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Crown Premium Sheer Shades: Made by Americans for Americans

American made blinds

Over 14 million Americans this year are struggling to find full-time employment. From 2001 to 2013, the US lost 2.4 million manufacturing jobs to China alone (Economic Policy Institute). The growing concern of American jobs lost overseas isn’t new, but it is growing.

It’s easy to say as Americans that we want to fix this issue and create more American jobs, but are we doing anything about it? When you talk about job creation you need to consider that wages in America are much higher than their China or South-Asian counterparts. If American companies bring their manufacturing back to the US, their costs would shoot up on almost all commodities. And the fact is, though 80 percent of Americans consider the “Made in America” label while purchasing, only 23 percent are willing to pay more for it. What does this mean for us? Well, everything boils down to one simple fact: we need to build companies that can employ Americans and manufacture products at affordable prices.

Meeting these two constraints is a tough job and that’s where Crown Lifestyles shows up in flying colors. Crown products are made by one of the largest manufacturers and fabricators of custom window treatments in the US. Headquartered in historic Woodbridge, NJ, Crown is also one of the prime forces in the window treatment industry, shaping the industry through continuous innovative technologies. We at try our level best to bring pride to the idea of “Made by Americans for Americans”.

Some of the most popular products from our site include:

    • Crown Premium Cellular Shades

These premium cellular shades are made to fit any window type and are perfectly designed to endure the test of time and provide excellent insulation. The patented single and double cellular fabrics protect the interiors from harsh sunlight and chilling cold while improving energy efficiency. For flexible light control you can choose light filtering or blackout fabrics and for the type of operation, you can choose either a continuous cord-loop or cordless cellular shades. Furthermore, these shades have side slumbers to top & bottom rails which supports the shade movement and increases the life of cellular shades.

Cellular shades online

    • Crown Premium Sheer Shades

One of America’s modern window treatment favorites, sheer shades are redesigned to perfection with the Crown Premium brand. These uniquely engineered shades have fabric vanes suspended between dual sheer layers which can be adjusted to privacy and light control needs and minimize UV and glare.
Over the last decade, these shades have been a crowd favorite for both homeowners and office spaces. For the first time ever, Crown sheer shades can now raise the fabric up to 24 inches with vanes open allowing a wide range of shading variations. These shades offer flexible control options and can be controlled with cords, continuous cord loops and even cordless, with remote options for Motorized Crown Premium Sheer Shades.

sheer shades online

How do Motorized Sheer Shades work?
Motorized Crown Premium Sheer Shades are powered by a 12V DC power supply (which only requires a transformer in the case of domestic wiring) and is lifted through two types of motors.

Simplicity Motors: These are simple operational motors which are held in place by a black circular end cap. Simplicity motors come free with the product and are controlled through a remote. The single channel Simplicity remote comes free of cost with an option to upgrade to a multi channel remote to control multiple shades.

Cordless PowerTouch with Touch & Go: These exclusively designed motorization options are particularly excellent for a budget savvy homeowner. You can just press the up or down button on the pendant to raise or lower the shades to your desired position.

    • Crown Premium Skylight Shades

Skylights are a great option to bring lighting, ventilation, views into the room and sometimes they even come in handy as an emergency egress. A properly designed skylight can also help in increasing energy efficiency and thereby reducing heating and the cooling costs. But during the peak of summer, the heat is unrelenting in the states of California, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona amongst others. And that’s where cellular skylight shades come in handy: these shades are not only the best insulators of heat but they also offer very flexible light control.

motorized skylight shades online
With motorized options, you can control skylight shades with just a touch of a button. These shades come with a remote controller, so that you don’t have to fiddle with a telescopic pole or manually adjust shades in hard to reach places. The honeycomb-like design constitutes of air pockets which help provide insulation from heat and cold. You can find them economically priced and available at the best prices at

In addition to the above-mentioned shades, some of the most popular Crown Products include Crown Blackout Roller Shades, Crown Top-down Bottom-up (TDBU), Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shades, Crown Exterior Solar Shades and much more.

Crown is one of fastest growing window treatment brands in the US that is making a strong effort to bring manufacturing jobs back to America while maintaining pricing affordability. Let’s make the “Made in America” label a point of pride, not a point of compromise.

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