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Are Curtains An Effective Way To Help Block Heat?

Are Curtains An Effective Way To Help Block Heat?

Windows play a pivotal role in ensuring that the house remains well ventilated and sunlit. The sunlight entering the room is very welcoming during the winter season, but the trouble appears in the summer season. It is because of soaring temperatures that it becomes almost impossible to bear the scorching sun. To block the excessive sunlight pouring into the room, one needs window treatments that should be practical and functional. Of all the available window treatments, curtains are perhaps the most common and widely used.

What are Thermal Curtains?

Thermal curtains are used to block the flow of heat from your windows. To achieve this, they comprise of multiple layers and usually have an additional layer of foam in between. They help in reducing the energy consumption of the house and also have sound dampening effects. Moreover, they insulate the homes in a far better way than simple curtains. Since their prime aim is to provide good insulation, they successfully keep the heated air inside the room during winters and do not allow the warm air to enter the room during summers. No doubt insulation can be achieved through the glass, but it is no match compared to thermal curtains. These curtains work almost in the same way as blackout curtains, but as their intended purposes are different, they cannot be used interchangeably. If one wants both the purposes served, then they should opt for the dark coloured thermals curtain. Because of the darker shade, a near blackout experience will be provided, while the thermal blind layers will provide good insulation.

How does a thermal curtain work?

Windows are a major source of heat in the house during the summer season. Thermal curtains provide good insulation by adding extra layers of thick fabric and a layer of foam on the windows. It creates a barrier that prevents the loss of heat and makes the house energy efficient. The layer of fabric and the foam work together to provide insulation to the home. They also give the owner charge of the temperature control in the house.

Are curtains an effective way to help block heat?

Curtains are indeed an effective way to help block the heat. There are a variety of curtains available in the market. Some are for decorative purposes, while others are there to absorb outside sound. In the same way, some curtains provide the complete blackout effect while others give outstanding insulation by blocking the heat from the scorching sun.

  • Curtains: An Effective Way to Block Heat:

Curtains surely work to block out excessive heat from entering the room. Moreover, they provide excellent insulation to the room, ensuring appropriate temperature control. Once installed, they immediately start showing results as the temperature of the rooms remains low, and the electricity bill reduces because of less electricity consumption. It is well documented that thermal curtains reduce the heat and temperature loss by around 50%, resulting in less spending on electricity bills.

  •  Curtains: A Useful Medium to Make the House Energy efficient.

In blocking excessive heat of the sun, the curtains help maintain a uniform temperature in the house. It reduces energy consumption. When properly installed, these curtains can potentially stop airflow from both inside to outside and vice versa.

  • Curtains: A Valuable Way to Insulate Windows with Excessive Heat Loss, Especially in Old Buildings:

If the building is old, the heat loss will undoubtedly be more through the older windows. If the house has single-pane windows with aluminium frames, thermal curtains are the best options to insulate the house. The owner will successfully improve the room’s insulation because the thermal curtains have multiple layers of thick fabric. But the critical point is that they will spend a fraction of the cost required to replace the entire window. They are also helpful in the newer energy-efficient windows as they block the heat and do not allow the room’s temperature to rise high. Once considered a luxury, thermal curtains are readily available these days, thus making the task of achieving good room insulation easy.

Other advantages of curtains

Curtains help in providing an escape from the excessive heat of the sun. In addition, they have other advantages:

  • Curtains Help Save Money:

Thermal curtains help save money. Once they are installed, they maintain proper temperature inside the house, thereby reducing the electricity consumption. In the process, less electricity is now required to maintain a uniform temperature in the house. This helps reduce electricity costs.

  • Curtains Help to Block out Noise:

Curtains provide effective insulation to the house, but they also absorb both external and internal noise. So if one lives on a noisy street or does a night shift, these thermal curtains can be a blessing. The heavy fabric and multiple layers of the curtain fabric help to dampen outside noise and ensure that the owner gets a comfortable, cosy and safe environment in the house.

  • Curtains are a Cost-Effective Solution for Window Protection:

Although some of the curtains cost a lot, their benefits far outweigh the price. It is just one set of the curtain which can block light, give complete sunlight protection, can help reduce electricity bills and even absorb external sounds. Curtains are a multi-purpose solution to all these requirements of the owners.

  • Curtains are a versatile option to block heat:

Curtains emerge as a very versatile option to block out excessive heat. They can be tailor made to suit the individual needs of the buyers, but they can also be made at home. These layers are readily available at a local store or can be ordered online.

  • Curtains are a Better way to Preserve the Health of the Family:

When installed, curtains ensure that the health of the entire family remains good. It is so because these curtains help maintain a uniform temperature in the room throughout the day. In the absence of these curtains, there are sudden variations in temperature, which can adversely affect the health of the family members.

  • Curtains to Create a Complete Blackout Effect:

These curtains not only block heat but, because of being multi-layered, block out light well. They do not always match the sunlight blockage of a blackout curtain as their primary aim is to block the heat. But still, a dark coloured thermal curtain can be used to filter out sunlight. These curtains area blessing to those who have to sleep during the day owing to professional and health reasons. In addition, if there are babies in the house, then these curtains can help them sleep well. They create an excellent blackout effect while at the same time maintain a uniform temperature in the house.

  • Curtains are available in a Diverse Variety of Styles

Curtains are available in a wide variety of styles, fabrics and shades. The owner can select one which suits his requirements the most. The materials commonly used for making curtains are cotton, silk, velvet and polyester. One should choose the fabric and style depending on the decor of the room and the other specific requirements. Thermal curtains are available in a range of stylish patterns and shapes. These curtains can help the owner create an attractive ambience in the room with a dynamic, inviting, and energetic vibe.

The thermal curtains are a very efficient and cost-effective way of attaining good insulation through heat blockage.  It saves money of the owner as well by making the house energy efficient.  It is advisable to replace the old curtains with thermal curtains to achieve better looks and more efficient insulation.

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