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Are Cellular Shades Hard To Clean?

Are Cellular Shades Hard To Clean

There are various considerations that come into play when we think of buying the right window treatments. One of them is the R-value of the shade. For those unfamiliar with the term, it measures the capacity of the shade to resist heat gain or loss. A greater R-value represents a more effective and insulating shade that can protect the home against varying temperatures in any season. Most of the time, the walls provide greater insulation than your windows. So a window space that is big and wide is vulnerable to outside elements like heat, cold, rain, sounds and glare. However, when you have the right window shades to cover the windows, there is hope. Some of these window shades are cellular shades or honeycomb blinds. These are premium window treatments which are built to withstand these external factors and serve you in the best possible way. However, that is not all that there is to them. They pose a number of benefits that make them the ideal purchase and a great value-for-money proposition. In this section, we will seek to answer the common FAQs about these fabulous shades, one of which involves cleaning and maintaining them for greater durability.

The Functioning Of Cellular Shades

There was a time when I was facing the brunt of an expensive cost of living. Too many loan installments, everyday expenses to deal with and inflation that was going through the roof. To top it all, the monthly bills were a pain in the neck. No matter how we tried, we just couldn’t fathom the ways to cut down these costs. But I learned my lesson, albeit the hard way.

In time I didn’t have to compromise on my comfort to cut down my expenses. All I had to do was insulate my home well by getting the right window treatments: motorized cellular shades. The earlier window shades I got had developed holes and cracks with them, allowing light and air to seep in and the room to become too hot during the months of April-July. So I had to resort to using my air conditioner most times during the day. That burnt a hole in my pocket at the end of every month. This went on for several months before I had the better sense to consult a home decorator. He asked me to go for double-cell honeycomb shades. The kind of cellular shades that employ a double layer of fabric to control the level of outside light as well as trap any air inside their strategically designed pockets. The advantage: they reduced the need for an air conditioner to a large degree.

Customizable Options In Cellular Shades

With the upgrade in technology, we now have various ways of operating our shades, and that is not merely limited to curtains, solar or Roman blinds. Every category of blinds is being slowly integrated into newer methods that allow their operation through a remote or the smart home technology to just let your voice carry out all the important instructions. Still, for any of you who is resistant to change and prefer the cord setup, you are welcome to do so. So consider these features before customizing honeycomb design shades your way.

The Cordless Lift System: A hidden control system that allows you to operate your cellular shades with the mere touch of a finger. Sleek and minimal with no dangling cords, this system is a must in homes where the window blinds are within reach of your kids and pets.
Cordless Cellular Shades
The Continuous Cord Loop: This system enables you to pull your cords in either direction to open, adjust or close your blinds. This is preferable in large and wide windows where the touch of a finger won’t work. It is also meant for people who might not be so comfortable in operating their shades through a smartphone. Used for centuries, the cord loop is still being used in apartments all over the world.

Motorization: The ultimate convenience in the world of window shades allow you to operate them from a distance, from the comfort of your sofa or bed. This can be done through remote control, a smartphone, or by an Alexa or Google-Home enabled setup. The last of these is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. Along with switching off bulbs, turning off televisions and securing your locks, you may now open or adjust the level of your shades by merely instructing, “Alexa, turn off the blinds in the study.”

The Top-Down and Bottom-Up Setup: This setup, usually employed in day-night cellular shades, allow you to lift your shades from the bottom or push them from the top. There is also a middle rail that you can use to customize the level of light and privacy you need in your room.

Cleaning The Cellular Shades

Maintaining your honeycomb shades and keeping dirt off them is relatively simple. However, there are some considerations. Because of their shape (cell pockets inside them), they may require some additional effort from time to time using instruments other than your regular damp cloth.

A Can of Compressed Air: From time to time, bugs can crawl inside the cell pockets and get stuck. There might also be debris and dust that may settle in there. A simple way to clean the inside of the pockets is by using a can of compressed air and blowing out the dirt. This instrument is simple to use and precise in its operation.

A Vacuum Cleaner: With a horse brush attachment, cleaning the surface of the honeycomb shades can be a fairly easy task. However, you just need to ensure that you do not handle them roughly. Just swipe across them gently with neat strokes. Operating the vacuum cleaner at higher speeds may suck in the fabric and twist it out of shape.
Cleaning Celluar Shades
A Damp Cloth: You may get your fabric wet with mild detergent, and then pad it all over the shades. Just to be thorough, you can use a dry cloth later to give them a nice rub to take off any stains or spots that may develop. Being moisture-resistant blinds, they can withstand the effects of liquid and may not form water stains that other shades might. But do not overdo that stuff, you don’t need to immerse these sheets into the water to give them a proper cleanup.
Cleaning Cellular Shades with Damp Cloth
To sum up, taking care of your cellular shades is not as complicated as you might think. With the right tools such a can of compressed air, a vacuum cleaner and a cloth, you just need to devote some time during your weekends to take care of them. Being one of the best available window shades, they deserve your attention.