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A Quintessential Window Covering: Why Every Home Should Have Cellular Shades

A Quintessential Window Covering: Are Cellular Blinds And Shades Worth the Money?


We all love our vacations and move out of the house to travel to different parts of the world to satisfy our wanderlust. However, our home is where the heart is, and we prefer the comfort of our inner space more than anything else in the world. Because frankly, there’s nothing else that can provide sleep as satisfying as the one we get in our own bed.

It is our responsibility to keep our homes secure and comfortable. There must be no compromise on that front. Often, much to our indifference, the peace, comfort, and sanctity of our abode can be affected by external influences, such as heat, cold, light, cacophonic sounds and intruders who need to size up the house to see who inhabits the place.

That might be a scary thought – only it isn’t. Not when you have the right kind of blinds to set up on every window: your house will remain protected and secure. However, the big question here is, ‘What is the right kind of blinds in the market?’ With a multitude of options available, you need to do some research on the best kind. But from the top of our head, if we have to recommend one, you must go for cellular shades, for their umpteen features and the incredible value for money that only they offer.


Are Cellular Blinds And Shades Worth the Money?

A question every smart shopper must ask when buying them is: Are cellular blinds and shades worth the money? This is a valid concern. After all, you must weigh the merits and demerits of these window shades. In this section, we tell you the benefits of having cellular shades and why they are the quintessential window covering for every home, irrespective of the size of windows or the hues of the room.

Cellular shades are a type of window covering that is generally used for blocking or filtering light while acting as insulators to save energy. As their name suggests, they have pockets of cells that are thus designed to hold trapped air and create a barrier between the window surface and the room. Their unique quality is the material used in their construction, which is made of soft paper or cloth-like material.


There are mainly two kinds of cellular shades in the market.

Single cell shades are ones that are made of thinner material than double cell shades. They are less expensive, and their primary purpose is light filtering. They have only one layer of pleats.

Double cell shades are made from thicker fabric and use two layers of pockets to trap air from escaping. This prevents outside temperatures to raise or lower the room temperature, keeping the house comfortable. Their main purpose is energy efficiency, and they are generally more expensive than single cell shades.


Day Night Cellular Shades


Day Night Cellular Shades


Day night cellular shades boast of a splendid and versatile feature that combines the characteristics of many window shades. This is because they operate differently depending upon the time of the day. At night, these shades provide you with their blackout feature that aids in a sound and satisfying sleep. During the day, they block the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun while still allowing you to get some natural sunlight.

Does that sound confusing? Worry not, as these shades come with dual fabrics: one is the light filtering fabric that allows in the natural sunlight during the day, and the other is the room darkening or blackout fabric, which blocks this sunlight when you need no outside distractions and want uninterrupted peace.

Here are a few popular day nights cellular shades that you can go for, which will be well worth the money you spend on them.


1) Crown Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades


Crown Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades


Consisting of one headrail, one middle rail, and one bottom rail, Crown Day Night Shades provide a unique style. They provide the light filtering and soundproof features on their upper part which can be fully closed. The bottom of the shade can cover the entire window and provides the blackout feature which provides the necessary privacy required during the night. They are custom made and their cordless feature makes them much safer to use in houses with children or pets.

2) 3/8” CrystalPleat Sun-Up-Sun-Down Cellular Shades

Available in both single and double cell sizes, these cellular shades by Graber are the epitome of comfort and luxury. They are available in a variety of colors and polyester fabrics. They are customizable and are a combination of light filtering and room darkening fabrics working together to provide both natural sunlight and privacy whenever one is preferred over the other. You can go for the cordless lift option in them which guarantees safety and to avoid any incidents of strangulation by using handles for operation.

3) 2” PerfectVue Graber Shades

These fabulous and aesthetically appealing shades are the perfect combination of an attractive design and solid features. They utilize three horizontal rails in two lift systems for thermal insulation, light control, and privacy. They are highly energy efficient options and are offered in three cell sizes. They are also available in a variety of colors to go along with every kind of room.


Features of Cellular Shades

These features will let you know why you should go for cellular shades without a second thought to protect your home. Let us discuss them one by one.

1) Insulation

Their cells (depending on their size) have a tendency to trap air between them when they are placed in front of the window, not allowing heat or cold to pass through them. Hence, they are highly energy efficient options that keep the house cozy and comfortable. The thicker the cells, the highly energy efficient they are.

2) Privacy

Cellular shades offer a supreme level of privacy unless you go for the sheer ones. You can go for the day-night cellular shades that offer both light filtering and blackout features. Or you might prefer the thicker, double cell or triple cell shades which provide complete privacy against sound and light.

3) Light Control

Available in a variety of shades, from opaque to semi-opaque to sheer, cellular shades let you decide you have the amount of light that you desire (or not) in your room. The single cell shades are the best ones that allow diffused light to enter your home, while the double-cell shades block most of the sunlight top let you enjoy your privacy. The latter is best used for bedrooms or media rooms that call for no disturbance at any time of the day.

4) Cordless Options

With modern technology, cellular shades have the cordless lift or motorized controls to give them a more sleek and tidy appearance. This feature makes them an extremely safe option to use, as cords may get entangled or be dangerous to kids and pets who don’t know better.

5) Minimal Design

Cellular shades are preferred by many people simply because of their design, which is light and not made of heavy materials. They are pleasant to look at and offer a sober and subtle look, perfect to be used in houses that do not prefer anything flashy or gaudy.


We have given you enough reasons to go for these highly effective window blinds. Cellular blinds are very reliable window coverings that are energy efficient and offer light control and privacy at the same time. Their unique look may not be for everyone, but they are slim and sleek with high-quality fabrics that makes them welcome in many homes across the globe.

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