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Are Cellular Blinds A Fad Or Are They Here To Stay?


Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are named so because their design resembles a honeycomb. Their multilayered design can be highly energy-efficient for your home as their shape is designed to trap air, which helps in creating a barrier between the indoors and the outdoor environment. Cellular Shades are also great for blocking out light.

Besides their practicality, they are also preferred by many décor experts as they are suitable for homes with sliding glass doors. Since these shades are available in room darkening and blackout fabrics, they are useful for living rooms and balconies. Additionally, cellular shades for large windows are highly efficient for saving energy and keeping the space cool during the summertime, and warm in the wintertime. With so many functions, many people wonder if these shades are still trending contemporarily, or are they a thing of the past. This post is meant to dive deeper into this question.

Cellular Shades: Design and Material

Design: Cellular shades come in a variety of designs and materials that can be customized as per one’s liking and needs. The most common materials used to make these shades are polyester, cotton, linen, muslin, lace, and nylon. If you go for darker and layered fabrics, you can maximize privacy and minimize sunlight entering your home.

Material: Based on the type of product you select, the size of the cells of these blinds can vary. However, the more layer of cells there are, the efficiency and the cost will increase. Insulation will increase on a cellular shade with a double cell structure in comparison to a single cell structure.

A greater number of layers requires regular and more extensive cleaning. These shades can also be customized to reflect one’s style and personality. So depending on your needs, you can choose your kind of cellular shades accordingly.

Why Cellular Shades Are Ideal For Your Home

Although somewhat pricey, these shades are worth the investment due to their multiple advantages and functions. Some of which are discussed as follows:

  • Elegant and Customizable

Cellular shades are elegant and highly customizable. For example, they can be paired with pleated fabric for maximum lighting control. Additionally, these shades can also be layered and combined with other kinds of drapery to add depth and dimension to your interior décor.

Some window treatments come in a fixed structure that does not suit alternative styles of windows. However, that is not a problem with honeycomb shades. They can be installed in angled, hexagonal, and skylight windows through prior arrangements and customizations.

  • Enhanced Privacy

If privacy is a concern, cellular shades will solve that issue for you. Since these shade have no breaks or cracks, they leave no room for the prying eyes. Whether your abode is located in the busy streets of a city’s downtown or a high-rise apartment building, cellular blinds ensure 100% privacy when pulled down.

  • Noise Cancellation

You would be surprised to know that these blinds also serve the purpose of noise cancellation to some extent. When it comes to creating a safe, cozy, and private ambiance, nothing compares to the versatility of cellular blinds.

  • Optimal Light Control

Whether you want external light to be completely blocked out  or only allow some filtered light inside throughout the day, honeycomb shades have the options needed. You can opt for a light filtering material, which will allow sunlight to pass through, but will still provide privacy from prying eyes . Additionally, the contemporary market offers various indoor as well as outdoor options for these blinds. This light control feature makes these blinds a popular choice among many people.

  • Designed For Insulation

As a result of their layered cellular design, honeycomb shades trap heat from the outside and slow it from getting transferred to the interiors of your home. The structure of these blinds is designed specifically for insulation. With this cooling feature, you can beat the blistering heat. There is no wonder why the home owners who install these blinds save heaps of money on their electricity and utilities bills.

Why Choose Cellular Shades Over Other Options?

With so many options for window treatments in the market, it can be perplexing making a single selection. However, cellular shades have a clear edge over other kinds of drapery. Here’s how:

Cellular Shades Vs. Roman Shades:

There are less options for light control entering through Roman shades. Moreover, Roman shades do not offer the same level of heat resistance as cellular shades, which is why cellular shades are often preferred over Roman shades.

Cellular Shades Vs. Curtains:

Compared to plain old and traditional curtains, cellular shades has more advantages and utilizations. Additionally, even pairing these hades with curtains is not a good idea since cellular blinds look complete without additional pairings.

Cellular Shades Vs. Shutters:

Unlike wooden shutters, cellular shades are not a permanent fixture. It means that they can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, wood shutters require extra space to operate and are a lot more expensive in comparison. While faux wood shutters may get discolored with time, cellular blinds will be highly durable.

In order for the wood shutters to be mounted securely, they may require added support to be built into the window frame. If you thinking of getting customized wood shutters, then even a minor error in measurements can render them useless. All these factors make cellular blinds a far better and affordable option.

On a Final Note

In a nutshell, due to their usage and versatility, cellular shades are much more than just a fad. These shades are here to stay for years to come as they protect one from the glare of the sun and high temperatures. Since they are considerably lightweight, many people choose cellular shades for sliding doors, balconies, and large windows. These shades make your home look beautiful and feel cozy, which is why they are only increasing in popularity and demand.