Customized Blinds & Shades

Custom-made blinds are a class apart. When you have things made only for you, they are bound to be special.

  • Custom-made blinds are manufactured after they receive the exact measurements of your windows. This means that the blinds will make a perfect fit into your windows. Even a difference of half an inch can make or break your blinds. These work well for old homes as not all window frames suit ready-made blind sizes.
  • With custom-made shades you can get to choose the fabric type and style. You can choose the exact color, print and design that you want for your windows and rooms. You will not have to compromise.
  • Before purchase you get to try a sample of the color and texture in your own home. This will give an idea of how the color and texture will look in your room. You can take a well informed decision as you will be more confident of your selection.
  • With custom blinds you can add features like UV blocking, programmable timers, mechanical controlling, etc. With ready-made blinds you have to settle for what is provided to you.
  • Custom-made blinds and shades are best for your large and specialty shaped windows. It is difficult to find ready-made shades for your odd shaped windows like arched windows, circular windows, etc. With customized shades you get the perfect fit for the windows. This will ensure best functionality and operational values for your window treatments. No matter what size and shape your window is, you can find the right covering with custom-made blinds.
  • With custom-made blinds you get complete professional assistance and after sales service. Liability and accountability is greater with custom-made blinds and shades.
  • You get to choose from a vast range of colors, designs, textures and print and materials for your window coverings.

Shortcoming of Custom-Made Blinds

Given the perfect fit and quality of the customized product that is manufactured only for you, the price of these blinds and shades tend to be higher than regular ready-made ones. Also, they are more time-consuming. You have to take measurements, test the samples, and then place an order which will then have to be made over a period of weeks to months before it gets delivered to you. So if you are willing to wait and pay the higher amount, customized blinds work best for you.

When Would You Choose Readymade Blinds?

However, if you are functioning on a tight budget and looking for window treatments for a temporary space, such as a rented apartment, or a space for which you are not willing to spend too much and are not so bothered about fit and appearance, ready-made blinds work just as well.

Both customized and pre-made blinds and shades have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon the urgency of your need, the nature of your need and of course budget to decide which will work out best for you.