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An Overview to All Kinds of Blinds

All Kinds of Blinds

An Overview to All Kinds of Blinds

What makes a home a comfortable space to live in? The answer to this is undoubtedly the ambiance, décor, and the liveliness. The interior design truly adds an extra plus to the glam quotient! Blinds are one crucial such element that helps to enhance the quality and sophistication of our living spaces. Beautifying the foundation of any room, these blinds come in a diversified variety of materials, sizes, and types alongside having the capabilities of controlling the amount of light entering the room. Blinds have individual slats which help the user with all the side-to-side tilting abilities and associated adjustments.

Laboratory tests and researches say that “The blinds are the top-class solutions for the conservatory windows or any other windows built under obstructions.” These blinds perfectly fit onto the window frames, thereby reducing the damage caused due to the voids and the drilling costs. Adding glory to our lifestyle, the blinds efficaciously ensure privacy, along with flexibility in the long run. Besides, who doesn’t want a quality standard of living blended with competitiveness and many colors that offer best-in-class results?

Different Types of Blinds

With day-by-day tech-enabled discoveries, the interior design industry and the budding players are crafting out varieties of blinds which are quenching the needs of the customers. The current industry scenario is empowering the manufactures with the knacks to create all kinds of blinds. Let’s give a closer look to 5 trailblazing blinds that are disrupting the world of interiors like never before:

Venetian Blinds

Unlike various window blinds in the market, these blinds bring in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles offering state-of-the-art quality. These blinds effortlessly meet the requirements of any window and are the most cost-effective substitute for the shutters. Its turning and tilting ability with easy open and close functionality make it a practical yet prominent window solution. No need to go for new shapes and fixtures, Venetian Blinds are the perfect fit!

Roller Blinds

These blinds prove to be one of the real-world solutions which can be implemented in any room of the house. Bringing Black-out, Dim-out, plain and novel textures to the table, Roller blinds are the answers to the question of how you measure windows for blinds. These types of window coverings come with washable, wipeable as well as UV proof features which is add on to the décor. Amongst other blinds, Roller blinds can be tailored to satisfy the exact needs of the customers and are recommended by professionals and interior designers.

Roman Blinds

Your quest to find a luxury window treatment will surely come to an end with Roman Blinds. These blinds have climbed the peak of popularity with its diversified fabric and color options. Installed in most of the households, these blinds bring endless choices to the center stage of innovation and are a modest but appealing solution for framing windows. Where curtains prove to be over-powered, Roman shades can be customized and transformed into remote control window blinds, thereby enhancing the utility and ease.

Vertical and Horizontal Blinds

When it comes to choosing the best blinds, Vertical and Horizontal blinds are the talk of the town. The perfect combo of adaptability, realism, and beauty, nothing less than that! A pocket-friendly solution for the interiors, varieties of fabrics, and elite look, the world is going gaga for these blinds. Similar to Venetian blinds, these blinds have fabulous turning and tilting ability. Traditional, new-age, simple or decorated, the offline and online market is filled with a plethora of Vertical and Horizontal Blinds varieties, enabling the customers to choose the best that replicates their personality.

Now that we have a fair idea about the various types of blinds that can make a significant variation to the decor, let’s explore the key elements that help us to buy the blinds.

Measuring the Blinds

One of the most basic yet most relevant elements before ordering a blind is to get the correct measurement of the window recess. Therefore, the first question is – how do you measure windows for blinds? It’s always advisable to use a metal tape instead of the fabric ones as it might give a wrong measurement due to the elasticity. Also, measurement differs from inside and outside of the window recess, so we need to keep this while finalizing the requirement.
Measuring Windows for Blinds Installation

Conventional VS Smart

As technology has evolved as one of the most significant contributors to the humanity, along with manual blinds, we also have smart blinds that are operated by just clicking a button or even by giving voice commands! While manual blinds work entirely well for small windows, smart blinds are ideal for large windows and corporate settings. Both have their charm and features; it depends on our choice on how we want to operate the blinds daily.
Smart Window Shades

Choosing the Right Fabric

All blinds have specific feature and are immensely useful in their favorable conditions. If we are looking to enhance the decor, wooden blinds are the perfect match! If cost is not an issue, wood blinds are the most populous blinds ever. For bathrooms and kitchen, vinyl blinds are the preferred ones as it’s quite easy to clean the stored moisture. If looking for economical yet designer blinds, fabric, and imitation wood blinds are a feasible option. Aluminum blinds are other favored blinds by virtue of its lightness and the way it complements the different types of furniture of the house.
Aluminum Blinds

Privacy VS Brightness

Very basic but again, a component that can easily make or break the decor of the interiors. While the living, kitchen, or dining areas require enough lighting, the bedroom is a personal space, and hence privacy of the room is of utmost priority. Roman shades are the preferred choice along with dark fabrics.

As we come to the closure of this post, the next best thing is to make up the mind of what we want and if a blind is a single answer; this blog gives you a decent idea on window blinds available.

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