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Are All Blinds Cordless Now? The Push For A Cordless Future and Why You Might Still Want Corded Blinds

Are All Blinds Cordless

Corded blinds have been used in homes for as long as blinds have existed. But with the advent of modern technology, corded blinds have been marginalized and have been replaced by a variety of cordless blinds. You may ask ‘are all blinds cordless now’? The answer is a little bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. You will not find the corded blinds on the shelves of your nearest home depot. You will also not be able to buy them at a regular brick and mortar retailer shops. But if you really want to get some corded blinds, you may get them custom made from some online portals that sell blinds.

The reason behind the push for cordless blinds is happening for a very legit reason. The cords of a corded blind pose a very serious strangulation hazard for any kids or pets that a household may have. The statistics say that at least one kid dies every month because of strangulation in the cords of the corded blinds. So, the answer to the question ‘are all blinds cordless now’ is that more than 80% of all window coverings purchased in Canada and US are cordless blinds.

Differences Between Corded and Cordless Blinds

The basic difference between the corded and cordless blinds lies in the way they function. Let us take a look at how corded blinds work first.

Corded Blinds

The corded blinds work using a cord that are gently tugged at to move the blinds. Various systems of corded blinds.

• Cord lock
The blinds have a cord that is free hanging. When the cord is adjusted the cord gets longer.

• Easy lift
Here the blinds are braided into a continuous loop. This loop is then tugged on for the purpose of opening and closing the blinds. A pulley in the braid helps keep the length of the braid constant.

• Clutch lift
The clutch lift has a beaded chain in a continuous loop. It looks similar to the easy lift and functions similarly.

Cordless Blinds

Cordless blinds too have a few different mechanisms they work upon. They are used depending upon the manufacturer and some retailers even let you custom choose as per your wishes.

• Cordless spring
In a cordless spring, the blinds contain a loaded roller with spring. It helps you pull the cordless blinds up or down according to your needs.

• Button rise
Here, the cordless blinds are fitted with buttons that are pushed or pulled to lower or raise the blinds.

• Remote lift
The cordless blinds in a remote lift are motorized and remote control is used to raise and lower the blinds. Or in other words, there is absolutely no manual work involved.
Cordless Roller Blinds

Advantages of Cordless and Corded Blinds

Corded Blinds

Corded blinds have some advantages too that you must keep in your mind when out shopping for blinds.

• In very large windows or windows that are very high, it might not be possible for you to reach it. This is especially true if the blinds are kept in a fully open position. In such cases, using corded blinds eliminates the problem.
• The corded blinds tend to last longer than their cordless cousins. This is, of course, dependent on the treatment that the corded blinds receive. With gentle handling, the corded blinds can easily last a lifetime.
• Since they are operated by a pull chain, they don’t require you to reach down to the bottom of the window to operate them as cordless blinds do. This makes them ideal for windows that may not be fully accessible, for example, windows behind furniture.
Corded Blinds and Shades

Cordless Blinds

Other than the usual spoken advantage of the safety feature, there are some more advantages that you may consider while shopping for blinds.

• Convenience is perhaps the most evident of the advantages that the cordless blinds have over corded blinds. All you have to do is gently push or pull the blinds to raise or lower the blinds.
• When you have no cords, you have no cords to detangle. Often the cords get tangled into themselves making it hard to work. This is especially true if the window is placed in a windy area or you have pets or children that play with it. With cordless blinds, you neither have to worry about tangles nor about the safety of your pets and children.

Why You May Still Need Corded Blinds

Just because you can’t find corded blinds in the market and it makes you ask are all blinds cordless now, you do not have to compromise if you truly need corded blinds. There are many circumstances where you may not want to invest in cordless blinds.

• Tight budget
If you are on a very tight budget, corded blinds may be the way to go. Cordless blinds are more expensive than corded blinds and may not fit everyone’s pocket.

• Special needs
If you have mental or physical needs that make it impossible to use a cordless blind, you may desperately want to install corded blinds in your home.

• Temporary residences
If you are buying blinds for your temporary residence, it does not make sense to invest a larger sum of money to buy cordless blinds for your home. This is especially true if you do not have children or pets.

• No children or pets
If you do not have children or pets at home, you can consider getting yourself corded blinds as there will be no strangulation hazard to deal with. But if you have children or pets visiting you from time to time, then you have to constantly monitor the kids and pets to prevent any untoward incident, unless you have child proof blinds.

• Blinds for offices
If you are out to purchase blinds for your workspace or office, you can surely go for corded blinds. This is especially true if you are sure that you will never have kids or pets around. It is also more economical to go for the corded blinds for a workspace.

Even though you won’t find corded blinds at your local retailer, you can always order customized corded blinds from an online retailer.