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An Interior Designer’s Guide to Window Treatments

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Designing a room is as challenging as it is interesting. One of the most important aspects you need to consider is window treatments. They enhance the attractiveness of your home and can drastically change its feel and appearance. Before choosing your window treatments, you need to understand the functionality of your room. Window treatments reflect one’s personal style and taste. The right window treatment for a room enhances the room’s functionality and ties the room’s look together.

What role do modern window treatments play in interior design?

Window treatments do play a crucial role in the interior designing of any house. The choice of your window treatments decides the ambiance of your home. The ambiance is the setting of an environment and the feelings that the surrounding environment generates. The right ambiance can make a previously dull room feel warm and inviting. Window treatments also offer many features such as light control and privacy. Different types of windows treatments offer different features.

Knowing the functionality of the room

Window treatments are mostly needed for privacy, light control, or both. Especially for our bedrooms and bathrooms, the need for privacy is most common. Light control is often needed in bedrooms and for living rooms with television viewing or media rooms. It is also necessary for rooms where direct sunlight can cause damage to interior furnishings and fading.

For rooms that require privacy, blackout shades are the right choice. Sun blocking shades make a room look darker than normal shades. These shades give your room the feeling of nighttime, even when the sun is shining bright outside. They also help you control the temperature of your room and reduce energy costs.

Modern Solar Shades


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During the day, light filtering Solar Shades allow you to view outside whereas people outside will not be able to see inside, but in the night it is the opposite. When it is dark outside and lights are on inside the house, solar shades allow people outside to see into the house and prevent people inside from seeing out.

Dual Roller Shades


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If you wish to have both blackout and light filtering shades in one set, you can choose Dual Roller Shades. These shades offer a full selection of light filtering, room darkening, blackout and solar shade options. The dual shade system consists of two roller shades within a single housing, providing both room darkening and ambient light control. The solar shade is designed in such a way that it provides partial privacy while allowing you a view of the outside. When you require darkness, use the blackout shade to bring complete darkness to your room. Based on your requirements, you can use these shades whenever they are needed, whether it is day or night. These shades give you the flexibility to choose the ambiance of your room by creating versatile light and privacy control.

Size and Shape of the Window

When you think about window treatments, the first thing you need to consider is the shape and size of the window. There are so many different types of windows, so suitable window covering needs to carefully consider the size and the shape of the window.

Colour of the window treatments

Colour can influence a space and people in it. By choosing contrasting colors for your window treatments compared to your walls, you can make your home look vibrant. Choosing the perfect colors for your space is an important aspect of interior design.

Enhance the beauty of your window treatments with valances and cornices


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Valances and cornices are popular decorative choices that help conceal blinds hardware.
A valance can be the finishing decor piece for your window. Custom Wood Valances hang across the top of the window, and can sometimes cover the upper one-third to one-fourth of the glass. Window valances soften the look of bare windows and those covered with shades or blinds.

Classy Custom Wood Cornices


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Custom Wood Cornices are a great way to add an ornate style to your windows without obstructing your view.
They add architectural interest, give a polished finish to a window treatment, and coordinate easily with a room’s wood furniture and flooring. Choose your own color and design to bring a contemporary mood and style to your windows.

Beautiful Drapery For Your Windows


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Drapes give the finishing touch to your windows. Drapes are the most important decorative elements when it comes to the window decorations.Drapes also provide greater insulation when they are combined with blinds and shades. These are stylish, convenient, comfortable, smooth, affordable and cheap.You can choose the drapes considering the fabric too.

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