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Top Reasons Why Cellular Shades Are Still A Popular Home Decoration Option

Are Cellular Shades Out Of Style

When shopping for window treatments you will have to make sure that the window treatment you are selecting will be right for your home. As such, while looking at cellular shades and blinds (which are also known as honeycomb shades) as an option you will have to examine all the aspects to take the right decision.

Thus, we will look at some of the points which make cellular shades a popular choice when it comes to window treatments. We will compare the advantages as well as disadvantages of window shutters with cellular shades to judge which one will be the right option for your home.

Are Cellular Shades Out of Style? – An Insight into Some Factors That Prove the Opposite

Better Light Filtering | Insulation | Noise Reduction | Better Privacy | Reduction in Energy Bills

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Are cellular shades out of style? Not exactly. Cellular shades are still a very popular option to choose due to the fact that they provide a variety of benefits.

In addition, there are different options in terms of the material and fabrics that you can choose from depending on your personal preferences.

In the next few sections, let us explore the positive points cellular shades have that make them a popular choice for homeowners.

Cell Shape and Material

Cell Shape: The cell shape and material of cellular shades matters a lot. For instance, if the cells are D-shaped then they are able to hold onto their accordion shape in a much better way. Similarly, there are options to choose from in terms of fabrics for the shades.

These range from point bond to spun lace. Spun lace is a heavy-duty material in comparison to point bond whereas spun lace is a type of material which is forty percent more effective in providing insulation.

Additionally, if a cellular shade has more cells, then it will provide better insulation. As for example, a shade with double cell structure will offer greater insulation as compared to a cellular shade with single cell structure. Compared to other blinds or shades, cellular shades offer much better insulation across the board.

Material: In terms of material and fabric, there are a variety of options to choose from as per the style of your individual rooms.

For example, the fabric can be made using the sheer material, which is an airy material, or it can be made using an opaque material. During the daytime, these dual layers of shades and blinds that block heat from the sun will provide respite from sun’s heat and glare.

Moreover, it is also possible to blend different textures, fabrics, colors, and thickness to achieve your desired results. Some of the common materials that are used for cellular shades include cotton, muslin, polyester, challis, lace, linen, and nylon.

Moreover, you can select dark fabrics layered over one another to darken the room and reduce the amount of sunlight that comes into your home or choose blackout fabrics with a metallic liner that blocks 100% of the light.

This type of fabric will be the right option if you have a south-facing room that gets enough sunlight and heat at most times during the day.

However, if you are living in a colder climate where you get a limited amount of sunlight then you may want to select something else rather than dark fabrics. The reason is that dark fabrics will make the room cooler and you will have to put in extra effort for heating the room.

Light Filtration

Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Light filtration is another feature cellular shades have. Blinds that block out light and heat like the blackout cellular shades are quite effective in blocking out undesired light during the day.

On the other hand, there are translucent or light filtering shades which will let light in while providing the required amount of privacy.

Colors And Pleats

There is no dearth of colors while you are selecting cellular shades, which allows you to choose colors for your shades to match decoration in your home. You can also pair them with other window treatments to achieve desired look and feel.

Additionally, there are variations in pleat sizes for you to choose from. As for instance, you can select to have small, medium or large size pleats depending upon your specific requirements.

How cellular shades compare with wood shutters?

Advantages Of Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters

Shutters provide you better control over light transmission and privacy. If the shutters are closed, you can tilt the vanes for opening up or close the view.

Similarly, light can get diffused, based upon the direction in which you are tilting the vanes. However, you get complete privacy and blocking of light when the vanes are also closed. But, wood shutters can warp in case of over-exposure to sunlight.

Disadvantages Of Wood Shutters

The R-value for wood shutters is about 3, which means they fall in the low-middle category of window covering in terms of their energy efficiency.

Moreover, if there are damp conditions, then this shutter can easily warp. If there are large windows, then you may have to create center support so that the mounting of wood shutters can be properly secured.

Advantages of Cellular Shades

Multi-cell cellular shades are known to provide R-value of as much as 5 to 8. They are also insulating blinds, which means they offer better insulation and can be customized according to the size of the window they are to be installed in.

Additionally, no special tools are required to perform the installation. You also get maximum window exposure since these cellular shades easily stack up in a small space.

There are also custom shades which hang vertically are useful for sliding or patio doors. Moreover, many brands of these shades provide good warranties against fabric discoloration and cord failure.

Disadvantages Of Cellular Shades

If the shades are in closed position then partial view-through is not possible. You can have either a concealed or exposed view when you are installing opaque shades. However, you can solve this problem by combining semi-sheer and opaque shades on a single headrail.

In some situations, such as when the shades are installed inside the window frame, they can have a ¾ inch gap between the inside of the frame and shades edge.

However, this gap will vary depending upon lift system you are using for the shade. Due to such a gap, the insulating value as well as the effectiveness of the cellular shades, in terms of privacy they are able to provide, reduce.

Thus, selection will depend primarily upon the type of windows you have. For instance, if there are humid conditions in a room, then window shutters will not be the right option to choose.

In Conclusion

To conclude it can be said that cellular shades are quite useful and certainly not out of style. They can improve insulation in your home and at the same time protect you from the glare of the sun.

If you need any type of help or have questions about the benefits of cellular shades, then you can give experts at a call on our toll-free number: 1-866-881-8682 and will do our best to guide you in the right direction.

Our team will ensure that after discussing all the points with our experts you will have a clear idea about cellular shades and you will be able to make the right selection while purchasing them.

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